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Product: Audio CD
Title: Whitney Houston - The Greatest Hits
Label: Arista
Artist: Whitney Houston
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5

This is an unbelievable album! Wow! The new songs are incredible, especially the duet with Deborah Cox. The remixes are great. It's nice to have her 80's songs in remixes, particularly "How Will I Know." Of course, the Thunderpuss Remix of "It's not right, but its okay" is on the album too. This collection of hits is a must-have!

Product: Audio CD
Title: Measure of a Man
Label: Rca
Artist: Clay Aiken
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5

If anyone ever expected this tall, skinny, white, southern boy to succeed I suggest you get them in the music buisness. Clay has proved to not only his large and loyal fan base, but to the thousands that only recognize him as that kid from American Idol, that he can sing--anything! Even if you arent a fan, after hearing this CD you will be. This CD has not only being a demonstration of the amazing vocal talent, but also it has been inspiring, uplifting, and an all-over CD that melts you, Clay has a power to connect with his audience in a way that was never expected, it moves people, and is an inspiration for clean and wholesome songs that the public needs. The best CD that I own, give it a shot, I promise you'll love it.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Destiny Fulfilled
Label: Sony
Artist: Destiny's Child
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
Defender of Destiny - Leaves Listener Fulfilled

I would like to support DC on this beautiful craft of CD. There were some ups and downs but 85% ups. The music, itself, was much more than satisfactory.
LOSE MY BREATHE - 4.5/5 (Good, but persistant after a while)
SOLDIER - 4/5 (Exceptional, Lil Wayne and TI provide a good backgroud rap groove; clubbanger)
CATER 2 U - 4.9/5 (A+)
TSHIRT - 5/5 (Very good, when you hear the song, you can already tell the type of music vidoe it'd be)
IS SHE THE REASON - 4/5 (A very Michellesque song of all of them. Not bad but not that great either. The kind of song you skip every once in awhile)
GIRL - 4.7/5 (Great beat and very motivational)
BAD HABIT - 4.6/5 (Everytime I hear this song, I always say the Chorus because it is so goood.)
IF - 4/5 (Moderatly bueno)
FREE - 5/5 (You will free yourself with this great ballad)
THROUGH THE LOVE - 4/5 (Good, cant describe that well)
LOVE- 4.3/5 (OK/OK/NOT THAT bad though.)

As in the review, Michelle has many solos. Unfortunatly I never was a fan of her voice but she is pretty good. The order is also not that well. Of course, as everyone knows, LOSE MY BREATHE is a definite dance song and then the next song SOLDIER is also a bumping tune, but after that its all slow ballads. You can compare the order to a dying heart. UP - UP - UP- down and all downhill from there. Even though they maybe slow that doesnt deter their quality.

As a fan of DC it saddens me this is more than likely the last of Destinys Child. For more than half a decade they continued to rule the music charts with great hits with all the internal drama.

Overall DC makes a beautiful OUTRO (refer to the last song of THE WRITING ON THE WALL).

Product: Audio CD
Title: The Harlem Nutcracker
Artist: David Berger, The Sultans of Swing
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Sexiest Nutcracker Ever!

You wouldn't think so, but the Nutcracker really lends itself to jazz, especially with Duke Ellington at the helm. This is one of the best performances of this classic piece of music I've ever heard. The best track is the redux of Sugar Plum Faeries, Sugar Rum Cherry...