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Product: Audio CD
Title: Solace
Label: Spring Hill
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5

I think this is one of the most exquisite recordings I have ever heard and like another reviewer here I can leave this on my CD player and having it playing continually.It is just superb!

Product: Audio CD
Title: Bach 2000: The Complete Bach Edition (Includes Commemorative Book) (Box Set)
Label: Elektra
Rating: 1/5
Customer rating - 1 out of 5

I grew up trying to play a guitar, adoring the Beatles and The Doors. Now jazz and classical music has my attention. I love good music. This is good music. I don't think Bach ever did a crummy song. You don't have to be an expert ear to enjoy Bach. This HUGE CD project takes a year to hear...I'm almost half through it. If you plain love Bach, this is a fabulous collection. Some of the critics must have the type of ears that hear minute faults. Or they actually learned to play an instrument. I didn't. I just can't get enough of Bach! This music covers religious singing (in German, that adds to the mystical quality) that is definitely cathedral choir quality- it sends shivers through me - and operatic music, grand organs, polyphonic and counterpoint orchestral melodies that sound intelligent and clever and miraculous to me (I had to ask someone who knew about music about what the parts that I love are called). I'm one of the musically ignorant, but I'm glad I bought this. It is GRAND music. Turn it up and enjoy.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Dangerously in Love
Label: Sony
Artist: Beyoncé
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
not quite what I expected but... U ROCK B!

this C.D. is not what I expected but it turned to be as good or better then what I expected there's my appreciation song by song:
1.CRAZY IN LOVE ft. jay-z:the first hit is a knock-out, it's the type of song I expected of beyonce***100/100***
2.NAUGHTY GIRL:in fist place I thought the verses were weird but the bridge and the chorus great. Now I think the whole song is great***99/100***
3.BABY BOY ft. sean paul:personnaly, i hate sean paul but in this song, he is great and beyonc? is too. ***100/100***
4.HIP HOP STAR ft. big boi and sleepy brown:this song is another great one it makes you wanna dance***96/100***
5.BE WITH YOU:the first slow song on the C.D. it's amazing and you can feel her honesty***100/100***
6.ME,MYSELF AND I:this is a song that express how you feel when you realize she or he doesn't really need you.***96/100***
7.YES:the words are so-so but the way she sings 'em rocks! the beat is another one that's very good***95/100***
8.SIGNS ft. missy elliot:ok, I absolutly hate miss idiot...oups!missy elliot. but in this song I was surprised how she could control her bad voice. I was happy she didn't mess up beyonce's good song. beyonce? still as good***94/100***
9.SPEACHLESS:great ballad!!! my favorite of the c.d. my favorite song of hte c.d.!!!***100/100***
10.THAT'S HOW YOU LIKE IT ft. jay-z:another one with jay-z(we can't blame her it's her boyfriend) the song is really good but jay-z sings too much***95/100***
11.THE CLOSER I GET TO YOU duet with luther vandross:this song could be shorter they spend too much time to say 2 lines. my least favorite of the C.D.***80/100***
12.DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE 2:the the third best song on the C.D. it is a masterpiece you have to listen to it!***100/100***
13.BEYONCE INTERLUDE:these are beatiful words you say there b!***96/100***(how do you rate that?)
14.GIFT FROM VIRGO:this soft sentimental song is one of my favorite one to sing try it!***92/100***
15.DADDY(HIDDEN TRACK):this song is so beautiful I almost cried remembering how I love my dad...this is the song***94/100***

Product: Audio CD
Title: Play
Label: V2. / Bmg
Artist: Moby
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Buy it.

A must own. It's got a little bit of everything. I put it in the same company as Achtung Baby or The Bends.