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Product: Audio CD
Title: Everything Must Go
Label: Warner Brothers
Artist: Steely Dan
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
Cynical angst, beautifully Dan

It's Steely Dan. You'll love it immediately, or soon. If this album doesn't grab you right away, take a break and keep coming back, it will too.
No one sings "sex" like Donald Fagan, the theme or the word. The Things I Miss the Most is my favorite, mostly for what is hidden in the shades and hints of DF's voice. The wry, sad, winking lyrics are all here. Broken up, breaking down in a poetic romp of images that delights as it breaks your heart.
Like Two Against Nature, this one blooms with repeated listening in different environments, differing moods. It's thinner, sparser than TAN. Many have praised the "easier" sound. I'm a bit disappointed. Moving back and forth from the "classics" and TAN I appreciate both more. Everything Must Go seems less a step back than a step off the creative track. Overall it feels weary, bored. DF's voice sounds thinner than ever, approaching strained on the title track.
Then the CD player recycles to cut 1 and a new lick, a word, a phrase pops my eyes open again. The themes are about being stretched, pressed, over-reached, under-recognized and I grin wondering if I haven't just fallen for a well-laid steely trap!
These guys are not just great lyricists, arrangers, musicians but true artists that let us participate in the multi-layered meanings and appreciation of their work.
(My only real disappointment is Walter Becker's vocal. I want to hate it, but I don't. It's not bad, but it's not Dan. I saw DF & WB with the touring "NY Rock & Soul Review" a number of years ago and Becker sang one song. You could feel the collective cringe that lasted through the polite but murmuring applause. While an odd novelty amid brilliance is not new for a Steely Dan album, I'm left wondering what might have been had Fagan applied his voice to this riotous lyric.)
"The talk/the sex/somebody to trust" Steely Dan delivers again.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Beethoven - Missa Solemnis / Margiono, Robbin, Kendall, Miles, Gardiner
Label: Archiv Produktion
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Et Vitam Venturi

Listen to the Et Vitam Venturi Fugue. You'll be so astonished that you'll never want to hear Et Vitem Venturi by another choir. The Monteverdi Choir is simply astonishing. I don't think Gramophone went overboard. This is a truly great recording.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Destiny Fulfilled
Label: Sony
Artist: Destiny's Child
Rating: 3/5
Customer rating - 3 out of 5

Well, after I first listened to their Cd I pretty much skipped every song after loose my breath besides Through with love .
I have read a couple of the reviews on here and I share what some say, that after hearing loose my breath I just expected something else.Something different and really hot!
It's a lot of people on here saying they think the lyrics are wack and what happened to the independent women.
Well things have changed and compared to their last CD their lives are completely different, and I think that plays a big role in writing their lyrics.
I mean Kelly is engaged, Beyonce is totally in love, she admires Jay-Z and I guess that's the stage where they are at right now and that's what they feel like writing about.
I mean the ones who have been in love before know what it feels like and I am pretty sure alot of ya'll have been in the situation where you felt like you would do anything for a person
I might be wrong though.
But I was disappointed too when I heard the record because it really does sound like they were rushing to release a CD.
I think going solo has changed the group.I mean Beyonce has always been the lead singer but she has gotten even bigger by herself so why wanting to do without it.
She doesn't have to share the fame!!
I don't own their Cd but after listening to it I really asked myself what Michelle is doing on there.To me her voice just doesn't fit in the group.
Also in the video to Loose my breath she looks just like she is in the wrong place.
But that's just my opinion.
To me, they lost the bond of being a group!!!

Oh and I can't believe they released 'Soldier', I think 'Through with love' would have been better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product: Audio CD
Title: Astronaut
Label: Sony
Artist: Duran Duran
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5

DD's Astronaut is ok
Comeback, reunion, release
is ok. The magic is still there?
Somewhat. Yes, a few tunes
worth being classics for
DD. But what?

I own all their cds,
this one is ok. For
new fans, get their early
4 albums. For old fans,
try DD's Night Versions.
Extended versions, played
in raw, uncut in the studio,
a gem worth owning.

As for astronaut? well
it's too far off in space
if u know what I mean.
Same goes for U2's latest
album, Atomic Bomb. Too
far off. Not as tight
as the earlier albums
nor as catchy.