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Product: Audio CD
Title: Michael Flatley's Lord Of The Dance
Label: Philips
Artist: Ronan Hardiman, Michael Flatley
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
The best music ever written matches the exelent tap-dancers!

Lord of the Dance is an exploitive, fundamentally imperialistic piece of work. Unlike Riverdance, which managed to stay true to the tradition while introducing new elements, Lord of the Dance wrenches all of its material out of context and forces it towards one goal; glorification of Michael Flatley. I remember well the reviews in the Irish Times when the spectacle first crawled out from under whatever rock it was born beneath, and I can't make a better comment about the music than their reviewer, who said something to the effect of "it sounds as if the composer's only familiarity with Irish traditional music came from listening to a couple of old Horselips and Clannad albums." If you care anything at all about Irish music, don't buy this album. Of course, if you're nothing but a mindless twit who loves bombast and noise and hates heart and beauty...

Product: Audio CD
Title: In The Zone
Label: Jive
Artist: Britney Spears
Rating: 1/5
Customer rating - 1 out of 5
Damn, no zero.....

Listening to this, I am ashamed to be a member of the same species as any 'fan' of it.Are you people the same crowd that watch 'reality' TV and buy into all the commercial crap spewed forth from global corporations determined to suck the 'consumer' dry? I would pray for your souls, but I'm an athiest so you're out of luck...

Product: Audio CD
Title: Believe
Label: Warner Brothers
Artist: Cher
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
Disco Of The 2000s

Cher has created an album to dance to. This is her best album since "Heart Of Stone", a popular album from 10 years ago. She is all disco here. The title track was her biggest hit of her entire music career. Other highlights here are "Runaway", "All Or Nothing", "Strong Enough", and her hit "We All Sleep Alone" from the 80's remade into dance material. This album is good to work out to as it has lots of energy. I'll bet her next album will be even better now that she has found a style of music that is appealing to the new generation.

Product: Audio CD
Title: The Academy in Peril
Label: Wea International
Artist: John Cale
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Mind the boom, love

Listeners intrigued by John Cale's magnificent orchestrations and instrumentalism from soundtracks featuring Nick Drake, Nico, etc. (not to mention the perennial Velvet Underground revivals and the reissue of his pre-VU avant garde Dream Syndicate work) should give Cale's third solo album a listen. Academy contains some of his most eccentric and some of his most accessible work, so regardless of your background or tastes, you're likely to be alternately perplexed and pleased--a rare combo.
The inverse of the pretentious classical-rock of its era, Academy leaps into the crack between the two genres rather than veneering it over with schmaltz. It leans more to classical than to rock, particularly the modernist (anti)traditions of Satie {3 Orchestral pieces}, Cage {Legs Larry at Television Centre [Legs Larry Smith of the Bonzo Dog Band?]}, and others. "John Milton," the album's lushest piece, recalls Vaughn Williams' Tallis variations--a slow build to a cataclysmic but beautiful eruption of emotion. Still, as the title suggests, the album avoids academic dryness (If I recall correctly, Cale was kicked out of music school for compositions that Howard Hanson deemed too violent.)
Academy also contains some of Cale's best piano work (rivaling the playing on Church of Anthrax, on Nico's Marble Index, and on the soundtrack to Jonathan Demme's "Who Am I This Time"). Given time and attention, what may seem to be a curiosity on first listening will grow to be a classic.