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Product: Audio CD
Title: Gospel
Label: Curb Records
Artist: Michael English
Rating: 1/5
Customer rating - 1 out of 5
This cd doesn't even deserve one star

This cd is not worth the plastic that it's recorded on. Most of these old-time Gospel hymns are completely unrecognizable. While Michael English is one of my favorite gospel artists....and I love gospel music, unfortunately they don't seem to meet on this cd. The only cut that even resembles a song, or music for that matter, is Midnight Cry. Otherwise this cd is a waste of money and listening time. Poorly arranged and poorly executed.

Product: Audio CD
Title: The Man Who Sold the World
Label: Virgin Records
Artist: David Bowie
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
Finding your way

Es extra?o que este disco est? situado entre los muy diferentes Space Oditty y Hunky Dory, pero justamente esa es una de las caracter?sticas particulares de Bowie, la de hacer un tremendo trabajo en un estilo (hard rock aqu?) y luego cambiarlo por otro y as? sucesivamente a lo largo de los 70's. Despu?s del magn?fico Ziggy Stardust este es a mi juicio su segundo mejor disco, un poco por encima de Hunky Dory.
Los primeros segundos de Width of a Circle dejan en claro que lo que se viene es un rock potente, con un Tony Visconti al bajo usando fuzz y en ning?n momento dej?ndose absorver por la genial guitarra de Mick Ronson, verdadera estrella del ?lbum y que no para de entregar monumentales riffs en casi todos los temas. Pero a diferencia de sus contempor?neos heavy, Bowie y equipo no est?n en la misma frecuencia del sonido duro de principios de los 70's, exceptuando la densa She Shook me Cold, ?nico momento en que el grupo suena m?s cercano a bandas como Black Sabbath.
La voz de Bowie no tiene mucho en com?n con la de un Plant, Gillan u Osbourne, privilegiando siempre la teatralidad y artificialidad pareciendo por momentos surgida de otro mundo. El sintetizador Moog por su parte le imprime a algunos temas un toque c?smico y futurista, en particular a la espectacular Saviour Machine, perfecto conjunci?n de hard y rock progresivo. Tambi?n hay toques sicod?licos como ocurre en All the Madman o el tema que da nombre al disco, verdadero cl?sico con un aura enigm?tica, lo mismo que la g?tica The Supermen, donde la voz de Bowie suena m?s extra?a que nunca entre medio de ?picos golpes de bater?a y latigazos de guitarra, un perturbador cierre para un disco imperdible.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Label: Atlantic
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5

This has to be the best music I have ever herd!
I would even pick this insted of my favorit singer Enya!
I rely rely would love for people to hear and love this music just like I have~
My mom even likes it!
I lisen to this with my frinds once at school....
Before my teacher told us to put it away.
But it IS very very good music.
Gentle and grately done John Willlems has outdone himself from all others hes done!

Product: Audio CD
Title: Laundry Service
Label: Sony
Artist: Shakira
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5

Shakira can easily be compared with other great talents. I believe Shakira is one on her own. She's beyond talented. And her English debut proves my opinion. Laundry Service delivers a blend of music genres (Rock, pop, world) with lyrics from the hand of Shakira herself and a voice from the soul. Shakira's first single, Whenever Wherever, interested me. Then I saw the video, and was hooked. I bought Laundry Service and was captivated by what I heard. Every song on Laundry Service is worthy. The highlights are Whenever Wherever, Underneath Your Clothes, Fool, Te Dejo Madrid (I really need to learn Spanish, but I didn't care what she was saying, she sounded great and the beat's just right), Poem to a Horse, and Eyes Like Yours. Those are my tops, but the others are very awesome. For someone who writes and sings her own songs, and also helped produced her album, I say kudos to Shakira, Keep it alive.