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Product: Audio CD
Title: Live 1975-85
Label: Sony
Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
The reason he is called the "Boss"

This was a long awaited box set. It comes as close to a Bruce Springsteen Concert as possible without buying a ticket. The "Boss" takes you down the thundering road of his musical history of this time frame. If you have never seen the "Boss" live then you don't know what your missing.From the hard core Bruce Springsteen listener to the newly discovered fan this set is a MUST HAVE.The pure sound and feeling I get from this historical recording is unsurpassed. Bruce Springsteen's performance from Thunder Road to Jersey Girl will evoke feelings of joy,sadness and pure outright feeling of having you heart dancing in the aisle. Springsteen's cover of "War" and "This Land is Your Land" are the best I have ever heard. Bruce includes songs such as "Beacuse the Night" and others that have never been included in a studio recording before makes this more of a treat. Owning this set is not an option in the life of a Bruce Springsteen Fan's music collection. This is the live set to rival all others. If you don't own all of the Boss' recordings this will make you want more and more!

Product: Audio CD
Title: Music
Label: Warner Brothers
Artist: Madonna
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
A different kind of review....

Madonna's new CD "Music" needs to be listened to more than once before people start forming opinions. At first, I thought I was disappointed after loving "Ray of Light". Let me just say that I love "Impressive Instant" and "Runaway Lover". I've always loved Madonna's uptempo songs and these are some of her best. Next, I listened to "I Deserve It" and wasn't thrilled with it. My absolute favorite track on the CD is Track 5, "Amazing". What a feeling this song has! It just feels like a flashback to the care-free 60's. People will find this song reminiscent of "Beautiful Stranger" but it's way better!
The next half of the CD is a different speed. Track 6 "Nobody's Perfect" starts off slow then picks up and becomes a swirling mid-tempo, voice-fx laden song. Track 7 "Don't Tell Me" is going to be a big hit! It's got a cool beat, a 'country twang' (Madonna and country in the same sentence?). Yep, the song has great lyrics and is a really incredible pop song. I really don't care for Track 8 "What it feels like for a girl!" It just doesn't do anything for me. Track 9 "Paradise (not for me) is also another song that doesn't really go anywhere. The final song "Gone" is a great song that is well written which makes use of the acoustic guitar more than any other song on the CD.
Overall, I like the new CD alot and it's going to be one of my favorites for a long time. I just wish there were a few more tracks on the CD. The CD is too short. I think this CD paired with "Ray of Light" makes a great 2 Disc set!

Product: Audio CD
Title: Thankful
Label: RCA
Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
So Surprising! So Refreshing! Just So Great!

I was almost afraid to buy this CD. I loved Kelly so much on American Idol; she truly is amazing but I terrifed about thinking what her album was going to be like. Bland but catchy pop (A Moment Like This?) or the great R&B, Soul with a bit of Pop and Rock; that gave her, her song on the show? Well I am in shock with exactly how good this is. It is a very strong album! VERY strong. If hits are not made from this album, then I will be in shock! Here is a breakdown.
Track 1: THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE IS.....a great opener. Not my favorite track but its good.
Track 2: MISS INDEPENDENT.....I was not thrilled when she performed this song on AI but after hearing it on the album, it ROCKS. So Catchy! Should be a hit soon!
Track 3: LOW.... one of the album's best. Great Chorus.
Track 4: SOME KIND OF MIRACLE.... the albums weak point but not bad in any way. Dianne Warren penned.
Track 5: WHATS UP LONELY.... also one of my favorites. Very Blues like.
Track 6: JUST MISSED THE TRAIN.... interesting song. Perhaps the most interesting on the album. Sheryl Crow like.
Track 7: BEAUTIFUL DISASTER.... the is the one. The one song that you will ethier love or hate. If you dont like 80's music, you will not like this song. I however love it! It flows so easily and mystical like. One of my favs!
Track 8: YOU THOUGHT WRONG.... duet with Tamyra Gray. Major HIT SOON! I am sure. Its great. They rock! I different kind of duet then you would expect. Think.....THE BOY IS MINE.
Track 9: THANKFUL... another interesting one. Kinda like India Arie and VIDEO. Nice song!
Track 10: ANYTIME.... my favorite ballad on the set. It is really great. Catchy but meaningful. Kellys vocals are in top form!
Then you have A MOMENT LIKE THIS and BEFORE YOUR LOVE. Both in new mixes. Although they sound exactly the same? So who knows?
Overall you will be greatly suprised with this cd! Trust Me! I really hope this album is successful beacuse it desereves to be!
Jackie B!

Product: Audio CD
Title: The Classic Guide To Strategy
Label: Tzadik
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
you gotta listen to the samples

A close friend and fellow jazz enthusiast highly recommended 'The Classic Guide to Strategy' as an important addition to my growing collection of jazz music which comprises of some works by Jacky Jones and an album entitled 'The Best of Jazz Vol 3'. And it certainly shines with originality, an exqusite work setting new landmarks in contempary jazz.
The album consists of various noises - bird sounds, duck calls ,the techniques used here are quite similar to recordings I have made myself which involve banging a half filled plastic water bottle against a wall while repeatedly saying the words 'quack quack'
It must be noted that work of this nature is rarely if ever produced by jazz musicians or any artist in any field of music for that matter. It's a pleasure to see an artist stoop far below certain levels in order to deliver their work to an established loyal and dedicated fanbase.
The CD cover comes sporting a rather unique oriental symbol
giving that mysterious feel to it rather like Enigma did with those celtic crosses.
Normally a listener of west coast gansta rap music , I have taken the time out to listen to these noises on John's new album, very appropriate as background sound at formal meals or functions. Yeah - real unique this one . Just be sure to check out those samples.