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Measure of a FAN
Rock on Madonna!!!!!
The best music ever written
Hornsby does it again....but in a different way
A generous collection from two accomplished pros
El mejor disco de Mellencamp
Michael's the best singer in the world, so what can I say?
Excelllent film music!
Pearl Harbor ST-Review
Movies can influence you
Their Hits
One of the best live albums ever recorded
Listen to the original "G3" first, then check out the others
"The glitter cannot overpower the artist"
Smooth and Cool
Buy It!
This album kicks!
Michael's First TOP 40
Armstrong's most brilliant yet unappreciated sound track
A great CD
Thirty-five years later, his voice still breaks my heart
A great complement to a great film
One listen and I fell in love again
Beautiful, romantic!
This is the greatest cd ever.
A Materpiece
energetic, spiritual!!!
The Pathetic, The Redundant, & No More E-Street Shuffle
Let's get Physical!
Not Exclusively Number Ones
the best jazz album, for those who don't like jazz
A Mixed Bag
Olivia raises the bar
Quality, Choral, Christmas
Music's great, where are the Words?
Its Fabulous
Essential early recordings!
Good album but poor band stability
Thanks, Brian
A True Gem
Another Superb Coltrane Album from 1965
Best Soundtrack Ever!
Medulla Oblangata
love me for me
Magic Orient Music
Clay's awesome talent deserved more than this...
What was he thinking?!!
If you told me this is what heaven is, well, YOU'D BE RIGHT!
Never heard of the dude but hey he's pretty dope
Awesome versatility
Amazing !!
He's no Andrea Bocelli....
A journey into the presence of God
Only because '0 stars' isn't available
Let Me Fall for Josh Groban
sit back, relax, and listen to dis . . .
Shimmering Beauty
Get In The Zone
Thank God!
Wow, did the Amazon review miss the mark
Gimme a Break
you go girl..................................
Music at its best
The Most Middle-of-the-Road Classical Album in the World
Nothing to offer
Groove from Start to Finish
Great CD! Keeps you moving throughout...
exellent - great instrumental artist
Bruce Haack is The King Of Techno!
Hilary Duff's new cd rocks
Talbot at full throttle
Metal Madonna - HONEST!
John Mayer Scores Again
Love this album
Ballads by the masters
Incredible album, I've listened to it thousands of times
Kon kon, the kiddy kon kon
The best pop album ever
Stravinsky Gems
Fabulous Voice
wow---amazing, entrancing, mystical
Great Orchestrations and Oh So Smooth
The service is dreadful
I can't believe...
Save Yourself the Money
Best CD ever!
The Light Is Right
The complete recording of Bach's Sacred Cantatas
The rising of american thought
This is what makes the legend. . .
Good but not great...
The Quintessential Mellencamp album
Intelligent, fun music, what an album!
The worst of the series.
The Best of Britney
You'll Be Rewarded by Repeated Listening
THE FORCE IS DEAD (and no one cares?)
Its just cheezy!
If Only My Country Knew What She Is Missing Out On...
Quintessential JD Souther
FOX - You pick the wrong American Idol!! Here is the vote!!
Beautiful and enchanting....he inspires a wistful longing
A Panorama of hits.
Ethereal Pleasure
Faithful pets overcome obstacles to reunite with family
Debut From A 20-year-old Rockstar-to-be
The stories! The stories!
Nothing new, but a stage set for the future
Mr Grinch may be mean, but this CD is NICE!
Hero Just For One Day
Madonna's Best Album to Date
Bruce Isn't Back Like Before. Is That Good Or Bad?
One of the top 5 albums of all time
The infinite guitar
Its got everything. . . . but. . .
Among Bruce's Greatest Works
the best recording of symphony no.4
Amazing voice, lyrics
An unoriginal episode for Tiesto
Warning : Please use caution if listened alone.......
Mrs. Federline (in her hayday) ROCKED!!! now she sucks!!!!
It'll have to do.
Not a Box Set
No match for Safina
I'm Your of the great lines in the movie
Deacon John needs to be heard....
Pure Magic, With Some Key Omissions and a Lousy Release Date
spiritual freedom
The Voice
Splendid! Wonderful
Totally unrealistic and horrifically unauthentic!
Excellent collection of well-recorded pipe band music
I could never expect an album this good !
It's Okay....
'Bare Wires not "dated", but a subtly creative effort
What a Great Value!!
Kylie gives me Fever,& I'm Burning Up!!!
A fluke
Ultimate Late Night Soundtrack
The Queen of Music Does It Again
Latin Pop-Rock Superstar Shakira Cleanses Soul with Laundry
What a voice! But fire Clay's management! Where was Sedaka?
One of Madonna's Best
The Best!
If you like NFL Films, you will love this CD
Beautiful Record!
More, More, Kylie
Just not what I expected!
really disappointed
Close eyes and relax
John's Got Something New For You
what about GROUNDATION?!
I don't understand
Oh DARN! The Remaster is almost painful!
Love's Divine, and so is SEAL!!!
MMM--an Outstanding Songwriter
John Hiatt - Another Underappreciated Effort
i liked thriller it was the one motown hit. i love it.
Earth does not shake, but very pretty and a nice gift
Fun music to make you happy!
Words from the employee of a jazz club in the Windy City
Massive Attack definitely lives up to their name
A Magical soundtrack!!!!
cool sound from a new face in music
Any one who loves music!
A refreshing change for Brian Adams!
The best Rite of Spring
"I'm In PARADISE !!!!" Love, Denise R. Obermeyer(Fan Club)
A brilliant jazz disc that has never gotten its due
This is Not Keith Partridge!
i love it!
Good...better live
A Pleasant Surprise!
She is hot
J Lo's Best Yet!
Terrible when compared to his previous efforts.
A Real Pleasure
Electric Blues
Amazing sounds and awesome songs

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