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Product: Audio CD
Title: Rod Stewart - Greatest Hits
Label: Warner Brothers
Artist: Rod Stewart
Rating: 3/5
Customer rating - 3 out of 5
Greatest Hits Rod Stewart

This collection is great, but it really does need to be remastered or something. The sound quality is not the best. A lot lower than other cds, so not a good one to have in a mix and put on random, as you will have to turn up the volume for every song that comes up from this album. Better to be played by itself, so you can turn up the volume and not worry. Apart from that there are some good songs here, great songs even, and I'm sure most fans of Rod would love this cd.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Zooma
Label: Discipline Us
Artist: John Paul Jones
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
a great variety of instrumental rock

Before John Paul Jones was part of Led Zeppelin, he was with the Jeff Beck group (on Truth and, I believe, Beck Ola). Zooma reminds me more of Beck than Zeppelin. Hard driving, heavy, strong. Since this CD has only a short vocal, I'd recommend it for anyone interested in pure music, but not for someone who needs lyrics with their rock. But, a great album. Also like Beck, I think Jones' music would be strengthened with at least a few vocals. I'm sure his popularity would be widened if he had a few singers. Even Beck hired (and fired) Rod Stewart.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Bourne Identity [Score]
Label: Varese Records
Rating: 2/5
Customer rating - 2 out of 5
What a letdown...

Like most of you, I purchased this CD for the SOLE purpose of owning "the chase scene" music, and patiently waited through the entire 19 tracks only to find out - IT'S NOT IN THERE!!! Feel like strangling someone...
As for the CD "as is", I guess it's O.K., if you are into soundtracks. Never really been a huge fan of them, myself. One or two songs are kinda cool, but the whole CD seems to be building up to something that it never delivers. Should've read ALL of the Amazon reviews BEFORE I spent my money. Bummer.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Spirit On The Run
Label: Silent Hawk
Artist: Michael Brandmeier, Michael Brandmeier
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Music That moves you...

What a great CD. At first listen I thought-"yeah this is good" But after hearing it over and over I started really listening to the lyrics and they are excellent. Now I play a few of my favorites just for daily inspiration and to get that "feel good" vibe. This guy is going to be a star someday! PS-Gina Parry had a nice review but should learn how to Spell.