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Product: Audio CD
Title: Play
Label: V2. / Bmg
Artist: Moby
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
One of the best of the 90s

With over 400 reviews so far it is hard to add much new except to say that this album was easily one of the best of the 90s and maybe the best of 1999. While Moby is usually classified as dance there are also elements of rock, rap, punk, gospel, soul, blues, and classical in his songs. My personal favorite tracks are Honey, Find my baby, Porcelain, South Side, Bodyrock, Natural blues, Run on, Inside, and The sky is broken. While I think the new version of South Side with Gwen Stefani is a little better, the original album version is still very good. The bottom line is Moby fans will really enjoy this album and I think people who aren't necessarily Moby fans will like it. I wasn't a big Moby fan before picking this up, but this album will sway anyone to Moby's side.

Product: Audio CD
Title: The Richest Man in Babylon
Label: Esl Music
Artist: Thievery Corporation
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
Completely groovy in every country...

"Richest Man.." really does it for me. Its' worldwide sounds combined with a hip hop touch, make this cd quite enjoyable.
There is definitely beauty in this music. There are all sorts of intruments played from around the world, very good bass lines that carry the melody, and good singing (sometimes). The precution is probably my favorite part about it. The tracks start off with worldly sound, and the beat just comes in out of the cuts and hits you, and you immediately start groovin'. Taking all diferent forms of music and adding such a nice beat to it transforms it into something new. Instead of just having instruments played nicely, you now have those instruments with an added bonus: hippidy hoppody baby.
I like this disc a lot. It's nice for just lounging around, and is busy enough to keep a room full of people happy. I gave it four stars due to the fact that I won't listen to it attentively. I have it on when I'm cleaning, drawing, etc. It's not like Boards of Canada, or Zero 7, where you MUST pay attention no matter how many times it's kept you company because it just sounds so good. It should be with you though, trust me...Peace

Product: Audio CD
Title: My Love Is Your Love
Label: Arista
Artist: Whitney Houston
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
Finally a Whitney I can appreciate

I was a fan of Whitney when she first came out but after the horrible Im Your Baby Tonight and her endless soundtracks(which are good) I found myself less and less interested in her sound. However with this album Houston injects some life into her music and much needed life at that.Instead of the endless ballads she sings some uptempo songs. Its not right but its okay has become my mantra. And there are other really good songs as well. Although there are some of those sickning babyface ballads on here, overall the album is good and Whitney delivers and peaks my interest in her again.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Encore [Decca]
Label: Decca
Rating: 1/5
Customer rating - 1 out of 5
Simply not good enough

Watson's singing isn't good enough for the songs contained in this cd. His voice is too hoarse and constricted for those operatic arias. Makes unpleasant listening.