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Product: Audio CD
Title: Vespertine
Label: Elektra
Artist: Björk
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
Bjork bringing her music home

1. of, relating to, or occurring in the evening.2. botany. opening or blooming in the evening.
What else really needs to be said about Bjork's new album? WEll! Everything! In my Humble Opinion I think it's one of the best albums that's been put out this year. Matmos has giving to Bjork a bounty of fruit from their recent release, A Chance to Cut Is a Chance to Cure, and the extensibility of Vespertine appropriates the pulse of nature. My favorite track so far, is 'pagon poetry,' which features the full range of her vocals, in almost an operatic way that is simply amazing. 'harm of will' features lyrics by none other than harmony korine (bjork = dancer in the dark = lars von trier = dogme95 = julien donkey-boy = harmony korine - no kevin bacon this time) Bjork is still living in a secluded place (i.e. 'hidden place', 'cocoon') where the troubles of the outside world can't reach, but this time we are invited to look through the cracks. Soft. Warm and inviting, Vespertine takes you through a whispering wall of wonders, on an icy journey, that reveals the warmth of Bjork

Product: Audio CD
Title: The Phantom of the Opera (Original 1986 London Cast)
Label: Decca U.S.
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Phantom's Girlfriend

Does this CD actually have every thing including music from Hannibal, Don Juan Triumphant etc. What about the dialogue? Any one who has any information , please e mail me.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Britney
Label: Jive
Artist: Britney Spears
Rating: 3/5
Customer rating - 3 out of 5
I still listen to this as of 11/2003

I love to dance and thats why I dig Britney. Not because she can sing (she cant) not because her music has a soul (it doesnt). I listen to it because I can put it in and dance and have fun. I listen to it in the car because its upbeat, and as much as I suck I can outsing her. Im writing this a few days after her 4th album came out...Britney trying to be taken seriously as an artist, how sad. Oops. Back to THIS album. Good, happy, sassy songs. Good beats to dance to. Sort of [suggestive] but still ok for the younger set. Very cute, I dig this album.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Devils & Dust
Label: Sony
Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Probably Over Many People's Heads

This is another stellar effort by Bruce. Though the singing style is different and sometimes difficult to understand, it is simply a very well written album. The guitar work is curious and abstract, which is nice to hear. I would say that the intensity of the lyrical level is probably above most people's heads. Much of today's music is written at the third grade level, and for an artist to actually use metaphors and symbolism in his lyrics will undoubtably and most probably confuse those who are literal.

This isn't slash and gun music. Too many people confuse Bruce with something other than what he is. They want something that isn't there. They don't understand that an artist has the right to do something other than what people expect. "Matamoros Bank" is genius. "Maria's Bed" is beautiful. "Devils and Dust" is quite literally too deep for most listeners. There is much for which to to be thankful on this album.