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Product: Audio CD
Title: Hilary Duff
Label: Hollywood Records
Artist: Hilary Duff
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
The Hilary Duff CD Was More Than Good...IT WAS GREAAAAAT!

This is no "Metamorphosis", not at all, thank God!
"Hilary Duff" her self titled second album is about 10x better than her debut, to me when I first heard it, all the songs sounded the same, it is now the next day and I already have my favourites!
As I say in my title, Hilary and her music grew up immensly since August of 2003 when she released her 2 star (according to debut album "Metamorphosis". Her music is sooooooooooooo much more listenable now, her voice is more huskier for some reason and more grown up, the lyrics are much better and the music is more Rock than pop, her last album mainly consisiting of embarrassing pop-light rock,had a happy vibe to it, now this one has songs consisting of stuff that happens to most people, not so happy, not depressing,just right.
Hilary Duff, this album should have been called "Metamorphosis" cause it truly is! My last review for her I gave her 3 stars, now her new album earns a 5 star rating, most people here will agree with me!. This album debuted at #2 and unfortunately didnt go to #1 because of Greenday's new album. But it has gone platinum, all I can say is that Hilary Duff, this is your type of music, I reaLLY Like this album! Its got best of all worlds. Except, country maybe!
1. Fly- 8/10, a bit sick of it but it dosent suck
2. Do you want me?- 10/10, I was surprised when I heard this because this was when the new Hilary took off!
3. Weird- 8/10- On Hils website she says this song is amazing, its not the best on the album, but its good
4.Hideaway- 8/10- nice.
5.Mr.James Dean- 9/10- she sings like she knows James Dean personally, but its a catchy song, wouldnt a better title be Mr.Justin Timberlake or somethin'?
6.Underneath This Smile- 10/10- Shes not all smiles!
7.Dangerous to know- 10/10- sounds like tr.6 but its good
8. Whos That Girl?-10/10, when the great songs begin!
9. Shine- 10/10- Another great catchy song
10.I Am- 10/10 a Self empowerment song, its good
11.The Getaway- 15/10- Perfect music, perfect vocals , perfect chorus, fits Hilary just fine!
12.Cry- 8/10- its good, but this is when the songs go down a notch.
13.Haters- 9.5+/10- I like this mainly cuz its of Lindsay Lohan it facinates me really. Lindsay sounds like a b***h thanks to the song!
14.Rock this world- 7/10- Its ok, but the title is a bit embarassing, its ok.
15.Someones watching over me- 8/10- A Nice song. thats all I can really say! Oh but it sounds familiar for some reason.
16.Jericho- 8/10 strange but its a nice one
17.The last song- 8/10- a bit pointless , it was written by Haylie Duff, but its a pretty good song I like the talking part. Her voice sounds the best on the whole album on this trac surprisingly! This sooooooooooooooo couldve been better by maing it longer! But noooooo only like a minute!

Wow! 17 tracks! I Reccomend this to any curious person or fan who hasnt got it yet! Great album All i can say, wow what a long review!

Product: Audio CD
Title: Hilary Duff
Label: Hollywood Records
Artist: Hilary Duff
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
hilary duff, the cd.

this cd has so much emotion and meaning. it really is very deep. i am proud that hilary wrote 3 songs for the album. her vocals have really grown a lot. the writing is also great.
fly- 10/10 really catchy, and good vocals

do you want me- 5/10 i hate this song. much like little voice from her old album.

weird- 10/10 awesome song. it is so cool. something i haven't heard before

hide away- 10/10 a great ballad. it is so beautiful

james dean- 10/10 a rockin song. she screams the chorus, as well as the bridge. this song is very fun

underneath this smile- 7/10 kind of boring

dangerous to know- 9/10 boring verses, but awesome chorus

whos that girl- 10/10 great vocals, great beat, great lyics.

shine- 6/10 i don't like this one too much

i am- 9/10 is very good, kind of repeating though

the getaway- 10/10 so great!

cry- 1/10 i hate this song. ugh

haters- 10/10 this song has such an awesome attitude

rock this world- 8/10 pretty good

someone's watching over me- 10/10 sad, and deep

jericho- 8/10 pop-ish

the last song- 5/10 short. boring. good lyrics though

overall: 8/10

Product: Audio CD
Title: Vintage Violence (Exp)
Label: Sony
Artist: John Cale
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
my kind of country rock

I was introduced to this album in the late 70s and still have my vinyl copy. I am delighted that it has been released on CD. The album alternates very orchestrated, atmospheric songs with easy-going country rock numbers. That used to frustrate me because I felt that a mood was never really established. Years later I finally appreciate the skewedness of the country songs and wonder if Grinderswitch (Garland Jeffreys' band, who backed Cale on this album) was taking this stuff seriously or were in the crease with Cale.
I disagree with an earlier reviewer who stated that there were no epics on this album. "Gideon's Bible", "Charlesmagne" and "Ghost Story" are all gorgeous and ponderous in that inimitable Cale way. I also disagree that "Amsterdam" is the only fully realized song. "Cleo" and "Hello There" do not seem that strong at first because they seem to be attempts at bouncy, playful pop songs, but they instead come off as clunky and silly. But just the idea that Cale was trying to make pop songs and this is what comes out, makes them interesting.

Product: Audio CD
Title: No Strings Attached
Label: Jive
Artist: *NSYNC
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Hear yee, hear yee, haters be ware!

Okay this album is not perfect but what in life is? Don't hate on these boys. Let them do thier thing.If all else fails if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all! I have only one complaint (if you can call this a complaint). There are only 12 tracks, BUT those 12 tracks are flava-full. The beats, the harmonies, they are PHAT (plesureful, hot, and tempting). If you are not a fan of N'sync give them a try, BUT for those of you that love them this IS for you. My fav. pics are: "It is gonna be me", "Bye Bye", "Just Got Paid", and my all time favorite is "It Makes Me ILL". I am feeling that one iN every way and I am sure that this will tickle your fancy as well. This album has a great combo for the "hip hoppers" and the "slow jammers" You need to cop this album. What can I say? Don't take my word for it just get the cd. If you don't like it that is you parogitive. But I LOVE IT and YOU can take that to the bank!