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Product: Audio CD
Title: Space Oddity
Label: Virgin Records
Artist: David Bowie
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
A brilliant collection... a must have!

If you dont' have this in your collection or, worse yet, if you aren't familiar with it... buy it! This collection is brilliant! I can't say that it's his best, but if you could only have two Bowie albums, they should be Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars and Space Oddity. The lyrics are pure poetry and this is Bowie as a "folkie", which is great!

Product: Audio CD
Title: Measure of a Man
Label: Rca
Artist: Clay Aiken
Rating: 3/5
Customer rating - 3 out of 5
Listen before you buy.

And Clay does not disappoint. Each of the songs has a different, special feeling. An early favorite is Touch; a sexy uptempo song that makes one want to get up and dance. The title cut, Measure of a Man, is indicative of several other songs on this CD -- emotional, with a story that stays with the listener. All are sung with Clay's trademark attention to detail and vocal excellence. And even listeners not familiar with Clay Aiken will find something to love on this CD.

Product: Audio CD
Title: A Love Supreme
Label: Impulse Records
Artist: John Coltrane
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5

How did a human being do this?! So otherworldy and yet so tightly constructed and economical. So furious and atonal and yet so gorgeous. Coltrane must be an alien or an angel or a chemical experiment gone out of control. You heard it here first. Oh yeah, his drummer is pretty out of this world too.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Label: Atlantic
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Vintage John Williams

This soundtrack just goes to show that John Williams can still write great music if he wants to. Frankly, some of his other recent soundtracks did nothing to entice me to buy them. Saving Private Ryan, for instance, was quite forgettable. But Harry Potter and the Sorcerers's Stone brings back the John Williams we all know and love. And although I still have not seen the movie Harry Potter, I have read the books, and the musical themes fit the spirit of these stories perfectly. The themes are magical, mysterious, and full of wonder. Some people have criticized the music as being too childish or too whimsical. But that's exactly what John Williams was trying to do with this soundtrack; make whimsical, childish music. One might as well criticize John Williams for making the Imperial March too ominous or making the Raiders March too heroic. I say that if the music is doing what the composer intended, then it's good. So if you want a soundtrack that does its job, then buy Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.