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From first to last is a winner
pushing boundaries in Christian POP
Best performance of Williams's best "STAR WARS" score
Springsteen-Rock's True Messiah
Actually a really good Soundtrack.
For the Dance Floors!
The best recording of Eponine ever
Excellent buy
The Start of the Decline
just plain good muzik
Bruce's Best
simply wonderful
Songs are perfect
Fabulous Driving Album!
from Solo Piano Publications
Great CD, he's finally returned to his trademark sound!
Keeps you moving at the gym
Classic then and now
One Of the Best 80's Comedys!
Bruce Drives On
Interesting Addition to the Jurassic Park Library
Amazing stuff
A Classic filled with Classics
Amazing artist
Only The Biggest Hits
Tunnel Of Love
Shaking the system... and nearly breaking it
The New Beyonce Featuring. Some other Chicks Album" Album#4
Commercial but good
A Strong Suit
The Barber alone is worth five stars
Simply Astonishing
Another hype not worth the time
A Happy Fan
Excellent !!!!!
"Hours...":Retrogress or Regress?
This is not "The Best of Bruce Springsteen", but it's good
sheer class
A timeless classic
Human Nature
A Lesson in "Acoustic Folkology"
Some good songs, but leave out the remixes!
Excellent talent+poor songs=average album
Very Original Musician!
Still vibrant and fresh
Christina's Stripped For All The Right Reasons....
Three stars is incredibly generous!!
Additional comment
An Exceptional Album
Make It Big (1984)
Rod is a great singer and live entertainer. Buy this CD
Check out the lyrics
Good Album,Not her at best
I never lost faith.
Watson at his best
20 Lennon solo classics all in a row!!!
Simply Spectacular
Amature's point of view
Poor ol' piano trio's gettin' a make-over . . .
Amazing, beutiful, fantastic!
Classic pop album/weird movie
The most wonderful voice in the world!!!
David Dead
Finally I got it
Clay Should've Won!
burning crosses
eternal peace what more could one say?
a big, BIG change from their first album, I like it!!!!!!
Ahead of its time
My comments
Actually, Pretty Good
At last the complete music is available
WOW the worst thing is..
Voice of an Angel!
Excellent, good job Hilary!
Get Down On It.
Simple Things
Arkenstone outdoes his previous (already outstanding) works!
A must-own.
Great emotional song!
Fantastic (Kelly is the best)!
Really Gets 3.5 Stars
The Definitive Miles Davis Recording
only reason I hated it.
Vanessa Williams sounds GREAT!
Now 4 is descent
Can this be anymore whitebread suburbanite?
Break Out the No-Dose
His best yet
Pure Filth
A worthy follow-up to Thriller
Too good to be true
Music for our life.....
Still excited after 30 years
THIS is music???
the buck
Good Stuff!!!
Fantastic singing.
Clay is great, songs are poor
Welcome Back
Just The Boss ...
Lyrical Beauty, Rhythmic Grace
Keeps Getting Better & Better!
Backstreet Boys's Best Album Made
Throw down, boy!
I'll bet you're a kangourou...
Beautiful "Auto-Parts" Music!
A truely Awesome Album(A definite must have)
Proper, British interpretation of a romantic show and score
Better but STILL missing key tracks
The First Album I ever Bought
My Public Apology to Christina Aguilera...
This is everything that is wrong with pop music.
Ain't no other source of sunlight
One of the Best
Words can't describe John's rendition of O Holy Night!!!!!!!
Love it, love it, love it!!!!!
Suggest everyone who likes house and trance to get this cd.
just finished my 70'th playing of this...
John Prine is up there with John Denver and Bob Dylan
The best of the best
Música bellísima y muy romántica
Good; I actually liked it
Breaking the cycle--she's got guts!
Brilliant Life-Changing Pop Extravaganza
EXTRAORDINARY - Duran Duran goes Victorian
Does not disappoint
The King Returns, Long Live the King!!!
music to my ears
Good cd, Great dvd and value
Great composition, however....
Still the Best
Let's get unconscious honey...
Every page is full of laughs
Not a barnburner, but some pretty tunes here
John Mayer - Excellent
Michael Forever!!
Always One Song Omitted
I can imagine ...
Very cool cd ...
reply to the looking for a song post
Gives Shivers!
WE loved nkonb since 1st grade and they still rock the house
A disappointment
My favourite CD of ALL time (up to now)
Better Than Recent DM
A Very Quality Greatest Hits Package
No thorny patch here
Loving the Beed....
Don't listen to waht the industry is telling you.
Sick Trance
help me find where a bern song is ? called "with kids prayer
This is a CD not an "American Idol" audition!
Dead Bees on a Cake: A Turn in the River
The album that made Madonna a superstar!!!
If this was Mariah's debut, it would've done so well
Good CD
What we really really want
Bruce gets back to more basic rock
Weird as anything, but its REALLY COOL!
Remember the Alamo
Poetic Genius
Somewhat of a letdown
Music For Fun
Wanna Chilly Down?
Soulful and Sensuous
Good, but alot of it makes me sleepy...
A Star In The Making
Horrible song, yes, but it has sentimental value
Ignore the Critics
Great CD!
Fun and Free Hilary
The last great album of it's era
Tommy Steele's One Broadway Musical And It's Swell
A Great Soundtrack indeed!
Radically Hip

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