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Even 200 stars would not be enough
The Reverse Birth of the Star Wars Legacy
Absolutly Amazing
Lennon at his core
to jerry fry. advice
I got mine autographed by Catherine Bach!
Good, good album, probably my favorite
Do You Believe In Life After Love?
N'SYNC's Best CD ever!
Innovative, perfectly performed - watch out Led Zeppelin!
Fell in love with Watson's CD
An Essential CD in my collection
What did I expect from Linnell?
Beautiful voice, wonderful CD
I luv it!
Grows on you
Kelly Clarkson=AMAZING
Great piano theme soundtrack
the best and most dark springsteen album
Lovely, but nothing new
Fantastic and Inspirational!
Miss Clay's vocal range..
It's a whole new Madonna....again!
What happened ?????????
And All That...special features
Stunningly bad
Cher's Legacy
Fluid Artistry.
This compilation IS complete without THAT one song!
Not Bruce's Best Work
Two Stars For Trying
where did all the electronica go?
Good But a little to Ambient
Not bad. Not bad at all.
You can sing most anything.
To Grow On
Beautiful CD
A Vinyl Gem Digtially Rediscovered
Hear the music without killing people (you Raptors)!
moby is god
The best dance/techno cd ever!!!
Hidden tracks
A New Voice
J Lo's New Musical Genre: Horror Music
Don't drag God into your sickening Nationalism.
Buy This Record
The Best Ever!
How Craig filled me in
honing (owning) my mistakes
come ON NOW!!!
The Best Synth Pop CD of the Year
John Williams is the master of all composers!
Bruce becomes all he said he wasn't
Caveat Emptor
First Complete Cabaret Recording With All Star Cast
Craig David- Too slick 4 words!
As Bart simpson would say, "AYE CARAMBA!!!"
esta chidísimo !!!
Beyonce is way way way way way WWWWAAAAYYY better than hilar
Nice, but not particularly original...
One of the best live albums from Air Raid Sirens...
A love song for everyone
Unsatisfying, her Worst album
True Subliminal Singer
This CD is Incredible!
Not BAD or THRILLER - but still good
ho-hum...i was bored with it
As good as it gets
This CD dosn't excite .....
...and when the musiK starts, i never wanna stop
Once in a Blue Moon...
Relive Those Hedonist Days
A Nice Supplement to Volume I
With this CD, you'll need to BUY Another Day
Scary Monsters
"Come on, rise up!" go out, and buy this album...
Hypnosis never sounded so beautiful!
I love this CD, that's all I can say
Believe it or not . . .
A good album by Moby once again
Thankful for Raw and Natural Talent
Just a little disappointed
Krautrock Masterpiece
I am not from USA
An amazing artist
Madonna still on a roll
holly mouse's ....ah butt
half 'n half
Do not miss this one
A must have for Williams fans
Oh the humanity!
That Voice!
AMAZING VOICE--superstar!!
The best Album in the history of the world
A lot better than the Sorcerer's Stone!
Don't get me wrong
John Mayer Fans Beware
Tuck Everkasting Soundtrack- A new Favorite amoung my family
I just LOVE this !
Just a face
Not Terrible but not that good either!
This is a classic! Jazz greats creating...
5 Stars for Disc 1 ,2 Stars for Disc 2
Not Typical of Arkenstone
Amazing. You want all of this.
One of the best vocal albums ever.
It does not get any better !
DAC Just As You Want Him
Amazing album
An Austin, Texas fan
The first great bowie album since 1980
Great CD
Wonderful CD.
Madonna pulls it off, as only she can.
One great CD
Excellent Music (as usual) by John Williams.
I dident know what to expect
The Tracks on this album is a trip thru memory lane
One oF The Best CDS I Have!!!!!!
The years strongest dance-pop music release..
A great soundtrack for a great show!!!
You gotta hear it to believe it!
Only Britney...
The best CD from Mellencamp's "Fun" era. Start here.
And the best track is....
madonna at her best
Very good.
I love this CD...
Not Just A Dream
Great music for anytime...
Excellent example of the male voice
The greatest album EVER?
Great Sounds
One of Madonna's best songs for years!
There is nothing bad about John Mayer
Philip Glass' music is repetitive, I admit, but stunning.
Disappointing Production Values
I Love "Is Nothing Sacred"
rhythm for labor
Outstanding Choral Direction
I keep coming back to it...
This CD grew on me like few others
Should Have Been New
Bold move for John Taylor
Urban music for the masses
American Life...American Dream...American Remix
As eloquent as ever
i found him the hard way and glad i did
The Great John Kay
Please, just PLEASE give this album a chance..!.!
Wow! A Pop Masterpiece for our time!
I should be able to rate this album with more than 5 stars.
Anther gift from David
Better than I thought
Totally BooHoo
Ambitious & One of His Best
Best Blues Release of the Year?
really excellent
Great job singing the classics!!
The Best Trumpeter in the Business
The Ultimate Recording
a trip
A Strong and Timely Experiment
Nouveau Zydeco
The last Christmas
sonic disater
Johnn Williams at his best!
I think the CD is excellent.
Mediocrity Personified
The king IS Invincible
It's got a lot of style!!!! A lot of action!!!
Yes! He did it again...
Bruno's Return: All Tongue In Cheek For Bruce
ohm: the sound the universe makes
A must have
Have you got the Fever?
Music for the heart!

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