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Product: Audio CD
Title: The Phantom of the Opera (Original 1986 London Cast)
Label: Decca U.S.
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
The Music of the Night

This is a wonderful recording! It's a terrific production of Phantom! Michael Crawford is a wonderful Erik: his lyric tenor is perfectly emoted, although he can sound very cruel at times, you do feel that he really loves Christine and is devistated that he cannot have her love.

Sarah Brightman IS Christine! Her crystalline soprano graces the role and makes you wonder who'd listen to Carlotta, plus she also captures the vulnerability of her character.

Steve Barton is great as Raoul, although his voice sounds too mature for a twenty-something young man.

Mary Millar as Madame Giry does a STUNNING job! Her mezzo-soprano is really emotive, really operatic, she's just as dramatic as the Phantom and Christine.

Janet Devenish(as Meg) has a great, if not attention-grabbing, voice; her soprano sounds soft and vulnerable at times and strong and primal at others(when she SCREAMS! She has a GREAT scream!).

Rosemary Ashe and John Aron are amazing as Carlotta and Piangi; their voices manage to sound attractive and yet villainous, especially Carlotta, being the diva she's supposed to be, with Piangi as a sort of henchman.

The whole thing is marvelous! Think of me, Angel of Music, Phantom of the opera, Music of the night, Masquerade, Wishing you were somehow here again, Past the point of no return, and Track down this murderer are stunning!

There are moments in the music that just sound so poignantly romantic(like the violin solo before Christine takes off Erik's mask for the first time)or so dramatic that you think the story and score should be more epic, more primal, more operatic.

But it's all perfect how it is.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Off the Wall [Bonus Tracks]
Label: Sony
Artist: Michael Jackson
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Helped me live off the wall

Absolutely amazing! the only complaint I would have is that there aren't more songs of this caliber on the CD. The songs are amazing, Michael is such an fabulous musician, there are almost no words. At this very moment I have Working Day and Night playing in my head, the songs are catchy and very dancable. Personally, i found the home demos quite amusing becuase you can hear a little of Randy and Janet arguing in the background. It still amazes me that anyone could write this great of music! YOU NEED THIS CD TO BE COMPLETE AS A HUMAN!!!!!!!!!

Product: Audio CD
Title: Hilary Duff
Label: Hollywood Records
Artist: Hilary Duff
Rating: 2/5
Customer rating - 2 out of 5
overall bad

While some of the songs on Hilary's self titled album are fun and tolerable, overall I found them horrible. The pitch is bad and the background music is annoying in most of the songs. They all sound the same and in some of them it sounds like she's either talking or screaming. The CD doesn't show her talent at all. I think she sounds horrible on the CD actually. I do not recommend buying this, it's a waste of money. Copy it from a friend.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Body And Soul
Label: Blue Silk
Artist: John Houghton, John Houghton
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
A rising star

John has a gorgeous voice, and the songs on this CD are an old-fashioned pleasure to listen to. If you like Harry Connick Jr., Peter Cincotti, or even John Raitt, check this guy out. It's pretty romantic stuff, but you'll love it even you're listening on your own. A must-have for jazz vocal fans who want to be on the cutting edge.