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Product: Audio CD
Title: Deeper & Deeper [US]
Label: Warner Brothers
Artist: Madonna
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Classic Song - Classic Remixes

Deeper and Deeper is definately a standout on the Erotica album, so its no wonder it was released as a single. The remixes are great. There are 6 remixes of Deeper and Deeper, an extended version of Bad girl, and 5 Erotica remixes. Some are dubs, bonus beats, remixes. Its a wonderful single with great remixes. I highly reccomend you get this single, even if it costs a little extra, its worth the money.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Les Miserables - The Complete Symphonic Recording
Label: Relativity
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Every note in the show- all beautiful!

This is an international cast recording of the famous show Les Miserables, which is based, of course, on Victor Hugo's novel. All other albums just have basically highlights; this is the only album with every note played and sung (it two hours, forty seven minutes, and fifty four seconds!). The orchestrations on this recording are in my opinion the best recorded. You can hear the strings and precussion perfectly, as well as the brass and other instrumentations that you cannot hear as clearly in other recordings. The thespians chosen for the parts are all good and really get into their parts; their is a lot of chemistry. What is remarkable is that most of the parts were recorded separately in different countries and then combined later! Garry Morris may take a while for some to get used to his country accent, but he really does have a wonderful voice. He puts the right emotion into his singing and is great. Philip Quast has a strong and forceful voice that is also beautiful. You can hear both of them in "Confrontation," which is wonderfully done on this recording. At first I did not like Debbie Byrne as Fantine, but she really does have a beautiful voice. I had to get used to her heavy vibratto, but she is pleasant to listen to. The Thenardiers are also wonderful because Thenardier (Barry James) has a creepy, villainous sounding voice that he should have, and Madame Thenardier (Gay Soper) has a shrieky voice that is hilarious to listen to. Her accent (I believe it is Cockney, but I could be wrong) is excellent for the part. Marissa Dunlop (Young Cosette) has a beautiful little voice and is adorable. Ross McCall is one of my favorite Gavroches, but maybe I'm biased because this is the only recording with ALL of his parts! His part after "Stars" and his second part in "Look Down" is always cut out in other recordings. Anthony Warlow has a magnificent voice that is to die for. It is powerful and you just know that he is Enjolras! Michael Ball is wonderful as Marius because he has a beautiful and strong voice. "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" will bring tears to your eyes! Tracy Shayne is good as Cosette, although I am annoyed by Cosette's character. But she has a bird-like, pleasant voice. In the book Cosette is described as a lark, so this is appropriate. Ah, my favorite performance is that of the Japanese Kaho Shimada who knew very little English at the time of this recording. She really gets into Eponine's character and portrays her perfectly! She has spunk and street smarts but also is a bit vulnerable and easily hurt when Marius rejects her. She is sweet and her voice is beautiful. This CD is a must for any Les Miserables fan who wants to hear the full version of the show, which you can't even see live any more since it was cut down to less than two hours recently. A good companion is the Stage by Stage video, which you can get used for a relatively cheap price.

Product: Audio CD
Title: The Early Years: Give It to Me
Label: Trojan Us
Artist: Madonna, Otto Van Wernherr
Rating: 1/5
Customer rating - 1 out of 5
"The Early Years"...euuck!

This package of early samples done in France is not any work Madonna would endorse. The songs are just collages of vocal snippits that Madonna had recorded and then Otto had assembled them into hard to enjoy songs. The music is painful to listen to. I found early demos Madonna made to be more enjoyable than this collection. This CD has nothing to do with Madonna besides the use of some vocal tracks. This is not enjoyable music.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael
Label: Sony
Artist: George Michael
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
He puts it all together with class

this is an incredible album for george michael fans. It reminds us of why we bought his albums and sang along. The dance compliation is great and the slow jams are incredible. welcome back george! fantastic!! well worth the money for any fan.