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Product: Audio CD
Title: Dreamland
Label: Arista
Artist: Robert Miles
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5

Robert Miles has been a favourite of mine now for years. I like all types of music, And I guess robert Miles would have to planted in the techno crop, But what is truly amazing is that this man is extremely talented, and can appeal to the masses. His uncanny knack to mix dance and easy listening flabbergasted me. You can dance to his work or simply relax in an easy chair. He is Amazing.. If you have not got it, get it.. now

Product: Audio CD
Title: Reality [Bonus Disc]
Label: Sony
Artist: David Bowie
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Who would have thought it possible?

Bowie is once again essential and vital. In the empty days of the mid-eighties, who would have believed that almost twenty years later, DB would be creating music this good? His gradual return to form, starting at the underrated "Black Tie, White Noise" is now complete. "New Killer Star" "The Lonliest Guy" " Fall Dog Bombs The Moon" - all classic Bowie. He even sounds a bit like Steely Dan (when they were good) on the albums lyrical and vocal highlight, "Bring Me The Disco King" One weak track is the title song,"Reality". But name a great album that dosen't have at least one weak track. Also, the bonus CD does a little to enhance the album proper, "Fly" is pretty good and an interesting treatment of "Rebel, Rebel"For this long-time Bowie fan, life is good.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Verve Remixed, Vol. 2
Label: Verve
Artist: Various Artists
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
Very Pleased

Let's face it, the mixed-genre cd's often come up a bit disappointing--even if it sounded great on paper. Not with Verve Remixed 2: an intersting cocktail mix. Nice beats, not too slamming, interesting arrangements. I was pleasantly surprised. If this sort of thing moves you check out Jazzanova from Berlin, and the Hi-Fidelity Compilations as well.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Thankful
Label: RCA
Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Rating: 3/5
Customer rating - 3 out of 5
Outstanding Vocal Talent With Average Songwriting

Kelly Clarkson was definitely my pick to win American Idol based on her incredible voice and energetic personality. I have been waiting for this cd for months and have been praying that they (her record management) wouldn't screw up what could possibly be a very important artist. I must say, in some regards, I am pleased with the album, and in others I am disappointed. One thing's for sure, Kelly sounds best when surrounded by live instruments and on songs that mean something. Here are the tracks: 1. THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE IS: The more I listen to this song, the more it grows on me. Truth be told, the first time I heard it I was quite bored. I still think that it isn't a very good way to open the album because it's kinda slow. However, it is a pretty good song that shows off Kelly's voice nicely. 2. MISS INDEPENDENT: I really like this song and Kelly sounds amazing in it. It was a very good choice for the first single because it will stick in your head. It's upbeat and very rhythmatic. I wish there were more songs like this on the album. 3. LOW: This is another highlight. It almost has a country feel to it and at the very beginning sounds a lot like Avril Lavigne's "Losing Grip." These are the kinds of songs, in my opinion, that Kelly does best. It's powerful but not overly so. 4. SOME KIND OF MIRACLE: To be honest, this song bores me. I just don't find it very pleasant to listen to. Diane Warren wrote this and it's a typical, big Diane Warren ballad. 5. WHAT'S UP LONELY: This is a sort of breezy uptempo song. It kind of reminds me of something Mariah would have sang when she was first starting out. Pleasant filler. 6. JUST MISSED THE TRAIN: This is my favorite song on the cd. It's very catchy and Kelly's vocals sound better here than on any other song. I can really imagine this on the radio. She just sounds very comfortable performing this song. The bridge is especially wonderful :) 7. BEAUTIFUL DISASTER: This is an uptempo rolk sounding song. It's pretty forgettable but redeemed by Kelly's performance. 8. YOU THOUGHT WRONG: This is the duet with Tamyra Gray (of A.I.) and I was pleased to see that it was uptempo. It's a pretty good song with great power guitars. However, when I listen to it all I can think of is Janet Jackson's "Trust a Try" and Christina Aguilera's "Fighter" which are kind of like it (incorporating guitars, orchestration and hip hop) but much better. It seems like it could have been an absolutely amazing song instead of a pretty good one. Nice to hear Tamyra though. 9. THANKFUL: This is a midtempo song and I guess is supposed to sum up the whole album. It's okay but nothing special to me. At least they let Kelly help write it. 10. ANYTIME: This is the big ballad of the album and the one that she performed on A.I. a few weeks back. It shows off her voice very well but I wish that it had better songwriting. Still, it works for what it's supposed to do. BONUS TRACKS: 11. A MOMENT LIKE THIS 12. BEFORE YOUR LOVE We've all heard these songs and they are tacked on the album again (As if A.I. fans have not had enough chance to buy these songs already). This time they are new mixes which are slightly different and better than the originals. Nothing special but semi-enjoyable. ~ No lyrics included ~ Enhanced CD