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very run of the mill
Excellence in Edgy Electronica!
The Bomb!
Madonna's Change of Pace
It's like being at the Pavillion
A nice set
That's Our Clay!
"Emotions" shows deep emotions
Very personal collection
The Rising is a perfect CD
Madonna rocks!
The metamorphosis continues...
The Best Album Ever!
Not bad but not great
The Successful Return of the 'Dirty Pop Princess'
A Landmark Recording
so masculin makes you wanna spit like a man :P
Second only to "Aja"
Loc-tite creativity...
a solid album with few exceptionally good songs
Among the top 4
Miles Davis and his old team ALSO revolutionized modal Jazz
Good but lacking
Alien Bluegrass
Like a Lozenge On a Sore Throat
My favourite album
She's back but this time its the real Christina...
oh MAN, what funny stuff...
The Bomb!
Excellent crossover by an inernational megastar
Tod und Verklarung - Death blow, oh my god!
Damn Girl!
Kudos for the Beatles and J Pizzarelli
Magnificent new voice in musical theater!
Warm sound (thanks to D. Lanois), bright compositions
very good album
A Great Showcase For The Opera Novice
Wish it was Live
Beautiful, nurturing, expressive piano music, played w/heart
A gorgeous CD--A beautiful journey from track 1 to track 12
A progrssive blend of Beats and Tweeks
The 13-track one is better but this is still great!
Good, but not Bring the Family brilliant
Oh, Michael!
i almost fainted.THIS WOMAN HAS A KILLER VOICE!!!
Echoes of Jaco
Proof of the Big Bang...
great for a Britney fan
Ecstasy for whaling chic vocalist fans.
Indiana jones and the temple of doom
Stripped to her Soul
Music For Your Soul
Copy Cat Got Your Tongue
differently refreshing whitney
Gran CD, excelente compra amantes del Piano
John Fogerty needs to rock out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Emancipation of MIMI by Mariah Carey
the best relaxation, massage, meditation music i have foun
Attempt at 'REINVENTION' Borders on RECYCLING
Bruce -Come Back !
cd up for trash
Just loved it!
Classic John Denver at his best!
exceptional work by williams (as usual)
After hearing this, english musicals are awful...
Pleased very pleased
Sacred Arias - Andrea Bocelli
More classics than hard-to-find
literally breathtaking in it's intensity
One of Sanborn's Best
Best contemplative songs in this decade from a humbled man.
Going Too Far
It's too late for Madonna to recover...
From Ziggy Marley to Barbara Streisand a masterpiece.
"Thankful" Kelly is the American Idol
Another Happy Fan
Stick to the screen...
Finally HERE!!!!!
Pretty Dull
good but stuff is missing
Why Paula Abdul Forever Your Girl is better than The Rising
Crank up the volume and close your eyes baby!
Beautiful, moving concert
A mellow tune that elicits memories of growing up.
Band of Brothers Soundtrack Astounds Listeners
You'll be singing along!
The more you listen, the better it gets.
"A" for Effort, "C" for the Result
Not Madonna's best
A new idol!
Just exquisite...
Piece of Musical Paradise
Rod's best for Warner Bros. Records!
lost no more
Just rock!
Techless & Stoned
Wow. Simply wow.
Wasted Talent
Kind of crazy appraisal.
Pure Ocean
'Born to Run' - The greatest song of all time
A great, if redundant, collection
Truly Spectacular
Clay Aiken First CD
good second effort
Let's hear it for the Auto-Tuning software!
Great CD from two great songwriters and singers
Good but too short
A bright pearl of the dance/techno music
rare dud from techno master
Thoughtful and heartful..Cockburn traits at their best
An incredible ride!
I don't understand...
They're back in full force!
One of the Greats
5 stars to the Grammy Winner!!!
Kylie Minoque
One of The Most Essential Rock Albums Ever!
Not what it used to be
Lost At Sea
Wonderfully engaging...
It's Like "Night and Day", Rock Star to Crooner
Revenge of the Nerd!
Not bad
Wonderful Job
Simply the best!!!
American Idol off to a Great Start!...
His voice makes me melt!
Fun For Everyone!!
Not the best, but not the worst
The ninth at its best
John delivers/Telarc flubs it
Love this one then go see DJ Shadow live!
Better late than never ...
Very Strong Interpretations of Hiatt Songs
Why Haven't You Bought This Yet?
It's Clay...All The Way
Dangerously in Love
i love his music
It's The Best! Kimberley Locke is my favorite!
A Must Have for All Nesmith Fans
jennifer lopez's Rebirth
What were you expecting?
Great songs, over-busy production.
Go Zone!!
Give it a chance, you just might like it.
as always "MSB" rocks
Sweet and moody, this is one of my favorite Christmas albums
His best cd ever!
Best album since made in england
Great Grooves
This album is a fresh breath of air...
A little slower tempo than first two cd's
I'm A Bit Surprised
Cute in a cheesy sort of way
This is What Music is About
The Masters of Musical Wit and Sophistication are Back.
Excellent selection of MMM's early music.
Best album by any post Zep member
A voice that touches your soul
For all the guys
Not Quite Living Up to Their Potential
A dense environment
boorish gimmickry
OK Considering its a greatest hits CD
great to dance to
Extraordinary sound; not for St. Patrick's Day only!
Kelly you could do better!!!
Sappy Songs From Mr Pack
madonna goes r&b
Made me Cry
Mariah gets emotional
BEST album of 2004
Caution - Live Recording
A Must For All Madonna Fans.
I Got Madonna Under My Skin
Ehhh...whatever just read don't make it complicated!!

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