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Product: Audio CD
Title: American Life
Label: Warner Brothers
Artist: Madonna
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Best Madonna CD Ever!

This CD is great. All these songs I can listen to over and over again. Some of the lyrics are shallow but most of them are very deep and make you think. My favorite songs on this CD are Love Profusion, Nothing Fails, and Mother & Father. In the song Nothing Fails there is a church chior which really adds to the music. This CD is well worth the money. I hope Madonna keeps releasing CDs like this one!

Product: Audio CD
Title: The Tiki Bar Is Open
Label: Vanguard Records
Artist: John Hiatt
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Back to his best

call me fickle, but this is the john hiatt i've grown to love.i was introduced to his music with the trilogy albums and haveloved everything up to little_head. tiki_bar is a return to thejohn hiatt style i enjoy. having sonny back on lead is also a treat. this cd will be with me at work and in car for some time.many radio friendly tracks amoung 1-5, but my fave is the last track, farther stars, pretty avante garde for mr. hiatt.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Enchantment
Label: Sony
Rating: 1/5
Customer rating - 1 out of 5
Same Sound No Variance

Probably a future star but she needs to learn to perform with range and variance in voice. Every song sounds the same. Relax Charlotte, show us your range and add some passion...not just the high range or you better stick just with opera otherwise another monotonous CD once again from a highly hyped young singer.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Songs, Stories & Spirituals
Label: Concord Records
Artist: John Patitucci
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
One of John's Best Yet!

Mr. Patitucci's newest cd, "Songs, Stories, & Spirituals" is simply great. It contains THE greatest bass playing in the world- acoustic and electric- beautiful singing by Luciana Souza and John Thomas, just awesome rhythmic piano playing by Ed Simon, Brian Blade, of the Wayne Shorter Group that John is in as well, back on drums, and Tim Reis back with his one of a kind flute playing. Of course, after the success of the grammy nominated "Communion", the Trinity Church String Quartet is back, made up of Richard Rood (of New York's Orpheus, Metropolitan Opera and the Santa Fe Opera) and Liz Lim-Dutton on violin, the great Larry Dutton on viola (of the world famous Emerson String Quartet) and John's wife Sachi on cello. Also, a very nice touch was the extremely nice classical guitar playing of John's brother Tom. John's songwriting skills have definitly and noticeably developed, and so has his bass playing. On this cd he plays more acoustic than electric, and only one song has him only on electric. Here is some info about the songs:
1. Tall Tale:- a great start to the cd...standard jazz you a good feel for the cd right at the beginning.2. Chovendo Na Roseira:- written by Luciana Souza, pretty sure this is the first song on any of John's cds to have singing with words...beautiful singing by Luciana Souza.3. I Will Arise:- John Thomas on vocals here...very very nice. The lyrics are great too actually...very spiritual (makes sense..think the name of the album)4. Lei:- Best song on the record I think...John picks of his famous custom Yamaha 6-string electric getting some wicked lines out...especially the solo which is very similar to the solo in Choro Luoco from "Communion"... Luciana singing beautifully in Portugese.5. In the Bleak Midwinter:- Featuring the string quartet that appeared on Communion on his last record, this time let by not Branford Marsalis on soprano sax, but Luciana Souza and John Thomas on vocals. This was performed in December 2001 before the record was even close to being released, at the Trinity Church Weschester Christmas concert. This starts with one of John's most memorable acoustic solos ever.6. Three Faces:- Starts with some nice drum work by Brian Blade, then in comes John playing high up on the acoustic with a bow, then later the simply gorgeous flute playing of Tim Ries and the melodic singing of Luciana Souza again. This also features Tom Patitucci on nylon sting guitar for the first time on the cd.7. Now the River:- Absolutely beautiful guitar playing again by Tom Patitucci and singing by Luciana Souza. Very nice drum playing here. This the 2nd song John plays electric on and he's mainly playing little melodies up high, but then comes his solo which is simply amazing. This song has one minor flaw (if it wasn't intentional): at 6:26 you hear some guy screaming insanely in the backround...its very noticeable actually...I'll have to ask John about that.8. Soulmate:- Gorgeous cello playing by John's wife Sachi here, and Luciana singing again, and in this song there are especially nice chord written by John for Sachi.9. Rhapsodic Journey:- This song is hard to explain because its probably the least likeable song on the record but its still a nice song. It just seems a little random at places. Its actually got a sort of Gershwin piano type sound to it which is very cool.10.It Never Entered My Mind:- This song is by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart and John arranged it very nicely. Luciana Souza sings in English on this one and sounds like one of those famous Rodgers and Hammerstein singers, sort of like Shirley Jones. 11. Love Eternal:- John actually doesn't play on this number...its a duet of Sachi Patitucci on cello and Ed Simon on piano. A very nice song to listen sounds very classically inspired.12. Wise One:- the famous Coltrane song. A duet of John Patitucci on acoustic bass and Brian Blade on drums. Great song to sum up the gives a very nice subtle ending.
I highly recommend this record to all John Patitucci fans and all jazz fans. There are so many styles of music here its perfect for almost anyone. However, I don't reccomend buying only this album...either way you have to buy "Communion", his best album. Also, "Now" is extremely good and so is "Imprint" and an older one: "Heart of the Bass". I hope this review was helpful to you all!