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Product: Audio CD
Title: It Had to Be You... The Great American Songbook
Label: J-Records
Artist: Rod Stewart
Rating: 1/5
Customer rating - 1 out of 5
The Great American...WHOOPS HE'S F**KIN ENGLISH!!!!

Rod Stewart has for some time been the blue-collar, hard-labouring, all-American guy...wait...hangon...HE'S ENGLISH, FALSE PRETENCES!!!!!

Well I'll be damned, The Great American Songbook has been such a huge, gravely overrated set of albums I'm getting tired. For starter he's not American, he's not `great', nor is America (just joking honestly, I am English you see) and why label yourself under such false pretences.

I'll tell you why, just take a look at where those babies are in the charts...HIGH. Way too high for an incredulous false labelled con man. He doesn't even release The Great American Piece Of Arrogance in his HOMETOWN England, because he knows that the public will not buy it. Because he has this disregard for his roots, a hang-up. It's like if the vastly successful Bruce Springbok released The Great British Songbook, that would cause a massive stir (as if he hasn't done that already heh heh).

As for the music, well, honestly it's ok. Except I get this overwhelming feeling to cough violently when I hear Mr. America sing due to his faked `husky' voice. Also, ITS OLD, 60's ok...70's ok...80's pushing it...90's mmm no more though, BUT NOW. Please just retire and shack up with some blonde thing.

He needs to grow up, cut his hair, get rid of the highlights, settle in his homeland America, marry (heh heh) and stop producing The Great Piece Of Self-Obsessed Ludicrous Songbook. I'm fed up to the teeth with Rodney Stewart, he's dealings with women, `ah I think I'm done with you, oooo there's a nice leggy blonde I can get cheap shags out of' he's possessiveness with American Music charts, and of course the dollar he sticks up his arse every time a sheep buys this turd. His use of the American public, idolising himself as an American singer and `artist...yes of course us Brits believe you'. Yep, I'm done with the Presid...I mean Rod Stewart, and I would imagine so is most of Britain.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Low
Label: Rykodisc
Artist: David Bowie
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Vivid, Original, and even a bit deranged

When Bowie collaborated with "sound can take on light & color" artist Brian Eno, there was no stopping the creativity. Not only was Bowie's words and styles original anymore, but now he had ambient music to aid his visions. The first half is made up of quirky electronica rock, while a series of long, visionary instrumentals journey through the back. All the while you are subjected to synthetics, especially on these instrumentals. So yes, this a great album. I also have the second volume of the Bowie/Eno trilogy, "Heroes". Check it out as well.

Product: Audio CD
Title: U Turn
Label: Motown / Pgd
Artist: Brian McKnight
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
The Roots of Soul Shine Through

Skip the first track. Now sit back relax and enjoy. Brian McKnight has hit all the roots of soul in this CD. If you've missed Marvin Gaye, try this CD. If you you've missed hearing the words to a song that is real, try this CD. Brian even has a little something for you Prince fans that will have you screaming for more. Brian makes you shake your head and go um, um, um. This has got to be the best by far. See how practice makes perfect.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Invincible
Label: Sony
Artist: Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Read the words while you listen to the music.

This album is about life and is very deep CD with great music and hidden messages. Someone has let the "Monster" out of its cage and all hell is about to break loose on the music charts. Unbreakable, this song will be someones fighting anthem before long. If you get past the great music and read the words. This song will make you feel empowered, the words are that powerful.
Heartbreaker and Invincible, are songs about love gone wrong, if you ever met someone that you are crazy about but they have plans that don't include you, these songs are for you.
Break Of Dawn, is about what you feel when you are with that special someone and 2 bodies become one. Pillow talk of lovers. Heaven Can Wait, just read the words out loud to someone. Someone "madly" in love wrote this song and if you have ever been madly in love, you will feel this song the first time you hear.
You Rock My World, I am sure you have heard it and seen the video. This song is just plain fun to dance to.
Butterflies, the song for future lovers. This song reminds me of a day dream about being with your future lover.
Speechless, on the surface is about love but under closer inspection it is about faith.
2000 Watts, partytime at the club, last one to the dance floor is a rotten egg.
You Are My Life, is a song about parenthood and something a parent would say to their child.
Privacy, just leave the man alone please.
Dont Walk Away, love affair no more and those empty feelings you are left with. If you have been divorced or had a long term love affair you know these feelings all to well.
Cry, is a very pretty song in the "Heal The World" mode.
The Lost Children, is a lot like Cry but a little different. This song is very touching. I find myself singing this one while I only listen to Cry.
What Ever Happens, WOW this song blows me away everytime I hear it. The hard times couples face together. This song works on so many levels, if you open your mind to this one you will see something different every time. This may be the biggest hit on the album,it is the best song on the album.
Threatened, what a way to close out the album. This will be the big video hit of this CD. It is a warning to the rest of the people on the pop charts that the "Monster" is coming and the "Monster is Michael Jackson. Rod Sterling lets you in on the secret if you are listening.
If you don't like Butterflies or Heaven Can Wait, there is something wrong with you. Two songs that are poems set to the music of falling in love.
Michael Jackson has grown up and in this album it shows. This album has something for everyone. I love it and I hope listen to it and enjoy the album as much as I do.
PS. If have some overbearing person in your life and you need a "lift" listen to "Unbreakable".