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i'm just so disappointed.
The First Christmas Morning
The first is still the best
Captures the soul of the film the first CD didn`t.
she is the best !!!
Listen without prejudice
A great album
clay is the greatest!
No Strings Attached is awesome!
The ultimate girl movie!
John is "everyman"
I listened to Kansas in the 70's, I listen to Elefante today
Worthy, But Not Quite Solid "Gold"
This is a wonderful John Lennon cd
Bowie and Nine Inch Nails are Afraid Of Americans
Madonna The First Album Awesome
Another Blessing from MWS
Fun stuff!
"Rebirh" indeed
He is the man
NOT the original recording, and disappointingly dull.
The earliest analogue synth ?
Excellent work
A good pick for the casual Pumpkins fan.
The Real Thing
Not perfect but pretty damn close
truth and beauty put to music
rod laver, good band...
A totally different approach from John Mayer; I'm impressed.
The Power of Empire of China
...i'll be your huckleberry!!...
A special CD I will always treasure
Backstreet's Definetly Back
the best CD ever
Not as good as I thought it would be
Truly Inspiring!
David Byrne's best work... most fun CD in years
Brian Wilson first solo album
Very Powerful music
Awesome playing by an awesome band!
What A Crossover Should Be
It's Good but not Awesome or Gr8
Beautiful, vibrant and too much fun
Overlooked Masterpiece
Early material is great! Stick with Discs 1-3.
Bad puns aside... I Adore this album.
A good alternative, but not "A Funk Odyssey".
The Rousing Experience of "The Rising"
Great! I want more!
Just the wrong voices
A Star in the Making! Impressive!
in some respects superior to the original broadway cast
A Most Amazing Album
One Of The *~BEST~* Albums Ever Made!!
Leaves you "AIKEN" for more!
Won't play on my car CD player
try to sit still??? impossible!
Many roads traveled..but this is the best one!
I played this CD all weekend!
Bocelli Continues to Create Magic
Definitely...THE VOICE!
A matter of taste
New Music from iTunes
Talented song writer
Just for one little thing.....................
Nothing Groundbreaking....Hardly A Change At All (3.5 Stars)
One of the best scores of the 1990's
Live Music At It's Very Best!
Best pop album of 2003!!!
I care about the bonus tracks!
N'sync is all that!
I think it is a great song.
Bedism: Lennon For President...
Excellent Live Album BUT....
The Best Historical CD Ever!
Is he the Sinatra Jr. ?
Even Better Than The First Verve Remixed!
The Voice!!
Kilmer and Russell are both great -- wonderful Western
Tombstone isn't dead
it has its good points....
Watson is sensational and oh so talented
2.5 Stars
The great Roxette finished here
my first record of David Foster
Loved it so much I got the rights!
Euphoric, mid-tempo classic ...
you want funky?
Measure Of Bad Music
Dan the Automator, Hip Hop's Paul McCartney
Really good songs overshadowed by themes
Worth the Wait
most underated cd ever
Yay for John Linnell!
Dull dull dull - he's lost his edge
Phantom is PHANtastic
He Sure Is Kicking It Up.
Music to my ears
Geeze, what was this suppose to be?
An Enigmatic and Eclectic Mix
Smitty keeps getting better!
A different beat
Early fusion(jazz,rock,blues,classical)
Original Cast Shines
Absolutely Charming!
Sounds like the soundtrack to Forbidden Planet
Mississippi representing!
Review for *Nsync's No Strings Attached
Is there more than one Michael Crawford?
Next level denied!
the softer side of the jonestown massacre
A good one in the series
I've been converted
Ode To The Man From Indiana
Rod Does It Again!
"It's A Sin" not to have this collection.
Another great Clay Aiken moment
only for those who like to laugh
Better Late than Never - Terrific CD!
Good or Bad that is the Question!
Definitely not their best work
Probably my favorite Celine CD
Aida is one of the freshest musicals on Bway!
A truly essential recording
Get it anyway...
These songs DO make the Season!
I thought this would suck....
One of the best from Mariah
The Best Sounds Even Better
This CD Does not Honor the Man's Memory
Oh yeah, 1987 again
Almost perfect
Indispensable early John Lee Hooker
4 stars - depending on your mood, really.
Update to Dan in Florence,Alabama
What the...
You have never expected such a thing, believe me!
The Best - Dan Seals
But Can He Use Parody to Create Genuinely Affecting Music?
Carrington Revisted and Watered Down
fine melodies + sharp lyrics + inventive arrangements = wow!
Enjoying it!
Its a must
Good but can't compare to spanish albums
The First Madonna Album I Own-And It's Awsome!
Not so impressive
Finally, the RETURN
Unfortunately my least favorite Pure Moods CD so far :(
This is must for any music fan!!
Bucchino is one talented writer
Eno's Apex
Really cheesy
I love it!
A little boring
Britney has won my respect
Buy the Makers - Rock Star God instead
Beautiful Irish Songs
The New Kids Return...sort of...
Defying "Windows.." and "Corridors"
Oh yer, nicely done
WOW, I'm impressed.
Great CD
Another five stars....
One of the best of the 90s
A Coltrane Essential
Fagan's genius shines
An "Enchantment Passing Through"
Music fan from Va.
Possibly The Most Complete Retrospective For Any Artist
best children's music you'll ever find!
Not bad Mariah.
Great title track
Meh. Could have been a contender.
Just Act Girl!
Memorable tunes
Trip Hop and so much more!
The King never left his throne.
This is not very good...
Fun, relaxed music
Incredibly affecting music from a prodigious talent

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