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Product: Audio CD
Title: Imagination
Label: Warner Brothers
Artist: Brian Wilson
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Better than I expected!

I bought this CD hoping that "Your imagination" was the song that was haunting me (I had heard it and could not discover the name of it). It is! (and the rest of the CD is very enjoyable.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Metamorphosis
Label: Buena Vista
Artist: Hilary Duff
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Metamorphosis...Hilary Duff

I am kind not an "Hilary-Duff-Hater" or "Hilary-Duff-Lover", so I will review this album in a fair way to help people get a better idea 'bout this ablum...not the person. Overall this ablum is not bad. There are only one song, "Metamorphosis" that is written by Hilary with some co-writers. The lyrics are better than Kelly Clarkson, which doesn't have any meaning to them, and the beats are pretty good. There are couple of slow songs in this album, but they all contains the beats. I have raed a lot of the reviews before I bought this album, so I am pretty sure it is a good album before I bought it. My favorite songs in this ablum is; "Come Clean", "Where did I go right?", "Anywhere but here", "Love just is", "Party Up", "Metamorphosis", "Why Not", and "So Yesterday". The following's are reviews for each song.
1. So Yesterday: 95/100- Everybody had heard this song, it is kind of good, the beats are cool, it is the first single.2. Come Clean: 100/100- This is the second single, and this is my favorite song, the beats are good, it contains also slow betas. 3. Workin' it Out: 80/100- My least favorite song in this album. It sounds so kid-like with the "Hey, Hey" and the beats are too loud.4. Little Voice: 95/100- I like the beginning of this song, but on the chorus it is a bit kid-like, but the lyrics good though.5. Where Did I Go Right?: 100/100- One of my favorite songs in this album. The slow beats are great and I love the cello part (I am in orchestra, I played the violin, but wanna change to cello), the beats are great.6. Anywhere but Here: 100/100- This song's chorus is great, the beat in it is better. Though I don't really understand what the lyrics means, because it sounds like she is beaten up by her boyfriend, but wanna stay with there...7. The Math: 95/100- This song is okay, I like the part about "*69" (I wonder what that goes to). 8. Love Just Is: 100/100- The slow beats in this song is good. The lyrics is pretty good, but it doesn't have a lot of meaning of what love is. 9. Sweet Sixteen: 90/100- This song is written by her sister Haylie with other composers. It tells us that shes sixteen and can do more stuff. But not enough info's in my opinion. 10. Party Up: 100/100- This song's lyrics says that Hilary wanted her boyfriend to do more than what they've been doing, and wanted to party up...The beats in this song is rockin' me.11. Metamorphosis: 100/100- Hilary wrote this song to reflect upon her, she said that she's from a cocoon to an butterfly just as like she's an unknown person to an popstar...the meaning in this song is good, but like I have said, all the songs didn't give enough info's about a certain situation. 12. Inner Strength: 90/100- Written by her sis. Short song. Not a lot of meaning because she tells us to throw our lives away is we don't put up our inner strength. 13. Why Not: 100/100- One of my favorite songs that makes me wanna buy this ablum in the first place. It has change the first couple of sentences of the lyrics from the original lyric...but I still like this song, but I like the first version lyrics more...don't get me wrong, the whole song is the same except for the first couple of sentences.
The overall grade for this album is: 99/100, 5 stars.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Number Ones
Label: Polydor / Pgd
Artist: The Bee Gees, Bee Gees
Rating: 3/5
Customer rating - 3 out of 5
it's good but there's better...

The selling point was the "bonus DVD", but for some reason I'm more drawn back to the "Very Best Of" import released a while back as far as 1 disc collections go.

"The Record" (which I'd recommend for the overview) and the "Tales" box set cover a lot more territory.

I'd also recommend getting "Best of Vol 1 and Vol 2" that covers the late 60s-early 70s. "Greatest" that covers the disco era, and "Brilliant at Birth" which covers the early years.

But they should put out a CD collection that covers "Living Eyes", "Staying Alive", "ESP", "One", "High Civilization", "Size Isn't Everything", "Still Waters", and "This Is Where I Came In". I think it'll pique people's interests in their post "Sat. Night Fever" era material, a lot of which went under the radar.

The DVD should've had archive footage and their promo videos considering they had made TV appearances, had their shows filmed and were on MTV and VH1 through the 80s and 90s (some of which can be seen on their website). Hopefully it'll be released on its own sooner or later.

Product: Audio CD
Title: I Can Feel You In My Heart
Artist: Michael Poss
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Profound Metaphysical - Pop Love Songs From Michael Poss.

I bought the cassette tape when it first came out in 1996. I listened to every song over and over again, because it was original material either written or co-written by Michael Poss. I had trouble putting it down because this pop crooner's debut pop album has a little of everything on it. If you like slow ballads, there's "Believe In Love (And Then You'll Know)", and if you like rock and roll, there's "I Can Feel You In My Heart", "Area 51", and "Something Tells Me (That This Is Love)". If "Our Old High School Days" and the samba "I Still See Your Eyes", don't make you think of yourself, they may make you think of what a friend might be going through. There's even church chimes and a sakahachi flute infused in "Believe In Love (And Then You'll Know)".
I had to buy the Michael Poss CD, because the cassette version wore out in my tape deck, due to extensive play. The 'I Can Feel You In My Heart' album is close to the top of my singer/songwriter list, which is ironic, considering Michael Poss is on a small indie record label called Twilight Souls Music. Order this CD, and perhaps you'll hear things that are lyrically profound, yet presented in a subtle, unobtrusive way. I love his new CD 'Silver Screen Serenades', too. It's a nostalgic, yet 'hip' tribute to the movies. Both of these albums contain top notch material with excellent melodies!