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Fagen/ Becker do it again - with tongue in cheek
Contrived, Boring, And Repetitive.
Elton and friends
Clay Aiken Measures Up
Great combination
Not exactly what I expected...
THE soundtrack to own.
Can't Let Go deserves a 10
Beautiful music for a beautiful film
One of the Best
Very Excellent!
Some Things Are Meant to Be
The E Street Band Returns, With Great Results
So NOT Yesterday
The Soul Is Gone
Pleasing to the ears, soothing to the heart
get out your credit cards
I owe some apologies because of this CD
Inimitable Michael Ball Touch!
A dramatic musical change for the Pumpkins...
It's Great!
An unworthy reprise
finally, a good muscian
pleasantly different
This is a suprisingly good album!!
In a new zone
BUY IT and BUY IT N O W !!!!!
Connect Heart and Mind
Simon would approve.
The Great Clay Aiken
Brian is Flyin
it's a fun album...
WORST adaptation of a book i've ever seen.
I've found it, at last!
God bless America
Madonna with Massive Attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A Masterpiece!
The Phantom of the Opera is not reail !
For Armstrong completists only
An album with rich texture!
Chock Full Of Famous AND Underrated Classic Songs
Music to My Ears like Chocolate to my Dog
"Born to Do It" Right
4 1/2 stars. Excellent compilation
Aiken's Powerful Vocals Come Through.....Loud and Clear
you guys are making me homesick!
Great score but...
Great Music, Flawed Movie
"The Patriot" - John Williams does it yet again!
pleasant but not hot.
5 stars for the 5 songs, 1 star for the price
Erotica is top form Madonna!!!!!!!!
I love Brian setzer's Orch., but...
Pushing things Forward
Good one but..
A Very Good Debut CD
Yeah baby!
a good time was had by all....
XXX -rated Icon
An incredibly moving tribute to Marilyn
Comeback of the decade
Previous Reviewer has the Wrong CD!
This album is Fantastic!
This is an awesome cd
The Best Since "The Writings"!
Zoned In!
Mike's still tha man!
My favorite Digweed mix
way to go craig!
Terrible encore
An Essential Album, a must for students of the genre
not bad at all
John Williams and his ever changing music
Not worth your money.
Beyonce still great without Kelly and Michelle
very plesantly suprised
Now THIS is Neverland!
John Coltrane The Classic Quartet
this cd is uplifting.
Glittering Mariah
Funky disco sound forever
Great voice,great songs
Christina has definitely matured...
Clay is at his best.
True to its name in an instrumental sense
Return of the King Enhancd Soundtrack
Ocassionally Interesting But Ultimately Boring Failure
Amazing 70@s Philly Soul
great albem that shows the pumpkins darkside well !!!!!!!
To BS ('ll overcome)
We love this soundtrack!
Michaels best yet !
Facenda rocks; some of my favorites missing
He's always been a great composer....
two great performances
The Best Yet
Their best, most exciting album yet
Great music, lackluster sound
Deltron 3030
More ROCK than Electronica
Clay Aiken's Heart Is In This One!
Excellent Album, From The Pop Queen: Madonna
The most underrated songwriter of our time.....
Her voice is amazing.....
St. John Speaks
Dilary Huff
Disappointing debut from a very talented young man
It get's softer by the year . . .
When I first heard it...I said "Oh my..."
Ruthie Rocks Chicago
The Ethereal Girl Is back...
A behind the scenes look at Lennon's artistry
Pretty good
Clay's Claymates Attack
Were just Ordinary People who need to buy this!
A strong show for those who like dark musical thrillers.
GREAT score to a BAD film
Measure of A Man - Clay Aiken
A fine addition to the Springsteen catalogue
Last but not least
This CD will Outlast Most All Others
Lennon in 1972
2 Great Remixes
Just great
stripped-please stay like this
Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!
Excellent but also like the Re-mixes
You get better with age!
Great Artist
New Order is back!
Move over 'Kid A'
Major Dissapointment
A Great CD, But Leaves Me Wanting More
not suprised
Great Sampler
One of the best albums
Palm Springs and the Love Messenger
amazon. com please read reviews before posting!!!!!
A Beautiful Letdown
Let's Take One More Rocket to the Moon.
Yeah for Clay!!!!
Great music!!!
No good at all
Dan vs. Bush
Must be played before Christmas
What about the first two albums?!!?
Two great EPs that sound great togther
I think I expected more.
Beautiful emotion ...expressions of love.. by Andrea Bocelli
Awesome CD, Magnificent Voice
John D. -
Title Correction
great 2 GREAT
I'm on my third copy!!!!
What Rhymes With "Octopussy"?
What A Gift!
Just amazing
great cd
A Powerful Album!
The BEST of atrist
Enigmatic pop music from an enigmatic woman
Amazing debut from a star with actual longterm value
The definitive work by Christian Music's balladier
Reminiscent of Dive and Fly
Fun loose acoustic music
absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I listen to it all day, It's great!
"Let the specacle astound you!"
The best of one all time by one of the Greatest of all time!
Famous Rigoletto but not the best.
Whether alone or with companies, this album is perfect!
Must have this one...
Excellent Debut Effort from an Excellent Singer
A strong reissue but with competition
Simply Michael's Best
The most important music in the me.
An excellent first album from a cross-over artist.
The most important songs
Still in my CD changer

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