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Product: Audio CD
Title: 1941: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Label: Varese Records
Artist: John Williams
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5

Truly the track title rulez here!
TO HOLLYWOOD AND GLORY! John Williams understand here probably better than on any other score to use his full-blown orchestrain a patriotic and bombastic way - yet never too much of it!
What sounds strange at first comes to it's first reality in the funny, sarcastic *and* bombastic MAIN TITLE, a march of course.
Boy, did I love this movie and score at "first sight" and was after this score in 1984 when the LP was very rarely seen. This one score became one of my close all-time-favs and the many outstanding tracks, namely THE INVASION, TO HOLLYWOOD AND GLORY and THE BATTLE OF HOLLYWOOD play in my mind even in rememberance.
Williams even made fun out of the classic SING-SING-SING, this time as SWING-SWING-SWING.
A riot of a score! Rousing trombones, powerful horns...You gotta love this score! Buy it, when you see it!

Product: Audio CD
Title: Music [US CD5/Cassette Single]
Label: Warner Brothers
Artist: Madonna
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
it's gonna drive me crazy....

as always, a superb track. i am so impressed with madonna's ability to repeatedly create some of the most innovative and knowing songs of our time. she is truely gifted. as for the song itself - brilliant. its got that funky french vibe that makes you want to-, erm, 'boogie woogie' everytime you hear it. it has that ability (as most of maddy's songs do) to take over your brain for hours on end. as for the b-side, cyberrage, another standout. boiling over with mysticysm and bass, it's a track with the same intent as shanti/ashtangi. you know, enlightenment through dance. by releasing both 'music'and 'cyberrage' on the same disc, she seems to be reminding us that spirituality is still the key, and dancing is just one of the many ways to experience enlightenment.

Product: Audio CD
Title: I Dig Everything: 1966 Pye Singles
Label: Castle Music UK
Artist: David Bowie
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Classic Bowie at its best!

I was having difficulty choosing between The Pye Singles and another CD. Boy, am I glad I choose The 1966 Pye Singles! These songs are brilliant! A masterpiece of music! To everyone that loves good, wholesome rock these singles are a must!

Product: Audio CD
Title: Wandering Blues
Label: Castle
Artist: John Lee Hooker
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
quite OK

I'm not a big fan of John Lee Hooker, I go for more melodic styles, but I liked this CD. Sonically, it's not much, but the music is... I don't know, it's deep, pure and it hits you right in your most vulnerable spot. If only the sound were better...