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Product: Audio CD
Title: Ravenous: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Label: Virgin Records
Artist: Michael Nyman, Damon Albarn
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Music for Hearty Appetites...

How good is this score? As three or four reviewers have already mentioned, I'm sitting here listening to it even as I type. You couldn't get a more odd combination than avant-garde composer Michael Nyman and former BLUR frontman Damon Albarn if you tried, but considering the schizoid nature of the movie it was composed for, it TOTALLY works.
The photos in the liner notes make me wonder how somebody didn't have the presence of mind to immortalize this collaboration on video...a documentary about the making of this soundtrack would've probably been as oddly engaging as the movie itself.
But let's just stick with the album: music hasn't been this "visual" since John Williams score for JAWS, or Bernard Herrmann's classic work on PSYCHO. Hearing it out of context would probably a VERY strange experience, so if you can stomach the gore, I would recommend viewing the film first. As a stand-alone work it may seem like a very odd duck, but even then I think it will grow on more adventurous listeners. It is without a doubt one of the two most overlooked scores of the decade, (the other being Carter Burwell's THE GENERAL'S DAUGHTER.)
"Hail Columbia" is a great way to start the disk as in the movie, with a queasy discordance underscoring the tune in a way that perfectly complements the scene it was written for (Boyd's "promotion"), as does all the superb work here. "Boyd's Journey" describes the entire movie in less than five minutes, with a strangely grand theme that can only be described as "tragically heroic."
Definite highlights: "Colquhon's Story"; from "Trek to the Cave" up to "Ives Return" which I have come to consider a kind of "RAVENOUS Suite," where it's a song cycle that won't make sense unless you hear every song in between in one sitting; "Manifest Destiny," and of course, "Saveoursoulissa," one of the most chilling "death struggle" themes to appear in recent years, mostly because of the subtle way it plays on your spine, understating the final confrontation between Boyd and Ives.
But what are you listening to me for? Buy this for your collection NOW!

Product: Audio CD
Title: X-Men: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Label: Decca
Artist: Michael Kamen
Rating: 3/5
Customer rating - 3 out of 5
good and bad.

The music may work wonderfully in the movie, which is what inspired me to get the Soundtrack, -but by itself, it just cant stand up. The music was designed for the film, and it performs it's task magnificently. But just to listen to, its not that great. Don't fault Michael Kamen, he did his job here and then some. Fault whoever produced this CD, the person who left many vitally interesting musical moments completely off the soundtrack. In other words, unless your still drooling over the movie version of X-men, save your cash.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Movies Go Baroque
Label: Telarc
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
I love it!

I've been a fan of classical music since I was a child. "Movies Go Baroque" CD is a magnificent collection of classical standards from various movies from the late 80's to the early 90's. I love the classical music standards from Dangerous Liaisons, Valmont, and Lorenzo's Oil, but especially the brief standard from the movie Valmont, which was used in the magnificent wedding of Cecile de Volanges to the corrupt M. de Gercourt at the end of the movie.

If you want a change of musical pace from rock, hip hop, and r&b, and country, this CD is the one to listen to.

Product: Audio CD
Title: On Eagle's Wings
Label: Atlantic
Artist: Michael Crawford
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Crawford at his best.

Michael Crawford has an inspirational CD. His music on this CD can make me begin to realize there are others in this world less fortunate than I and I need to be doing something to make the world a better place. It also reminds me to give thanks to the Lord that I am as fortunate as I am.