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Product: Audio CD
Title: Moulin Rouge 2
Label: Interscope Records
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Just wonderful

If you loved the original music from the film version, this is the CD for you. The first CD is also enjoyable, but since I prefer the film versions, I enjoyed this collection of music from Moulin Rouge more than the other. "Come What May" ranks right up in my top 10 songs of all time. It's great to have the film version in CD format.

Product: Audio CD
Title: John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band
Label: Capitol
Artist: John Lennon
Rating: 2/5
Customer rating - 2 out of 5
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Not at all. I remember when it came out back in 1970 and of course, with its Beatle bashing it caused a ruckus. Now, there's a what's-all-the fuss-about attitude that comes with the disc once you've heard it. One other thing of note is that Lennon employed Phil Spector, creator of the Wall of Sound to co-produce, and yet this disc is remarkably devoid of any of his trademark production techniques. Lets move on to the songs: After four bells we get "Mother" which features an angry, impassioned Lennon vocal. The song is listenable for awhile but it goes on too long. No wonder it bombed as a single. I really don't want to listen to a millionare yelling for his Mother for 5 minutes. "Hold On" is a nice song, and Lennon has a nice touch with the melody. On this song as well as the rest of the disc, Ringo's drums have a nice sound to them--especially the toms. "I Found Out" has Lennon throwing barbs out at Paul on this rocking number. However sparse Lennon wanted the lineup on this disc to be(himself on guitar, Klaus Voormann on bass and Ringo on drums)there were several times(and this is one of them) when this disc pratically screamed for another, more fluid guitarist to help John out. "Working Class Hero" has John cutting at society with just an acoustic guitar. Very powerful and effective. Unlike Dylan, he can sing and he has melodies to back up his strong words. "Isolation," like "I Found Out" features a gentler side of John and is actually more successful, performance-wise, than other more well known songs on this disc. "Remember" is a throw away. "Love" is an overrated Lennon song sung in a whiny voice. "Well, Well, Well" at times, rocks the house. It has its moments but could use another guitarist and it goes on too long. "Look At Me" I could do without. "God," the most controversial song on the set, features his litany of things he says he doesn't believe in anymore, among them The Beatles. After which comes the most beautiful melody, however short, that is on the whole disc. This is when he starts on the whole "Dream is over" part. Its simply amazing. "My Mummy's Dead" is just Lennon venting for fifteen or so more seconds. The 2 bonus tracks, "Power to the People" and "Do the Oz," while nice to have, offer nothing to the feel of the original 11 songs.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Wrong Way Up
Label: Warner Brothers
Artist: Brian Eno & John Cale
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
A Must Have

Any fan of Brian or John's separately will enjoy these works. "Spinning Away" is poetry in sound and emotion. The album is a must have for solo hours on the road. You won't be disappointed.

Product: Audio CD
Title: You've Come A Long Way, Baby
Label: Astralwerks / Emd
Artist: Fatboy Slim
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
An exciting, eclectic mix of electronica, funk and hip hop.

The meshing of diverse musical styles keeps you in suspense throughout. Every tune is unique and solid in its own right. While there isn't a single "skip over" tune on the album, "Right Here, Right Now" is by far my favourite. (I listen to it at least three times before moving on to the next track.)
Fatboy's ryhthmic concotions will make you high - especially at high volumes. If I lose my lease, I will only have Fatboy to blame!!!