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Turn down the lights......
Sell it if you have to.
Williams is the Best Composer Today
I'm shocked by "Believe"
As good as they come
Witty Stravinsky
Slicker than the last
He just keeps on rockin'
Soul of the 60's/70's
I'm actually not a Seal fan!
Great first blue album
better than everyone thinks!
Elton keeps on giving us classics!!!
The best score ever written!!!
Their BEST yet!
Not too shabby!
Not A Teen-Pop Album
Christmas Music for 12 months of the year!
Let the sellout begin
This is the Christmas CD to buy this year
This is Madonna's best work
Ok i guess
Maybe his best...
Beautiful Music
Somewhere the fish are biting
Back to the basics!
Sorry. I'm Not a "Hip," "Edgy" Critic
best recording ever made
music lover
Good stuff!
a fresh CD from madonna
All-Star Western
Initially Good, Better Over Time
Inferior performances
Go Jessica
Great Then, Great Now
Absolute must buy!
like a calf down on his knees
nice Christmas cd
The sound of his voice is soooo funny. :-)
the music was just too "indiana jones" like...
As time goes by....we get nostalgic !
Captain Fantastic's Most Definitive Album Is Superb
Music, bringing it all together!!!!!
The best instrumental Christmas music you'll ever buy.
Something for every age
long-awaited release from John Tams!
Clay Aiken - God Given Talent
Flawed,but still very,very,good!
My "Black & Blue" Review
Another Fabulous Output
Pretty Good!
Needs a couple of listens. Turns out to be a great album.
this rocks
A good album but where's the magic?
Obscurely notorious
Defying the Norm in CCM
I don't care...
Incredible Performance
Holmes deserves recognition
Deep Shamanic Experience
Soo refereshingly new
She gets extra credit for originality
clay the living legend
Her best work
The best jazz album of all-time
Amazing CD hasn't left my CD player since I unwrapped it!
Essential to every rock collection
Just depends on what you're looking for
Land of Ostriches & Home of the Corporate
another song identified
Slipped thru the cracks
Don't Be Fooled
Startlingly Direct
Jon secada is a great solo artist
For a Moodies fan it is a disc worth having.
Buy it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Da Bomb! Gotta get your hands on it!
Not just for gamers anymore, a classic Williams-esque score
Vitamin C
A Period of Transition
Buble sizzles!!
Uncool? Not anymore!
A Great CD! Get This CD NOW!
One of the best Vienna Boys Choir CD
We can meet young Beethoven!
Michael Crawford is the Angel of Music
More great music from part of the music genius called TMBG.
It's a good beginning...
Great songwriting.
An all time Christmas classic
Agree with the critics
Great debut.....and it only got better
Ten years of Block Rockin' Beats!
Atmospheric masterpiece
Not great...
Good and Promising
Watson is THE voice
I Expected Better
"The weird tunes that were no longer bluegrass"
Fantastic new music
I am so ashamed
Outstanding CD
The Best of PCD (to date!)
I will carry ...
You're not reading this review.
This MAN is a genius.
Death Has Come To Your Little Town...
David Arnold at his best
Major mistake....
Williams and Ross Continue the amazing music of Harry Potter
5 1/2 Stars!
Manufactured, Marginal Music
Don't find it at all good
Jazz Remixed Perfecto...
Best One So Far
pure class
All that glitters is DEFINITELY gold for this chick!!!
Start somewhere else
A Musical Gift from God indeed...
Come back, Whitney
Blues Fan
Great, young Bruce
Addiction to Liquid Days
Elton's 70's Revival
I can't see where Michael's going with this
BRIAN eats GREEN "Eminems" for lunch.
Were we all listening to the same recordings?!!
Past offering by the enigmatic electro Einstein of our times
A Christmas Treasure
No Strings Attached
Adult Contemporary Adams - but less 'Personal Passion'
Notoriously Ignored and Underrated C.D.
opera for the masses
Excellent American music
good recording; Fiona Fullerton is a thrilling Guenevere
WHAT THE H***??????
Good vibrations
Music to your ears
Starting Over
Awesome CD
Kelly Rocks!!!!!!!!
So damn easy to see!
extra stuff!
Must Have
Townshend's 19th Nervous Breakdown
come over but don't stay too long!
I can't stop listening!
It's good
Check his bad ass out!
A Truly Great Hits Package
good voice but.....
Where are the reviews?
Who's That Girl? Soundtrack
Patti is Vocally better than Glenn, but overall not as Good.
A Pleasant Surprise and a New Discovery
Soothed yet edgy
Excellent techno-surrealism
Their Dream Came True
SHAKIRA. 22nd april 2004.
A step in the right direction
This is the Bomb!!!
Eccentric, mellow, relatively sparse, good
One of the all time great albums
another breathtaking george michael cd
"Testify" alone is worth the price of the CD
My oh my...their baaaack!!
Kind of disappointing
Mimi or Beyonce
Geat effort
John Gary Makes Cole Porter Proud!
Absolutely beautiful
John Denver's Best Album!
A Must Have
Papa Bach boogies! Oh, yeah!
Excellent CD, worth the wait!!
Acceptable, better than expected
dum di dum
A Quick Note of Praise, Audio-Technically Speaking....

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