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Product: Audio CD
Title: Who The Hell Is John Eddie?
Label: Lost Highway
Artist: John Eddie
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Finally the real deal

As a long time John Eddie fan I was a little worried that John might have changed his style or evolved into a more "comercial" type of music. John's voice is soulful, he delivers lyrics that are smart,witty and tender. I am looking forward to hearing him on tour. My favorite is "It doesn't get better than this". You've got to get this cd.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Buddha-Bar, Vol. II
Label: Wagram Records
Artist: Claude Challe
Rating: 2/5
Customer rating - 2 out of 5

There are a few good tracks on each disc. But this 2 disc set is DEFINATELY not worth the 40-something dollars I paid for it.The track with Deepak Chopra featuring Demi Moore? Ugh,ick! It belongs on a self help recording,not at your house party.Don't believe the hype y'all.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Angela's Ashes: Music From The Motion Picture
Label: Sony
Artist: John Williams
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Williams' Greatest Dramatic Score in His Worst Package

Forgive me is I blaspheme, but it is my opinion that Angela's Ashes stands out as Williams' greatest dramatic film score-yes, surpassing even Schindler's List. Never before has he achieved the emotional magic and personal tragedy that this story illustrates. I regret his history didn't delve into this genre more frequently.
Angela's Ashes isn't Star Wars, so anyone gravitated to it for that reason would no doubt be disappointed. A.A. represents the pinnacle of Williams' orchestral, string grandeur with moving, tragic themes that take the listener to the center of the story without seeming manipulative. This is simply beautiful music at its best.
This is not to indicate that the score is not varied, for it is and surprisingly so. There are fun, pizzicato string passages and light harp cues to evoke Frankie's innocence, but the listener always returns to the stirring passages of intense strings that tear into your soul. From beginning to end, the score-and the movie for that matter-is entirely listenable with passages that never bore, never become redundant, and always are developing one of the fabulous melodies that Williams has composed for this project. This score was nominated for an Academy Award, and as far as I am concerned it deserved to win.
Unfortunately, while the score is flawless, the packaging is far from perfect. As is the plague to many film scores, there is unwanted, unnecessary, intrusive dialogue that detracts from the listening experience and disturbs the music. There is no excuse for the inclusion of dialogue, and I condemn all Record Labels who persist in doing this.
Underneath the dialogue, however is one of John Williams' best-one of CINEMA'S best. This is a CD you can pop in the player and listen to, beginning to end, back to back, without hesitation, always finding something new and always being driven further into the music. Angela's Ashes rests, in my mind, as Williams' greatest, dramatic effort to date. It excels in the emotion, in thematic material, in grandeur beyond even what some might consider his more important, more ambitious projects. In short, you can't go wrong with this magnificent score.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Every Picture Tells a Story
Label: Mercury / Universal
Artist: Rod Stewart
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
every picture tells a story, donut?

This album just gets better each time I listen to it. Hard to believe Rod was once great, but he was and this album is proof.There are just so many great little moments on it, like in the title cut when Rod and Maggie Bell can't wait for the music to sing the line "look how wrong you can be". They are that into the song, and when was the last time you heard something like that on any album as of late?The real secret weapon on this disc is drummer Mick Waller, no disrespect to Ron Wood. He gets called a sloppy drummer a lot, but he brings so much life to these songs, especailly his thunderous playing on "I Know I'm Losing You".I have the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab disc, and if you can find it, GET IT. The sound is unbelievable; you'd swear Rod and crew were right in front of you.