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Product: Audio CD
Title: Stripped
Label: RCA
Artist: Christina Aguilera
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5

Okay, okay! She does create an image of just another 'tart' singing trite pop songs, but there is more to Christina Aguilera than meets the eye---surprising though that might be from her image. The quality that sets her apart is that she holds in her possession an incredible instrument in her voice. She is not just another pop singer or teen idol. She deserves to be recognized as a singer who is in the league of the Holy Trinity of new female soul singers (Kelly Price, Faith Evans and Mary J. Blige). Though scantily clad, her full body voice adds some layers to a seemingly shallow singer.
The disc offers up some incredible songs and vocals. The only drawback to the disc is the choice of some of the material (the Linda Perry written tracks) and the fact that Christina can over-sing at times. "Walk Away" is a powerful, brooding blues record that would make Etta James proud and Christina seems perfectly at home in that genre as well. The latin-tinged "Infatuation", complete with spanish guitar is another on which the singer shines. It's also a genre with which Christina seems comfortable..see 2000's stunning 'Mi Reflejo'. The disc presses on with the romantic, mature "Loving Me For Me". To follow this is the Alicia Keys composed "Impossible". Alicia certainly has done her homework on the Queen of Soul, Aretha. This track seems to be the combination of three classic Aretha songs. The airy piano opening hearkens back to the Regent's opening of the classic "Daydreamin" while the body of the song seems more inspired by Franklin classics "Ain't No Way" and "Natural Woman". In spite of these interpolations, or perhaps because of them, the solitary thing that makes this record so outstanding is Christina's powerhouse vocal. Other inspired tracks include "Underappreciated", the majestic "Soar" and the raunchy, adult "Get Mine, Get Yours". Not only has she matured as an artist, but this disc heralds the advent of the woman that she has become.
There are, however, songs that are not suited for the singer at all. Most notably among these tracks is "Dirrty". It's a great song to dance to at a club, but it does it does nothing for Christina in the way of displaying her actual talents. Additionally, the Linda Perry penned tracks don't seem to hit home either as Christina does not seem capable of singing rock songs. And the failed studio experiment "Can't Hold Us Down" (which features the ever torrid Lil Kim) sees Christina offering up garbled, slurred vocals which are reminiscent of the lesser-talented Beyonce Knowles.
In all, this disc is one of the best Pop/Soul records to be released this year. Christina's powerhouse voice and the great production of this album seem the perfect vehicle to catapult this singer into being the Diva that she wishes to become. Don't be fooled by her outward appearance. The girl can sing and actually has talents, though her manner of dress would lead you to believe that she'd rather you didn't know.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Everything Must Go
Label: Warner Brothers
Artist: Steely Dan
Rating: 1/5
Customer rating - 1 out of 5
Nothing Memorable....................

It would not be exaggerating to say that I am a Steely Dan fanatic. In fact, I am going to fly across the country (from Atlanta to Clear Lake, CA) to see them in July. I just hope they play a lot of their old stuff and not too much of their new material. I hate to say it, but "Everything Must Go" MUST GO (to the back of my CD case). This is the first Steely Dan album I have heard that I did not want to play over and over again. Having said all that, I will keep listening to it to see if it grows on me. Still a FANatic boys...

Product: Audio CD
Title: Jubilee (1978 Film)
Label: Caroline
Artist: Various Artists, Brian Eno
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5

A wonderful diversity of sounds from cutting edge punk artists of the time, to the soothing instrumentals by Brian Eno.5 different artists, 2 songs each, ocntrasting yet complimentary as a whole to the soundtrack of this fantastic film.Just listen to the music in conjunction with the lyrics on Plastic surgery, a timeless experience!!

Product: Audio CD
Title: Blue Bob
Label: Solitude / Mri
Artist: David Lynch
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Factory Blues

As part of the recent changes in Lynch's art work from the last 10 years, M. Lynch is now exploring more in details the instinctive part of his artistic process. But by keeping in touch with his inner stages of creation of his earlier work and artistic process, BLUEBOB remains still in that little dark corner of mysteries in which Lynch is king. Put simply: directed for music lover.