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Product: Audio CD
Title: Thankful
Label: RCA
Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Once in a generation...

"Thankful" is the kind of album...where every track is so good that it could be a single...that comes along maybe once every 20 years. You can count the number of albums this good on one hand. I have been playing it non-stop for the last five weeks and have not tired of one song yet! It's fabulous. You will not regret buying this and will probably end up buying many more copies for friends & family.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Music
Label: Warner Brothers
Artist: Madonna
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Madonna RULES!!!

I don't know why some ppl don't like this album. It's so COOL! Here's my track run-down.
Music-Great song, great video (I loved Ali G in it-Boyakasha! )
Impressive Instant-I love it! If only for the way the line 'I like to singy singy singy, like a bird on the wingy wingy wingy' actually sounds really, really good! Great to dance to!
Runaway Lover-A good track, although I find myself skipping it...
I Deserve It-I love it! Written about Guy Ritchie? Sounds like it! This is a real Get-Together-Around-A-Campfire-With-Your-Guitar-Song. If you are feeling a bit emotional, this song will probably make you cry!
Amazing-It's a grrrrrrrrrrrrreat song! The start is really good! It has this amazing (no pun intended) retro feel, without being too much like Beautiful Stranger (which I absolutely ADORE, full stop)
Nobody's Perfect-I feel that, despite what everyone says, the vocoder suits this song perfectly (no pun intended). Cher uses the vocoder in a cheesy way, with cheesy producing, so her songs sound CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEESY! But Madonna is just class, so her songs just sound like, completely classy!
Don't Tell Me-This song is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllll! It's got such a catchy chorus, and it reminds me of me! I hate being told to learn anything! I love the guitar in the background! This just makes country completely cool!
What It Feels Like For A Girl-God. The best song on the album. Indescribable. It's like, the perfect song.The lyrics just make so much sense, it's changed my opinion on the two genders(!).It's just, like trancey, because it's so soothing. Oh, and even the speakey bit is completely brilliant, and speakey bits usually make me ill!
Paradise(Not For Me)- Uuuuugggghhh. A whole speakey song. Completely, mind-blowingly nauseating. And when she sings French! For God's sake, spare me! The only good bits are when she actually sings.
Gone-Great song, about inner strength. A really hippy/folky hands-in-the-air number.
American Pie-Good song, but ruined by the fact that I now know that Rupert Everett was doing backing vocals! Now I get distracted by that!
Well done Madonna! You have found a new fan in me!

Product: Audio CD
Title: Ray of Light
Label: Warner Brothers
Artist: Madonna
Rating: 1/5
Customer rating - 1 out of 5
not very good

I really didn't think this album was very good. Madonna changed her style and does not really sound like Madonna anymore. Missing are her signature dance songs.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Talkie Walkie
Label: Astralwerks
Artist: Air
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
This is a brillian brilliant album.

This album is brilliant.
And if you do not see the brilliance in it then you are negating what french culture have had to offer to electronic music.

Surely some of you might not really comprehend this album but if you take a listen closely you will see that this is a wicked album.

The whole concept of love in outer space, the chemistry of love and the incorporation of semi-classical music into their repertoir of music and all combining it with electronic music is just incredible. I am sorry if anyone can name me an album that incorporates pop, semi-classical all meanwhile making scientific references AND sounding as acessible as these guys are...please do so. Please recommend me an album that is as good as this one, because to be quite honest this is brilliant. If air sound like cheese to you then they make the best French cheese that France has to offer in terms of electronic music. But to me their sound in this album is mature compared to other albums, it is brilliant. It walks 10 steps forward from all other albums they had made previously.

I totally recommend it.
songs that I specially love:
the transition between mike mills into surfing on a rocket is incredible.
Mike mills alone is an incredible track. Amazing instrumental work.
The lyrics in Biological as well as the instrumental work is just phenomenal. Very subtle but very rewarding. This is one of my favourite tracks.

The closer alone in Koyto is just perfect. It captures a very subtle and beutiful moment somewhere out in the open, almost as if capturing a melancholic moment of deep thoughfulness and those piano stabs at the end are just amazing.

Also the frist track is a great romantic ballad. This is basically the next step of romantic ballads. Talking about love in outer space, the lyrics are great!. "you could be from venus, I could be from mars..."

Great cd!