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Product: Audio CD
Title: Rebirth
Label: Sony
Artist: Jennifer Lopez
Rating: 3/5
Customer rating - 3 out of 5
Nothing Groundbreaking....Hardly A Change At All (3.5 Stars)

With at title like "Rebirth", most would expect something groundbreaking and different from the artist's previous material. If you listened to this newest addition by Jennifer Lopez with these expectations, you would without a doubt be disappointed. Jennifer reverts back to the form she used on her first album, "On the 6", an album with a mix of silky ballads (despite her vocal range) and upbeat dance tracks. It makes sense that Jennifer would release a new album now: interest in her is waning after her break-up with Ben Affleck, and not many people seem to care about her marriage to Marc Anthony. The main problem with this album is that Jennifer is in her mid-thirties now, and is still making typical teen pop making her style as a whole seem like the parent who tries to hard to be cool. Fortunately for her though, she still manages to garner enough of a following to support her.

The album kicks off with the first single, "Get Right". This song got in most people's heads mainly because of the irritating horn in the background. Eventually, it grows on you but then alternates between deeply annoying and extremely catchy. The song, however, has Jennifer saying things like "homey" and "tripping", which at her age is hard to accept as real. Secondly, there is the matter of the completely illogical lyrics. Jennifer (or at least whoever wrote the song) seemed to write only based on what rhymed, not what actually made sense. Overall however, it is a decent song though does not nearly live up to her best work. "Step Into My World" has Jennifer singing over a pounding beat with whispery vocals, and somehow manages to pull it off. The song sounds vaguely familiar though I can't quite place it. It is probably one of the better songs on the album, but overall it is mostly average.

"Hold You Down" with Fat Joe is a weak attempt to recreate the success of her previous duet with LL Cool J. This is by far one of the weakest songs on the album, and possibly one of the weakest Jennifer has ever done. It is nothing short of boring and she was better off not even trying to recreate her other duet. The two singers have absolutely no vocal chemistry and the song just goes nowhere. "Whatever You Wanna Do" is an unimpressive dance track containing irritating chants of "whoa" in the background. The chorus is decent, but otherwise this is one of the weakest upbeat songs Jennifer has ever done. "Cherry Pie" looks just as unimpressive on paper, however Jennifer somehow manages to pull it off and make the song catchy without being irritating. Even though she's hard to hear in the verses and the song is lyrically boring, it still manages in an odd way strike you as deceptively good.

"I Got You" is a typical Jennifer Lopez love ballad. It has all the aspects: weak, sometimes shrill vocals, subpar lyrics and an unmemorable melody. The major problem with this song is that its been done so many times before, and so much better. It's even been done before by Jennifer herself, which makes this song pretty much unnecessary filler. "Still Around" sounds like something that was left off of "This Is Me...Then" from the lyrical content right down to the vocal style. The song is extremely repetitive and seems to go on for at least a minute too long, even though it is just over three minutes in length. Next is "Ryde or Die" which is very obviously a Brandy song that Jennifer is trying to pull off as her own. Brandy's voice is prominent in the chorus, even more so than Jennifer herself. It's too bad this song wasn't put on Brandy's last album, because it is awesome. Even with Jennifer's weak voice, the song still sounds amazing, though I still think it should have stayed with Brandy.

"I, Love" is better than most would expect. While not the most memorable song, it has interesting (in a good way) background music but only average vocals. Lyrically it is average as well however there is something intriguing about the song that makes it good despite the problems. "He'll Be Back" is rumoured to be about Ben Affleck although it is inconclusive based on lyrics alone. This is also one of the better songs on the album and this along with the two songs before it, almost make up for the quality lag in the middle of the album. "(Can't Believe) This Is Me" is the closest Jennifer's ever come to a power ballad and it actually works. Written by Marc Anthony, it is melodramatic and even manages to somewhat mask the weakness of Jennifer's voice. This song for most fit into one of two categories: impressive or "why-did-she-even-try?". Lastly, there is a lacklustre remix of "Get Right" featuring Fabulous. It isn't really different from the original but does fill the obligation of having a repeated song on the album, as seems to be Jennifer's trademark.

Overall Mark: 3.5/5

Though this album really does not live up to its name, and it suffers severely toward the middle (well, to be honest, after the second song), it manages to pick up toward the end with some great songs that make it worth a listen. Jennifer's voice sounded better on her third album, and a lot of this "gangster/street" stuff that she is still trying just seems lame and fake considering her age. Jennifer still has her knack for catchy songs that keep the listeners interest but in the end, the album is style over substance. Because of her limited range, she is virtually unable to show any emotion in her vocals and most of the songs sound the same vocally. While this album is far from great, it is enjoyable if it is not overplayed. Like most Jennifer Lopez material, it gets boring after a few listens but still worth a chance.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Paper Monsters (CD & DVD)
Label: Warner Brothers
Artist: David Gahan
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
Not Depeche Mode but a great solo debut album

I am a huge Depeche Mode fan, So when this album came out I had to get it and all I have to say is that it is not Depeche Mode, it is not the best album I have heard lyrically but it sounds great, has great energy and is one of these albums you have to turn up loud and blast out. No its not Depeche Mode, but a great debut from a performer who can only get better and better with or without Depeche Mode. I hope with, but in between Depeche Mode projects he will only improve!

Product: Audio CD
Title: A Christmas Together [Laserlight]
Label: Delta
Artist: John Denver & the Muppets
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
A Christmas Classic!

I love this album. I grew up with this music during the holidays, and it became a tradtion. Must have for any Muppets fan, or Christmas music collection.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Films About Ghosts: The Best Of... [Bonus Track]
Label: Geffen Records
Artist: Counting Crows
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
I CAN NOT STOP playing this CD

I just LOVE "Counting Crows films about Ghosts,the Best of"and believe me,this is the BEST YOU CAN GET.I just wish there was more groups out there like THIS ONE.When radio stations first played "Big Yellow Taxi" last year,I was amazed it was Adam and Vanessa Carlton singing this Joni Mitchel classic.The production is over the top,and so unlike the Counting Crows.I usually HATE remakes,but you swear this is the first time you ever heard this FANTASTIC song.All of the hits are on this collection,"Round Here,A long December,Mr.Jones," I just wish "Sullivan Street" from there first record was in here,but with 17 classic tracks,I can't complain.My favorite cuts,"Einstein on the beach,Holiday In Spain,"and "Accidentally in Love."Once in a life time you find a record you will play forever,"Counting Crows,the best of" is one of them.