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Madonna WAY Off Track
MJ Evolution Journey
Keeping the Faith
A Bit Stale
you are missing out
Ricky, "generate more energy" Please!!
Come FLY with her!
The best from Backstreet Boys yet!
Good collection of songs sung by someone who can sing
one of the best
what a good rock attitude !
Wow! Olivia rocks!
EJ's Burnout album
The Material Girl Does It Again
A few surprises...
What you don't know about ANH soundtrack
Kelly Rocks!
A must have album
A unique sound from a unique time.....
At long last...
What an amazing introduction to jazz
No wobbly vibratos (thank goodness)
Pretty Good
I tried...
It is even better as a total stage production.
Essential ... if you don't already have the original CD
"Sweet Insanity" re-makes inferior to originals
hot 2 def......
Underserved poor reviews!
Id' give it more than 5 if I could
an ambient cinematic lust groove
Intriguing but inconsistent
Right On John!
Booty shakin...
Whoa, Nelly! This album rocks!
Very addicting music!
What a magnificent Heritage
It Sneaks Up On You
Essential CD for every jazz collection
Modern Day Niel Young!!!!!!
This is the record that turned me off of Springsteen.
Absolutely Beautiful
Violins; no sax.
Start your collection with Russell
Don't spend money on this
Pure Jazz...Pure Coltrane !
Undoubtedly the best musical ever!
Aiken For Aiken
Great EP from John Mayer!!!
Madonna Justified
I love this CD!
One In A Million!
Fascinating collection
Seal Gets it Together
A Great Effort from a Great Band!
Jazz Meets String Music
Bloated, But Still a Great Album
Surprisingly good...don't underestimate Britney
Only one Captain Fantastic!
The album that Iron Maiden SHOULD'VE written!
Tony Bennett's "If I Ruled The World" is missing!
Probably the best MWS album to date...
Let's get real
Five great songs on this album
disappointed ex-fan
one of his best
priceless talent!
Brian Wilson Fans , BUY THIS CD!!!!!
I Didn't Know If I Needed This One
Good stuff, but wish there was more
The real thing
Proletarian Politics at a Bourgeois Price
A Christmas Favorite
A real bargain and one of Rod's best
They're Human after All...
A little miracle
Take away Patton
Love this CD - Nice to see Madonna is still changing
Neopolitan songs ok but aria's leave much to be desired
Brian's genius shines through the cloud of Eugene Landy.
Her prerogative is to rip off other peoples songs and style?
a request from Latvia
David Bowie is Chris Gaines!
OK, but not a big deal,really
Just pure, unadulterated country
They are no fluke
One of the Best CDs Available
major disappointment
Michael Gettel's Latest Offering
High up on my desert island list
Near perfection
Go easy on Madonna...her longevity is every artist's dream
I wasn't sure what to expect
Kylie's come a long way...
don't believe them, it shines as a "snapshot"!
Don't Bother...Really!
A new star is born.
Not worth it!
The Novel we call Backstreet
Buy her Maxi Singles INSTEAD
Don't you get it?
Tumbleweeds, Madmen and Honky Chateaus...
Bruce's acme
Michael's second hit provider
What "Simon Say's" isn't always correct!
This is NOT the same hit music we know !
Britney Comes Back With A Five Star Masterpiece
1.5 million people can't be wrong!!
this is one awesome music collection of Bruce Mitchell
What a beautiful music!
hate it.
No music here
Pretty good, actually.
I can't get enough
Jack Of All Trades Master Of NONE
Scorpion King Rocks!
A major classic
I was forced to give this a star!
15, 150,1500 stars
Best New Holiday Music in Years
"So you think the party's gonna last forever"
Forget about this CD!
This is a wonderful new guitarist and songwriter!
Heres hoping that this is the end!
I've listen 100 times in 4 days.
Listen to real music
The New Kids Have Done It AGAIN!!!
BEST NEW ORDER Album since Technique
A good movie with a great score...
The John Scofield Band is better than ever!
Gershwin and Feinstein - Timeless Artistry Forever in Style
A glass of red wine, a warm fireplace ...... and Buble !
Simply brilliant
Reviewing the REVEIWER
Survivor Soundtrack
Same Old Good Stuff - Nothing Adventurous
Very good orchestrations, but the 1963 B-way cd is better
Wonderful CD
Better than his Global Underground
Yes... She's done it again
Can't Go Wrong With This CD
Could have been produced in their prime
Shis Hot
The bad material overwhelms the good too often, but.......
I agree bout tha battle songs....
Mere Christianity, gently sung
Another music lover
Livin' la vida mediocre, but still enjoyable
A very good score in a much better show.
the best cd
Quit Comparing - Start Living
I was worried but it turned out as a great album...
a beautiful album
Return to the classics
a boring weatern
Like most second volumes...
"A New Britney"... is she the heir to Madonna's throne?
A CD worth listening to......
Some of his best work.
Satisfied music fan
Pretty Good cd...Nice job Hilary!
As usual a stunning offering
Best Cd of the year!
amazing and beautiful
Kelly Shines Vocally
the best album
Marvelous performance of generally under-appreciated piece.
Fascinating examples of Bernstein's later work
Crunchy, Delicious Pop
Belongs in everyone's collection!
Madonna's new CD
Country meets north east England folk
Not JD's Best
Very disapointing...
Disappointing Destiny
A Must-Own for any big ONJ fan

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