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Product: Audio CD
Title: The Rising
Label: Sony
Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
The Rousing Experience of "The Rising"

The guitar weeps, but only briefly before the vocals emerge, edgy and sharp as ever, "the sky was falling and streaked with blood. I heard you calling me, then you disappeared into the dust,Up the stairs, into the fire."
The song then goes into a prayer, one of the few occasions when Bruce Springsteen sings as himself, outside the head of his protagonist,
"May your strength bring us strength, may your faith give us faith,may your hope give us hope,may your love bring us love."
As simply as that the Boss breaks down 'courage' into its four most important ingredients. Survivors, of a great tragedy when men and women lay down their lives in an attempt to save others, need the exact same equipment as those who departed in their final pursuits- courage. Closure, then is not something that comes easily, but it is possible. Just as the sense of redemption and calm isn't simple to achieve, Springsteen underscores it as guitars begin to scream, violins cry and drums pound. There is hope yet the futility of the tragedy remains.
That is the theme of Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band's newest album, "The Rising". Even while dealing with an event that has changed the world, rarely is there a feeling of life not moving on. While some of Bruce's protagonists are looking for "an eye, for an eye", the others (lovers, at least one of whom is Muslim) pray that "may the living let us in, before the dead tear us apart". One such protagonist who wants "a little revenge and this too shall pass" goes on to question his belief as "??? it's hard to swallow, come time to pay, that taste on your tongue don't easily slip away."
The real victims, even more than those who lost their lives and rose to a higher ground (The Rising), are those who took the presence of those who are gone for granted. The pain that is the hardest to understand from outside, "too much room in my bed, too many phone calls. How's everything, everything? Everything's everything. But you're missing".
The overwhelming sense of loss remains the most moving aspect of the extra-ordinary work that "The Rising" is.
?? 2002 Nitin Madan

Product: Audio CD
Title: Victim of the Joke?: An Opera
Label: Stax
Artist: David Porter
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Second to None

David Porter was an artist who came along in the 60's to early 70's with a style of music that captured those who had the chance to hear his heart-felt songs.Issacc Hayes and Barry White can only compare!The song "Can't See You When I want To",was one that took you by storm.I'm sure many remember being with that special someone in a special place hearing it for the first time.If only his music could be found and put back on the market.It should not have to be extinct from the listening pleasure of thousands who do remember David Porter!!!

Product: Audio CD
Title: Dangerously in Love
Label: Sony
Artist: Beyoncé
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
Beyonc?? Following Her Own Destiny... (4.5 stars)

Here it is, the album we've all been waiting for. Hopefully this review will answer all your questions.
1. Is Beyonc??'s album the best out of the 3 Destiny's Child members solo projects?YES
2. Is the sound of the album like any other previous DC stuff?Basically... NO
3. Is Beyonc??'s solo version of "Dangerously In Love" ("Dangerously In Love 2") better than the DC version?In a word... NO
The Breakdown:
1. Crazy In Love feat. Jay-Z - 5/5
We all love this song, it's on the radio, it's got trumpets and an old school Hip Hop vibe, the chemistry (in and out of the studio) with Jay-Z is great, we love it.
2. Naughty Girl 5/5A sexy midtempo Middle Eastern inspired track. A little reminiscent of "Kama Sutra" by Ruff Endz.
3. Baby Boy feat. Sean Paul - 5/5I like this song but, why does every R&B female (Beyonc??, Blu Cantrell [Breathe], Mya [Things Come And Go] off her new album "Moodring" coming out this July) feel the need to have Sean Paul on their album? What is he, the new black or something? This could be a popular radio/club song though, it just sounds like any R&B chick could've sung it.
4. Hip Hop Star feat.Big Boi and Big Boi and Sleepy Brown - 2.5/5I'm really not feeling this one either. I like the edgy rock vibe it has to it but like the previous track it doesn't showcase Beyonc??'s writing skills and I'm feeling no chemistry between her and Big Boi.
5. Be With You - 6/5A sexy midtempo groove, the best song on the album, singlewothy.
6. Me Myself And I - 6/5It has the same vibe as the previous song but a little more inspirational.
7. Yes - 5/5Finally an, R&B song that deals with a new situation! I Won't give it away though.
8. Signs feat. Missy Elliott - 4/5A point off for weirdness and that part where they rewind the song, why was that needed? The song was perfect the way it was.
9. Speechless - 5/5Soulful, sexy, and midtempo.
10. That's How You Like It feat. Jay-Z - 5/5A nice flirty midtempo groove.
11. The Closer I Get To You feat. Luther Vandross 4.5/5We all know this song, a great duet, that gets faded out too early.
12. Dangerously In Love 2 - 3.5/5Okay, but it can't touch the original, there's a slight change in music and the vocals are resung but it lacks the beauty of the first one. I know that this song is close to Beyonc??'s heart and she wanted to include it but she should have redone it accoustically and added that great ending she added to it on Saturday Night Live.
13. Beyonc?? Interlude - (not rated or averaged)Beyonc?? talking about some stuff.
14. Gift From Virgo - 4.5/5A beautiful song that's way too short.
15. Daddy (bonus track) - 5/5A touching beautiful song Beyonc?? dedicates to her father. She should write a song about her Mama too for making all them clothes. :)
Well that's it. No "Work It Out" or "Can't Take It No More" as bonus tracks like alot of people thought.
Here's the final averaged grade: 4.714 That rounds out to 4.5

Product: Audio CD
Title: Shame-Based Man
Label: Atlantic
Artist: Bruce Mcculloch
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
What a crazy demeneted CD!

Bruce is the best Kids of the Hall and now has the funniest CD out there. Just listening him talk about just nothing is funny. And of course with the Dave Song and the Doors, it just gets better. TWO THUMS UP for Brucey. Make another one!