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Product: Audio CD
Title: Tombstone (1993 Film)
Label: Intrada
Artist: Bruce Broughton
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Kilmer and Russell are both great -- wonderful Western

How many films on this subject have made it to the Big Screen...before I can review the 1993 release "TOMBSTONE"...let's take a look at some of the worthy film releases regarding that Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, from the '40s up to the present in the next few paragraphs of this review.
"My Darlin' Clementine"(1946) - One of the greatest directors of our time John Ford gave this role of Wyatt Earp(Henry Fonda)...Doc Holliday(Victor Mature) featuring a well-rounded cast of Walter Brennan, Ward Bond, Tim Holt, Linda Darnell and John Ireland...Ford well known for his Westerns, filmed and documented one of the best from Tinsel-Town regarding the O.K. Corral.
"Gunfight at the O.K. Corral"(1957) - Typical Hollywood Superstar cast, with two hunks in the leading roles of Earp(Burt Lancaster) and Holliday(Kirk Douglas) with an outstanding performance by Jo Van Fleet and the guiding hand of John Sturges in the directors chair...haunting score by composer Dimitri Tiomkin with Frankie Laine singing the opening song.
"Hour Of The Gun"(1967) - Once again director John Sturges sits behind the camera...the roles of Earp(James Garner) and Holliday(Jason Robards Jr - is excellent as the crusty gambling Doctor) supporting cast is Robert Ryan, Albert Salmi and Jo Voight, with two good actors in the lead...this film lacks the punch of the 1946 outing...please note:Jerry Goldsmith composed the filmscore.
"Wyatt Earp"(1994) - Filmed in Sante Fe, New Mexico...director Lawrence Kasdan had a fine cast to start with...Earp(Kevin Kostner) and Holliday(Dennis Quaid)...supporting cast Gene Hackman, Mark Harmon, Bill Pullman, Isabella Rossellini and Tom Sizemore...doesn't work well, too long with mixed feelings of a TV miniseries.
Now we have the Saga at hand of the legendary lawman with a dynamic cast...from heroes to villains recounting the events prior and up to the O.K. Corral.
"Tombstone"(1993) - More than any other film on this subject, director George P. Cosmatos captures the mood and friendship between Earp(Kurt Russell) and Holliday(Val Kilmer-with an Oscar Contender Performance)...Virgil Earp(Sam Ellott) and Morgan Earp(Bill Paxton) believable as the loyal lawman brothers...but the highlight of the film is the colorful performances by the villains Ike Clanton(Stephen Lang)...Curly Bill(Powers Boothe)...Johnny Ringo(Michael Biehn)...each making a statement within the boundaries of their chosen vocation and roles...the final showdown by each character is "Cinema" at its finest hour...this 2-DVD-Set has additional extras "Making An Authentic Western", entire cast with behind the scene interviews about the legends and characters during this time in the American West...each cast member talks about his or her particular role, very insightive to say the least...brilliant captivating score by composer Bruce Broughton, brings color to the Western skies and excitement to dusty trails of Tombstone, during the hard riding scenes, Broughton's soundtrack puts you on horseback galloping for more excitement you can handle, so lets slap leather and head for town...TOMBSTONE!, gotta love it.
Total Time: 134 Minutes ~ Hollywood Pictures Home Video 23118 ~ (1993/2002-Directors Cut)

Product: Audio CD
Title: Bridge Over Troubled Water/This Is The Night
Label: RCA
Artist: Clay Aiken
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Where has Clay been all my life?

His voice is literally a breathe of fresh air. The power that he delivers during "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" would be even more evident if the choir's backup vocals were toned down a bit more. If you saw the AI2 finals where he performed it, you know what I'm saying. "This is the Night" is a beautiful, moving song as well. This cd shows us why we can expect big things in the future from Clay! I can't wait!

Product: Audio CD
Title: Tribute to the Trumpet Masters
Label: Sharp Nine
Artist: Brian Lynch
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Worth the Wait

It took all six weeks for this album to show up at my door, and believe me, it was well worth the wait. Brian Lynch is an amazing trumpet player with the ability to successfully mix strong technique with true feeling. Brian possesses lightning speed, dexterity, and the ability to play in either register with elegant ease. He plays each song from his toes, giving it his all for the simple joy of the music. When I first heard his cover of Thad Jones' Elusive while driving, and had to pullover to give my whole attention to this song.
But, the quartet is not just about showcasing Brian's chops. With Mulgrew Miller on piano, Essiet Essiet on bass and Carl Allen on drums, this is a complete band. Many times, Brian steps back to let his band mates shine through, and they do. Everyone in the quartet is a complete musician, and their love of the music can be heard in each note they play.
"Tribute to the Trumpet Masters" is a mix of covers and original compositions in the style of some of Brian's favorite trumpeters that have influenced him over his career of thirty years. The album is mixed with upbeat tempo like "Woody Shaw" and slow, soulful songs like Freddie Hubbard's "Eclipse" and Lee Morgan's "Search for the New Land". This album has the most power and soul of any in my extensive collection, and is my favorite to date.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Octopussy: Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack [Enhanced CD]
Label: Rykodisc
Artist: John Barry
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
James Bond's All Time High!

John Barry gives a very fine performance for one of the best 007 movies ever. A soundtrack that is extremely difficult to find---to due the problem that when first released, was recalled and unreleased again. Rereleased by RYKO Disc, but still hard to find. Rita Coolidge performs the title song, and the result is a fantastic smashing title song. Also included are many other exciting tracks such as, Palace Fight, Chase Bomb Theme and Bond Look-Alike. Also because this an enhanced CD, there are many bonus tracks with incidental dialogue contained in them. All Time High is reprised at the end of the CD to end it off on a nice touch. A marvelous soundtrack with a great title song, exciting enhanced tracks and the charming class of the fabulous John Barry! A real gem.