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Product: Audio CD
Title: The Classic Guide To Strategy
Label: Tzadik
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
4 stars - depending on your mood, really.

This is the type of album I love to have but honestly, spend very little time listening to. I've listen to the entire thing once or twice and it is quite interesting but most people would not call this music. Many of my friends question the sanity of both the performer and purchaser... That's okay though. The CD is remarkably enjoyable - especially as background music - but really, it works both ways. I don't listen to it often though. It's one of those recordings that once you hear it once - you've got the sum of what the parts are all about -locked into your mind. I'd really only recommend this CD to those that are interested in the abstract. - and those who buy loads of CD's all the time, like me...

Product: Audio CD
Title: Live At The Roxy Theatre
Label: Oglio Records
Artist: Brian Wilson, Brian Wilson
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Beach Boy nostalgia with a twist

Except for a short period when I thought I was too cool for them, I've always admired the Beach Boys. They took advantage of the invaluable dimension of harmony like no one before, or since.
Truth be told, I think some of the later BBs, e.g., Holland, are even of higher musical quality, but I don't want to be side-tracked.
I have nearly all of Brian's solo material. His first solo CD is truly Beach Boysesque, and that's fine. I'm particularly fond of "Orange Crate Art," which most of my peers despise. Most of what followed I describe as "under-produced Beach Boys." It's like Brian wanted to make his mark by doing the Beach Boys songs alone. Well, Bri, the point of those songs was that there WERE a bunch of you---IN HARMONY!
This is a fabulous reproduction of all the Beach Boys classics, along with a few others. Brian is accompanied by quite the band, several guitars, at least one other keyboard, a six-string bass (I don't know why I notice things like that...), a sax--and a bunch of well coordinated voices. HARMONY!
Actually, as much as I like the Beach Boys Live album that was released in about 1973 or 74, this is better. The music quality is superior, the production is about studio quality. And there's some dialog, or at least monolog of Brian to his audience. That puts a little more humanity into the experience.
It's a little intriguing that, in his interview, Brian borders on adolescent; everyone is "the best in the world." But that's okay. It indicates his zeal for the art he's mastered.
Yeah, this is definitely my favorite of all the Brian Wilson solo CDs I have. If you like the Beach Boys, you'll love this.

Product: Audio CD
Title: In The Zone
Label: Jive
Artist: Britney Spears
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
For everyone (even likely to convert the Anti-Britneys)

Ok its sad to admit it.. but yes i did get her CD... I've never bought one before and I heard a little. I listen to it through and its not horrible. I completely agree that her voice isnt great at all. But this Cd is catchy and very different from her others, i guess not so pop-ish. I know as a fact if she wanted to sing she can... not mariah carey sing... but its not this bad... she just does this wierd thing when she records... its like she supresses it and tries to whine a little bit too much. but any ways.. its different and despite track 2 being bad... the rest is decent... and its not the southern rap crap or 50 cent that are all over airwaves now. I guess i just wanted sumthing a little different... If you want someone who can really sing go buy Alicia Keys new Cd or even check out MYA's moodring. Monica is pretty good too. This Britney is different and better than the last ones... its more mature... sexier and not too pop-ish... give it a listen... i dont normally like this stuff but hey ...

Product: Audio CD
Title: Daydream
Label: Sony
Artist: Mariah Carey
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
talented singer

after reading some of the reviews, again i feel so sad and puzzled at the same time, why bother to buy Mariah's album if u think she is trash! infact u shouldn't even bother to review!
well Daydream album is not really her best album, i personally prefer the Butterfly album instead, the first time i actually listen to this, i was a tad disappointed, i don't really like Fantasy, but it sort of like grow on me...Always Be My Baby is very catchy, One Sweet Day is so sweeeeeettt and touching, Open Arms is a definite classic, since its a remake, When I Saw You is very corny, but a very very nice track not to be missed, Looking In, is also a very personal song to her, besides 'Outside' track 12 in the Butterfly album.. Forever, a very 80s sound-a- like sound that brings back the nostalgia feeling, same kindda feel that I Still Believe brings to you, and finally Long Ago, a definite cool track with a sequeal (The Roof, track 4 in the Butterfly album), though it may seems that most of Mariah's song r kindda like recycled, but most of them r really very nice tracks! other good recomendations r Melt Away and I Am Free
well u can never be labelled as the queen of pop era for nothing! she is a living example...