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Best or not, you'll really love this Rite of Spring
Smile. Everything's OK.
5 Stars for Clay Aiken
Never disappointed with Pure Moods cd's..
A great, great, great fan of Les Miserables from Sweden!
Elton Live
Laid back brillance
Quite simply the best album in the past two years
Album is a must have
Bjork slays us--again!-- and never looks back
Original "Best Of" Plus 9 More Songs
Michael Jackson is the king of pop forever.
I like platuex of mirror better
Two Masters of Their Craft
Are you serious?
Dan's Masterpiece,"Tucson Arizona" is on this great album
Please David, sing again!
Watson's has mastery over any song
Spin Tingling
Not Bad
Very Good!
A Must Have for all Swing Cats!
Time has passed you by, Bry.
Best Brass for your Buck
the explosion of Rock Singer/Songwriters
Powerful, Moving, Impressive: Something you'll Remember
Backstreet's Back - and better than ever!!
Some of his best work
'Play' Shatters the Heart and Creates New Rules for Techno
Jedi soundtrack is AWESOME!
Star Wars - Episode VI, Return of the Jedi
Dream Aren't Regular Pop Princesses
Measure of Man
vintage Michel
The Michael Stryper Group
Ode to the South
More than just a collection of Irish tunes
I Remember You
Keep 'em coming!
Always Loved it
Sorry 4U
Beautiful Dissonance
This is one of the bands of the last 50 years
Like what Don Meridith said, "We're gonna score!"
The debate rages on
Elton John's back to his old best!
A Better World
a must own for cd collectors
A brilliant genre-defying album
With this album The Ox proved he could stand on his own.
We had it comin'...
This is great stuff. Emotional and engaging
John Taylor tries the solo route.
A Perfect Mark for a Completely Dark and Hearthrobbing Album
this is the Sunset Boulevard recording to get
What A Girl
Arnold's New Bond is Good but Disappoints.
She has the X-factor
One of the very best...
Springsteen Bursts Out With His First Masterpiece
One of the best mixes out there!
Be Warned!
Must listen to this, and you wont put it down.
Not too sure about this one.
over rated cd
"In the zone" is the best album of Britney Spears!
Harford Reinvents Bluegrass On "Aero-Plain"
Collectors Item
Anybody who gave this one star is STUPID.
This changed the future
Where has Anthony Kearns been all my life?
Ecstasy for Bee Gees fans
you can't say anymore
Good Cover and Music
Keeper010101 is dead on with his review.
Absolutely wonderful......
10 Stars
Slated Yet number 1
Prodigy's true classic
It would've been better had it not come back to him at all
Where's the nearest David Byrne Anonymous Meeting ?
I couldn't put the CD away.
My favorite CD.
This soundtrack was worthy of an oscar.
this BITES
Worse than bad
QUIEN ES ESA NINA! (whos that girl)
This set stays in my player all the time...
What happened?
The thinking man's pop/rock
Two bright Seraphim
Love this CD Single
It doesn't get any better than this.
i'm amazed no one's heard this yet...
Fresh new sound, Best album I've heard in a while
Stunning, Thrilling, Brilliant......
Music for the Adavanced
Warning for being "Dangerously in Love"
The Best Heathen Single
super album............terrible concert...
wonderful, wonderful
A modern take on classic suspense themes
Without definition
Quite a surprise!
The best version of the Schumann Concerto, period.
A great meditation CD...almost TOO good
The absolute greatest singer in the world- Voice of a GOD!
Not quite what I expected or hoped-but I'll live with it
This is for the jazz in you
This is music that doesn't matter!
A masterpiece
For the music not the package
His Own Tunes
Jessica Simpson Re-release!!!
Clay Aiken is wonderful
his best, incredible
interesting assortment
Have You Seen My Childhood?
A great introduction to Mexican folk music
She's the Best!
Awesome! Spectacular!
another masterpiece from smitty
O Geeze!
Love it, makes my smiling irish eyes...cry with emotion.
His best album to date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greatest Hits?
Not always better with time...
The best album of one of the best musicans in the world.
One of the best Greates Hits cd of the 80s!!
Springsteen's first years
Smooth beats, haunting vocals, unique sound
Galactic Odyssey
Measure of a Man - Clay Aiken
the name of the Nas song
it was excellent
Great CD!!!!
Britney's All Grown Up
All the right elements
My Favorite Christmas Album ever!!!!!
Laundry Service
A pleasing mixture of desert spices
Don''t believe the hype
Diana Ross and the Supremes the #1's
The Dance of Death and other Plantation Favorites
Great Goth-Techno
What Happened?!
Slick, Ingenious and Enduring. ABBA's music is ETERNAL.
Mississippi at its finest!
Shimmering Swing
Clay's CD
Not worth your time
Excellent Cd right up there with Braveheart and Gladiator
Bold but falls short
A form of meditating - or just pure enjoyment
Great songs-
too marvelous
The Raiders March: One of my favorites from John Williams
Be prepared to dance............
It was kind of a bust, but...
A must for music D.J.'s
Groove Has Set In And We Want MORE!
These 1 Star Reviews Are From The Same People
This Is Her Best Album Ever!
A good collection
An embarrassment to James Bond
John Mayer can play
Wild sounds!
Who knew?
Corea and Grusin meet Bach
Excellent pick-up
talk about a difference of opinion...
Party Time with Brit
A beautiful Mary!
Is there such an animal as "Jazz-Pop fusion"??????
Britney's In The zone!
Who Needs Eddie?
A Little Known Masterpiece
A True Classic From The Godfather Of British Blues
Sold out?
Great, But Damaged
Burnin' Blues

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