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Product: Audio CD
Title: Accident of Birth
Label: Cmc International
Artist: Bruce Dickinson
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
This and chemical wedding....GREAT!!

The mythological resurrection of the phoenix, rising from its own ashes into immortality... a symbol of life after death, a new beginning - a rebirth. So what's this all about? "Accident Of Birth" was Bruce Dickinson's triumphant resurrection - his rebirth, so to speak. In all fairness, Bruce never really fell off of the Metal map. This return, of sorts, was not an attempt to get back into Metal after a failed attempt at a completely different sound, style, or genre; therefore, screaming "he's back!" with the arrival of "Accident" was probably a bit unfounded. On the other hand, however, screams of "he's better than ever!" were definitely appropriate. Basically, "Accident Of Birth" was commended for was his return to the type of heavy music that fans knew him for, rather than his hit-or-miss affairs that plagued his earlier solo efforts. Even "Skunkworks", which was probably considered Bruce's furthest volley from his typically metallic approach was just a twist on two other intriguing (somewhat) heavy styles - 70's hard rock and 90's grunge. Anyway, enough of all that - the subject here is "Accident Of Birth". The verdict is in - it rocks. A total winner, in fact. The writing partnership of Dickinson and Roy Z. is a match made in purgatory. These songs have riffs so heavy that they sound like a brand new band, hungry for success on their own terms. You can virtually feel the new lease on life and no-nonsense vitality with each track. "Freak", "Starchildren", "Darkside Of Aquarius"... heck, a huge chunk of the tracks here simply scream out to be heard, made by masters of the genre who have something major to prove. The Dickinson-perfected melodies that send shivers up any metalhead's spine are here in abundance with these very same tracks, and especially on "Road To Hell", "The Magician", ... aw heck, I give up on naming tracks. They all rock, OK?There is a definite sense of continuity between "Accident Of Birth" and "The Chemical Wedding", since they were written and performed by the same incendiary line-up and released back-to-back; however, there are also definite differences between them. With the former, Bruce and company were in the frame of mind apparently to add an overall dynamic range to the proceedings. To fulfill this concept, there are a few relatively "mellow" tracks mixed in - the most notable being the keyboard-driven "Man Of Sorrows". Additionally, with some of the heavier tracks, there are dynamic sections thrown in to counteract - or better yet, to level out - sheer intensity, with the best case in point being the dramatic "Omega". In fact, there are even a few parts that seem to pull back on the reigns a little... something they made up for with "The Chemical Wedding", with which the guys upped the ante and made a purely heavy album with no acoustic ballads and with no commercial intent.As you can probably figure out from reasoning, you can have your pick between "Accident Of Birth" and "The Chemical Wedding"; both are completely magnificent heavy metal albums. With the (perhaps not so) slight differences in dynamics between them, the choice is yours between this album and the straightforward metal assault of its successor. If you like your metal with variations such as acoustic interludes and other passages to keep your ears weaving in and out between madness and peacefulness, "Accident Of Birth" will blow you away. This album will always be known as Bruce Dickinson's exclamation to the world that he wasn't done being one of metal's finest vocalists ever. And on top of that it was his statement that he was not about to be put in league with old legends who had no place in the modern world of hard rock.So after all of my gibberish, here's the point: You like metal? Buy this. Now.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Violet (1998 Original Off-Broadway Cast)
Label: Resmarinda
Artist: Jeanine Tesori, Brian Crawley
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Great Musical

Wonderful wonderful musical. been along time since a fresh sound. I love it.

Product: Audio CD
Title: No Strings Attached
Label: Jive
Artist: *NSYNC
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5

I am a HUGE nsync fan but to be honest, I was a little disappointed with this album. First of all, it was too short; I think they should have put more songs on it. Second of all, there were very little ballads and a great deal of techno beats. But since I'm bias, I'm gonna say NO Strings Attached was the best cd ever made.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Superman - The Movie: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Label: Rhino Records
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Easily on par with the Star Wars Special Edition remasters!!

As someone who grew up with this soundtrack, I can honestly say I've listened to the Warner release thousands of times. There was a point where I gave it a good listen at least once a day for several years, finally falling off to about 75 times/year(I'm 31). As a an adolescent my only source for the soundtrack was either the movie or the Warner LP. I actually made copies from a hi-fi stereo VCR in the early 80's just so I could have the film version of the score, but it was ruined by dialog. Then there was the warner release on vinyl. I had a few prints of the record set in perfect condition and used a very expensive phono along with a nakamichi deck and metal tapes. My teenage years were in pursuit of the best walkman and headphones so I could listen to it on the go. This is pretty sad. Perhaps I should keep my name anonymous just so my friends don't discover what a die hard I am for this soundtrack. Finally in '92, the Warner version was released on CD, but it was horribly degraded. Many more dropouts because they used the original master to print the CD and it had not been well preserved nor restored in any way. There was also more hiss and less dynamic range. It was inferior to the LP. It was very sad and my initial excitement about getting it on CD faded quickly, especially when I discovered it was missing tracks. So now it is today, 4 days after the Rhino release. I received my copy from Amazon 2 days ago(thank Amazon, it was shipped very quickly!). I am on at least my 30th listen through the entire soundtrack. What can I say? It was more than I could have possibly hoped for. The restoration is on par with the Star Wars Trilogy. There are no dropouts and very little hiss. It sounds like it was recorded yesterday. A previous reviewer thought it wasn't much better than the warner release. I suggest they go back and recheck their ears or equipment. As an expert on this soundtrack and a *neurotic* audiophile, I think I can say with much justification that this restoration is as good as technology today could have done. It is nearly perfect to my audiophile ears. Now on to the content. Not only is it restored to chronological order, it includes many bonus tracks of ORIGINAL NEVER BEFORE HEARD JOHN WILLIAMS!! This is enough in itself to buy the soundtrack even if nothing else had been done. The first few times listening to it I had goosbumps. The sound quality is so incredible. The remix brings out new symbols and strings never before heard with headphones. It is clean and dynamic. Flaws? There are some. A few tracks have a little hiss. There is a change in like they were piecing together two different sources for the same track and that was the transition point. It is fairly noticeable with good headphones(mdr-v6). There are a few other minor glitches, but not enough to even slightly color my enjoyment. I also wish the jewel case had been enlarged enough to fit the booklet *INSIDE*, but this is such a minor quibble, especially since I will be making a digital copy to mini disc in the next day or so and put the original back on the shelf so it is perfect for years to come(the packaging that is). In all, by far the best soundtrack restoration I've ever heard. I only wish I could give it 10 out of 5 stars. It is true a soundtrack can fly!