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Beautiful, relaxing, bound to move you.
Very disappointed after all the ***** reviews!
Welcome back Elton!
Not Bad....But Metamorphosis Was Better....
dear america: Wake Up, Idiots!!
******* A MONSTER - ONE OF A KIND *********
Good from the start
a wonderful edition
The Soul of Black Art
Dave and Tracy, the formative years
Something for everyone!!
Great soundtrack and bonus DVD
Best of Sarah
A quintissential English soundtrack
Never again... We're so lucky
The Greatest Musical of the Twentieth Century
In the year 3030, everybody wants to be an EMCEE!
Worth picking up!
Not even worth $5
I just keep trying and yet this one ain't working for me!
Clay Aiken
Over due and under par
Another fusion masterpiece
Rock On M.J.
Not the Fish but the Fishin'
It' soars...I cannot get enough
Fantastic CD
i just wanted to be first
Listen to your Zep CDs again
5 stars go for music itself, otherwise much too short...
Truly beautiful that won't leave you blue
Not hardcore.
Great CD
A stellar album from Bruce Cockburn
Disappointment not Enchantment
Greatest work yet
Best Madonna Album
The Greatest Voice Of All
Love it!!!
An Instant Classic! The more I listen, the more I like it.
Hiatt's best early effort.
This cd is terrific!!
Superb Christian music!
The Best Trance Mix I Have Ever Heard :)
Wonderful voice
great album to pay tribute to a great band
An Enjoyable Listen
he's only just begun
Williams' American Journey
Jennifer Lopez is back
What is this song about anyway?
Touching CD
WONDERFUL.... but tries to hard to copy Warlow
Holy F***!
The Essence of Jazz + Life
Words cannot do it justice
Puerto Rico does it better!!!!Ricky Martin Rules!!!
Born To Do It For A Long Time
Can I say refund???
new artist- big future!
emotional impressions
Great song
I've Really Enjoyed this CD
excellent, a must for Elton fans new and old.
Watson is popular worldwide and he's great
Great Comeback for Cher
The return of Comedy of Hate :)
John sings it from the heart.
Got a question??
con una es suficiente para tenerlo
All His Hits, Together Forever
Clay Aiken's debut proves he will be around for years ...
"Simple lives spent partially breathing"
Springteen's Best Album
Great "Soft" Jazz. Perfect Music to Start Your Day With!
Excellent Work Rachel Portman!
MOAM is a great CD!
Beautiful Blend of Old and New World Music
A synergy of the singer and the musicians
Life changing
Still makes me sing and dance
Real Vivaldi Album !!!
Not Just Any Old Fashion Western
Nice Debut
This CD is a Winner!
Great Album, Great Artist.
Fusion is alive and angry.
Not worth the Money..
I have already ordered two of his other CDs
Let By Gones Be By Gones
way too inaccessible
The most among of number 1 song!
Twice as good as the "Greatest Hits".
Oh boy. How do we explain this?!?!?!?
Eh,it's ok
Bond proves that music has no limits
Me And Her Went For A Ride, Sir
Best slow jam CD around
Better than I thought
Good, fun pop music at its best...
The essential John Hurt
In a Quiet Room 2 - Dan Seals
Jennifer Lopez IS BACK
Absolutely Incredible!
Not the best from this guy
This is vintage King's Singers!
luv da funk
Not For Everyone
Elton's best compilation thus far.
Solti at his best.
Play Loud!
He has the voice of an Angel
This is Britney's Best Work.
Beautiful Ballads
Coltrane's Best Live Album!
What a wonderful discovery!
Perfectly Flawless . . .
An excellent Requiem in amazing sound !!!!!
Mariah Carey? You have TONS of talent!!
Guitar Heaven by Eric Clapton!
If only the world would listen!
This is a wonderful CD and captures the feel of the show.
Excellent, but with one caveat
Classic Madonna
Oldrocker from N.C.
BUY IT!!!!!!!
*Light the Candles*
David has done it again!!
It's Alright
Watson's CD brings back wonderful memories
An almost forgotten country singer
Bow & Arrow Target Hit!
Celine never ceases to amaze me
Great CD
Absolutely Amazing!
Beautiful Songs
One of the greatest musicals ever!
Costello is not Elvis, and hey am I glad!
Simply sublime.
Shifrin, Rosenberger, Brahms, and Schumann-Four Artists
Surround + Bjork = Good Mix
swinging swingers!
Ya'll be jive.
Do a remix-cd !
A classic that spans the generations!
As good as rock 'n roll gets ...
Truly a 'Gem' among film scores
Fantastic debut****************
"Shake your honey buns!"
Some of their best songs
Not Earth Shaking Enough
Great album however...
Christina is beautiful!
expensive crap
Prine at his warm and loopy best
The best movie soundtrack ever (IMHO)
Stirring and movingly beautiful score
Gorgeous And Lush Music - 21 Selections
I Own The LP And If You Love Fun Music, You'll Love The CD
A Wonderful Collection
Must be crazy
Worth it. The best ballad collection yet...
Zimmer and Co. Back in Africa
Absolutely fantastic CD - Great stress buster!
A Sterling Contribution
Lush & Romantic Music
A must have for every fan....
Christmas in Chicago
Mariahs On Fire
Good literature in a movie!
Drip, drip, drip....
This CD brought me back to Whitney...
Average cd from a great DJ
Hearing is Believing...
Measure of a Man
from Solo Piano Publications
Michael Giacchino Rocks (and he orchestrates, too)!
Truly original and pioneering - refreshing for a 90s record
Beautiful music
My Favourite
Listen through earbuds- he's a tearjerker!! NO ONE can top!!

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