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A 3 star album with 5 star moments
Great, but still can't quite do Clay justice
A great listen, a record that shows promising talent
Waking Up From Dream
The King is Back!
Better Than Thriller!
Bowie still rocks
not falling yet
Entertaining and Still Fresh; Great Performance by Beechman
Not a recording for everyone.
The Velvet Rope is Janet's most explosive CD yet.
like the song eric caparas.
Worth the Patience
Not a Bad Beginning
Great concept flawed by predictability
the best since unplugged and seated
The Boss gives HOPE!
Austin represented well.
Love the CD
Truly, a must have CD
What's the Deal With Seal?
Excellent listening
Dont listen to those other guys!
Elton at his Apex
A Work of Art
One of the best rock albums ever ....
Good but they really should make their own music
Eye Of The Zombie All Over Again
David Gray's Best Album
The Definitive Olivia
Great Jazz Music
"Mama's doin' fine...!"
Don't encourage her
Grossly overrated!
Better Than Ever
This is entirely 6 stars!!!!!
What a great album!!
A must have for Phantom of the Opera and ALW musical fans
Totally Amazing!
Great album, PERIOD.
Best of the best!
lovely vintage musical
PeachTree no West Coast
Llegó para quedarse
A Modern Jazz Classic
My Review
Great Underrated Album My Faves NKM, ER, LP, NF Get This!!!!
His story is unbelievably catchy
Excellent introduction to Philip Glass
A Piece of Art!
a must buy!
some people are just dumb
first to worst v.3
Unique Masterpiece
Awesome except the lyrics
This is an absolute classic!
Not really an Elton fan but this is good!
The best STAR WARS soundtrack since EMPIRE!!!
Brecker at his finest
where's the rod stewart we once knew
This is Russell's voice and you won't forget it
Just '2' Good!!!!
Unfortunately, its bad....
my story of steely
Good stuff, but here's a better idea...
best cast recording of cabaret yet!
John Mayer - The best thing since sliced white bread
One of Wes' best
Her remake is a disaster...
WARNING: Bad Versions Of Classic Supremes Singles
Can't "Get Right"
Great singer or not, it's a good album
hit and miss
This was well worth the money!
By far their best work ... 5 big fat stars
This cooks!
very average
A show to bring back to Broadway
The song that changed Bond themes forever!
Welcome to Earth, land of Bowie
Great Recording of a Legendary man
ok computer of 1998
One of the Best Albums to Come Out in Years!
Review by the girl least likely to buy an NSync album :)
A Legend!
Original and well done. So why don't I like it?
Outstanding music - John Williams is the best
No anchovies please...
Best Money I Ever Spent
Somewhat disappointing
An outstanding recording of Mozart's last great, dark piece.
Whoo LORD have mercy now!
This album is absolutely awesome!
Essential Janet!!!!!
Sad? Try Thivery Corporation's DJ Kicks!
The Absolute Best!
Both of these songs are simply brilliant
The Wildest Party I've Ever Been To!
Not Madonna
The Patriot: Original Motion Picture Score
So OK, it's not "Cpt. Fantastic", but it's still great!
Yes and no
The music is top notch but TC are hypocrites
exotic yet disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get out the Kleenex, brace yourselves!
Another gem from OM Records
Early Bowie
mariah as billie
A Bit Haphazard
This CD is one of the trippiest things I've ever heard!
Simply Amazing
Great Job John!
Great Musical Great Recording
The Perfect Modern Western!
The Best thing out of Texas since Pace Picante Sauce!!!!
un rock celtique superbe.
its all about the powerful voice
What you're looking for
Great album!!
After all these years, Elton can still rock!
Succumb to the Streets
I don't get it....not at all.
My absolute favorite John Denver album.
The Show Is More than Just Babylon
7 stars - best cd by my favorite artist
!!It's Electric!!
words escape me
Surprise Pleasure
Best Comedy Album Ever
Its the BEST!!
A Breath Of Fresh Air
Terrific surprise!
This is Bjork Ladies and Gentleman : Review 2: Post
An All-Time Favorite
Angels and Nightmares
A "Should Have" CD
favorites of David
This isn't Acquarium Rescue Unit
One of Eno's best
Just got it, but here's my first impression...
No Title
Magnificent Michael !!!
This One Is Truly Terrific!
Hilary Duff flies into another great CD
Just Amazing
A disgrace to classical music.
heavy mellencamp!
One for the 80's
Back to his roots,simply superb.
The New York Avant-Garde
Ahh,the magical sentiment of the 70s !
Off The Hook
Music Review! : Michael W. Smith - Worship Again
Sure It's Corny, But A Guilty Pleasure
Very bland
Migs is da man
Poor Mariah
Take 1 part Journey -- 2 parts Prince -- mash it together
Can't Wait For The Next One
Amazing Album, even better on SACD
Goose Bumps All Over AGAIN!
Bring it back, please!!
play all day
britney is cool
A true religious experience..
A minor revolution
Great Introduction to an intriguing guitarist
It was a GREAT CD!!
Not as bad as I originally thought
A Futuristic Voyage
The Pearl in Koh Samui
Almost, but not quite.
Highly listenable, pleasurable, poppy acid jaz.
Inertia Creeps, baby!
The True Winner of American Idol 2
The Best Christmas CD Yet!
"film-score-buffs are in for a fantastic ride"

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