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Product: Audio CD
Title: Now That's What I Call Music! 6
Label: Sony
Artist: Various Artists, Various
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
Really one of the best of the series

Britney Spears - Stronger: A+ My favorite song from Britney Spears! The music video was the best!

Samantha Mumba - Gotta Tell You: A- Good song, yet it's a bit generic.

*NSYNC - Bye Bye Bye: F I hate boy bands and this was my least favorite song by any crappy boy band. Hate it!

ATC - Around The World (La La La La La): A+ Hot dance song! A dance classic.

Jennifer Lopez - Love Don't Cost A Thing: B+ Not as good as Jennifer's earlier stuff or newer stuff, still, it's okay, just a bit boring.

Destiny's Child - Independent Women Part I: B+ Good, but seems a bit empty.

Shaggy - It Wasn't Me: F This song is just gross. Shaggy's mom caught him having *** and ****ing her ****, and maybe it's also about ******* (maybe) which I think is crude in a song and just nasty.

3LW - No More (Baby I'm A Do Right): A Great song by 3LW.

K-Ci & Jojo - Crazy: D I can not stand this group!

R. Kelly - I wish: F Similar to the annoyance in the earlier song, this one is by R.Kelly.

Backstreet Boys - Shape Of My Heart: A Heart touching song, tohugh boy bands are awful.

Evan And Jaron - Crazy For This Girl: A Very overplayed, but it's a great song!

Coldplay - Yellow: D- Annoying, and overplayed song and band.

Lenny Kravitz - Again: B+ Extremly overplayed, but a still very good song.

Fuel - Hemmorrhage (In My Hands): A Great rock song, but also a bit overplayed.

Creed - With Arms Wide Open: D+ I like Creed and everything, but this song was so overly played that I have no point or interest to ever listen to this song again.

Incubus - Drive: A Perfect song from Incubus.

U2 - Beautiful Day: A Great song! Though, a bit overplayed.

Everclear - AM Radio: C- Average...really no comment

Overall Grade - B+ Ok, I raised the grade a bit, so what. I loved the artwork of the album, as I always am, but this one has to be the most mesmerizing. Well, if the songs weren't so overplayed and annoying, it would be an A.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Music
Label: Warner Brothers
Artist: Madonna
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
The Queen of Pop

Madonna's album, "Music" is a sort of tribute to the craft that made her the biggest selling artist of the world. Music is her specialty, starting in 1982 with her self-penned "Everybody." The latest album brings back memories on why we love Madonna: the music that she makes!
Her album contains twelve tracks (Australian edition) and starts with the title track. It was like listening to Holiday in 1983, Into the Groove in 1985, Vogue in 1990 and Fever in 1993. Madonna is inviting everybody to celebrate life with music, the universal language!
Other tracks are just as great as her previous album, Ray of Light. Impressive Instant instantly impresses you (especially the remix version), with similarly-grooved Runaway Lover, Amazing (a Beautiful Stranger sequel), American Pie and Dont Tell Me. Ballads also haunt you: Paradise (Not for Me), I Deserve It, What It Feels Like for a Girl, and the best of the bunch is Gone.
No doubt, comparisons to her 80's work is inevitable, but Madonna is an artist who continues to grow in all aspects because she loves her craft and her determination (after two decades) is as strong as ever. Yes, Holiday may have started it all, Like a Virgin is a classic, Papa Dont Preach is vintage, Like a Prayer is simply glorious, Erotica is an outrageous attempt, Take a Bow is simply incredible, Evita means she really can do it, and Frozen may be one of her greatest songs ever, but Madonna chose to move on than rest on her laurels. She is not afraid, she is artistic, and she is innovative.
Proof: the Music album!
Madonna will never have a comeback album, because she NEVER left us even for a single year during the last two decades! She has always been with us. Unsure? Count all your Madonna albums!
Long live the Queen!

Product: Audio CD
Title: Thankful
Label: RCA
Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Kelly Clarkson Rocks!

This CD Is Completly Great! I've Been Waiting For It Since A Long Time. And Now I Have It
My Fav. Songs of the Album are............Miss Independent---This Is The First Single And Christina Aguilera Co-Wrote It.Low---At First It Sounded Atlot like Avril Lavigne's Losing Grip But Then It Dosen't.Some Kind Of Miracle--This Song Has Beautiful Lyrics But I Don't Really Like The Music.You Thought Wrong--- This Is The Best Sibf On The CD!! I Love IT.It Should Be The Next Single.
Anytime- It's The Most Beautiful Ballad On The Cd. It Should Be The Third Or Last Single. Plus Her Vocal Range Is Great In This Song. I Believe This Song Is For The Movie "From Justin To Kelly".A Moment Like This-Of Course This Song Is So Good. Beautiful Ballad.Before Your Love- Another Beautiful Ballad

Product: Audio CD
Title: Olé Coltrane
Label: Rhino Records
Artist: John Coltrane
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5

THe title cut of this album is one of the finest pieces of experimental jazz in the early 60s. Fusing Indian modality and drones (and at one point a two basses, one bowed) with jazz sensibility, Coltrane, complimented by the exhuberantly whimsical Eric Dolphy on alto sax, bass clarinet, and flute electrify every particle within earshot. The first number has to be heard to be believed. "Ole" (the song) clocks in at 18 minutes.
"Dahomey Dance" is a slightly less haunting song about the African land of Dahomey, at which was the one of the earliest sights of the African/West slave trade. This tune has a catchy, simple theme that Trane and friends explore wonderfully.
"Aisha" is a quaintly beautiful McCoy Tyner piece about his fondness for a lady.
Overall, especially the title track, this album is in a class all by itself. It is very different from any previous, or later works by Coltrane, or anyone else. Super intense listening.