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The music is great, not the package....
Perfect Blend of Pop Music and Broadway
Mocking the Music Business
This album is HOT!! Mariah, you're on fire..
He has paid the cost to be called "The Boss"
Creative, Daring and Catchy
Sweet Brilliance
Music for Seduction
The man can do what he wants, but I've had enough.
Finally on double CD again, but what about that piano sound?
No words can describe............
Vintage Elton
Funkiest of the Bowie/Eno collaboration albums
A Total Favorite
An album that celebrates the joy of rock and roll
Still Beautiful, But Very Disapointing
I had to had it because a collectionist... but not for all
It's nuts! It's scary! It's a masterpiece!
A laughable release
Hedwing is magnificent!
Impressive, Exciting, but NOT the same Genius as Technique
Its great
A fantastic recording of two seldom-heard masterworks.
The new songs are the attraction here
The best first date album ever!!!!!
Better than Synkronized, but not as good as the first 3
Possibly Eno's best ambient work to date.
wonderful to hear the beginning of a great voice
Listen (really listen) and you will like
Clay Aiken - Measure of a Man - GET IT NOW !
A wonderful soundtrack.
A review from an original Madonna Wannbe
yet again, another stunning guest vocalist
what is the industry coming to???
Solid comeback but too short
Brilliant work of art - something rare in this day and age.
utterless garbage
great album from the best band
Solid live performance....
Frou Frou Ain't Fluff - Glorious Commerical Pop Art
This is John's "October Road"
New On The Scene
Bruce Springsteen=Great
Like a musical hug...
A Remarkable Performance
Adventurous ground for the pedal steel guitar
Ummm, is Britney going to grow up?
Like Fatboy Slim? Check These Boys OUT!!!!
a grower and contender for top album of the year
Big Disappointment !!!!!
A good try....I guess
One of my favourite recordings
Emancipated? Not totally. Improved? Absolutely!
Whoa, Nelly Furtado
Not just for Trip Hop Fans
Outstanding Value
may be used as a coaster
Boring, boring boring. What's with you people??
BRITNEY'S BRITNEY IS OFF THE WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
E-street bands best
A great Elton John album(CD)!!!
Beautiful, complicated and haunting
Dispels the Doldrums
Classic Elton is Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The is the one.
A great song and album
Put your hands together!
buble's got my moden swing era good!
"Time I spent waiting for something that was heaven sent..."
A beautiful follow up to BOC's amazing debut
I guess you met your match, now what will you do?
I'm a musical instrument player and listener
Getting there...Working on it
Touch,taste,tone,feel-one of the greatest players!!!
Some really classic tracks here
a brillant Cosi
Bowie's tracks stand out the most!
A score for the kid in us all.
An album with no musical substance
Stick with silence
Good But Inconsistent.
Best album
Rod the Mod goes solo
very mellow, very trendy
Such an amazing voice!
An excellent follow-up album to "Temple Bar"
Wonderful CD, but TOO SHORT
The best CD ever!!!
Truly the best of Ed Bruce!
now 15 review
Best Mahler I've Ever Heard
Can't believe I just found this!!!!
Come on you guys......
Becker & Fagen Tried--The Music Lied
Excellent - highly recommended!
A work of art and a glimpse of light for a new era ..
There is an island where rivers run deep ...
grows on you like a canadian candy bar...
It's addictive...
Good Madonna import!
Tchaikovsky never sounds more exciting...
Why was this recorded ??????
Wonderful Soundtrack, for a Wonderful movie
She gets 2 for Bravery...
Return of the Jedi is Better Then Ever
Music to me is the only game in town
musical genius
As Good as, maybe even Better than the 1st.
nothing compares to seeing him live baby!
Congrats!!!! Grammy Nomination for "Ragtime" OCR!
Good soundtrack, bad movie
There's Nothing 'Strange' About David's Latest
Spirtually Soothing
The Most Wonderful Voice
Beautiful Misplaced Rage
don't compare this to Ray of Light !
The Newest 'Oldie' Sensation
Sterling Debut Is A Departure From Form
Absolutely amazing
Another great release!
swan songs
A Change of Pace
Great Album!!
The Real Deal
Surprisingly Good!
Folk-y Bowie Not Quite What's Expected
good one
John is my friend
The price is right!
Det er nydelig musikk!!
Still my favorite CD
Wonderfully masterful!
Awesome voices
Guitarists Worldwide...Just Own This!
Remixes make it great...
Extra-ordinary - Out of this world!!!
Madonna at Her Best
Bruce Wacker - Guitar Virtuso!
Very Disappointing! Tiesto can do much better
Mick Jagger and the Planet of the Ape Men
Rush to buy this CD
A Brief History of Early Eno Pop
High class music as ever
Kelly is gorgeous
Renbourn at his finest!
Lovely Americano debut for a Latino superstar!
not bad, but could be better
stick to acting
Completely Bummed
Exceedingly bad in quality
It made American History..
a favorite
staying power,
Album For The Blue Collar Worker
Great Solo Effort, Sexy, Took Me Back To The 70's!!!
Cross Attempts to Compensate With a One-Man Show
Simplistic yet Brooding
to good to be true
Michael Bolton-- Back And Better Than Ever!!!
Air's Walkie Talkie one of the best of 2004
Madonna's best work, her masterpiece...a work of art
worthy of praise
this cd is awesome!
Another chapter in the legend
What a Rip Off
Back For More
She's never been away, but she's back to the top of her game
Pomo Hphp Glideslide
Go J Lo
Only 2 good songs, wish I could get my money back!
Where's the rest???
Difficult songwriter in fine form.
If you don't have 'Stripped' go buy it!
this cd is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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