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Product: Audio CD
Title: Bad
Label: Sony
Artist: Michael Jackson
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Michael Jackson - Bad

There is definatly a good reason why Michael named this album "Bad". The title track 'Bad' is everything the album stands for. This album difinatley took him out of his Young Disco/R&B era to a new era in which he created a whole new music style.
1. Bad - 8/10 (Dancy, but it's almost to boring, but still great song!)=====================================================2. The Way You Make Me Feel 10/10 (Wow!!! This is one of my favorite songs ever. Its a classic)
=====================================================3. Speed Demon 5/10 (Not really apealing to me, but ok song)=====================================================4. Liberian Girl 10/10 (Perfect in every way. Great ballad)=====================================================5. Just Good Friends 4/10 (Not very apealing, but ok i guess)=====================================================6. Another Part Of Me 9/10 (The whole begining of the song is borning until he hits the shot chorus and then it gets better from there)=====================================================7. Man In The Mirror 9/10 (Pure genius, not boring, just too sleepy at some parts)=====================================================8. I Just Can't Stop Loving You 9/10 (Next to Robbie Williams/Kylie Minogue's 'Kids' This is my favorite duet. Where in the universe is there two better people to sing this song)=====================================================9. Dirty Diana 7/10 (Too Rock for Micheal, but its a great song)=====================================================10. Smooth Criminal 15/10 (Yes I know that 15 is more than 10, but this song is my favorite song of all time. I love the beat, the chorus, the style, and the look (stage, video, etc.) of the song. There is not bad to say about it.=====================================================11. Leave Me Alone 10/10 (Perfect in every way, great song for Michael to sing. Love it)

Product: Audio CD
Title: David Live
Label: Capitol
Artist: David Bowie
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
David Live is a crowd pleaser

David Live is a great album by a great artist. Showing Bowie's innovative ways of making his sometimes very complicated songs sound familiar without a studio, David Live is good overall, and some of the tracks on it are actually better than the album version (most notably Cracked Actor and Time).

Product: Audio CD
Title: Foundations
Label: Bedrock / Hyper
Artist: John Digweed, Steve Lawler, Moonface
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Bedrock rawks!

Well this is a cd a must have for every trance lovers, specially GU lovers, because It has tunes in theirs original remix & others in special versions. If you don't know about the songs, and want to hear complete big tunes of new DJ's & Producers like Danny Howells, Steve Lawler, Jimmy Van M all these guys behind John Digweed's production just take it, because you will not be dissapointed instead you can find them on others collections. CD1: A perfect intro and remix for the Bedrock Project "Heaven Scent". Danny Howells with "Repercussion" " Persuassion" behind Science Dept project takes you through the space, Jimmy Van M "More" concentrates your energy, Phil Thompson behind Moonface "Futurised" & "Overactive" put you in a perfect mood. Closing CD1 bedrock's(J.Digweed) "Voices" which is beautiful. All these songs are deeply & dark. CD2: Known tracks of big producer Austin Leeds (tracks 2,3) start your feet moving. New producer Steve Lawler "Rise'In" (Andry Nalin & Harry Kane remix)calls you to dance. Track 5 is one of the high points of this year,one of the best big tunes. It makes you feel crazy.Last 2 tracks close your imagination into the reality, they bring you to the Earth....fantastics. Some of Deep House, Progressive trance and beautiful grooves. In conclusion I will call this project as "Communicate 2" (Sasha&John Digweed). This is not a continuous mix. It has all complete versions. That's one of the reasons It's worth buying. If you like to feel the sounds, bass, grooves of each song completely this is your cd, if you are looking for mixed ones I'll recommend you the GU series, and "Communicate (Sasha&Diggers)" for example.

Product: Audio CD
Title: The Ethos Percussion Group
Label: The Orchard
Artist: Sol Tunnels
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5

Another superior effort by these extremely talented musicians. Ethos creates a rhythmic "summit" of many times and cultures in a way that reinforces the unifying force of percussion as our first form of expression and communication. The performers connect with each other in a way that is so seamless, we are left to enjoy in respectful admiration, the product of their gifts.