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Product: Audio CD
Title: Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Label: Import [Generic]
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Excellent Soundtrack for an excellent film!

John Williams produced yet another masterpiece from the Indy trilogy when he wrote this one. The album may be short, but don't fret. (There are reports of an expanded U.S. release due out in 1 or 2 years.) This CD still retains much of the great music in the film--i.e. Slave Children's Crusade; The Temple of Doom. If you like good film music, then DON'T PASS THIS ONE UP!

Product: Audio CD
Title: Big Beautiful Sky
Label: Mca
Artist: Venus Hum
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Best New Group/CD of 2003

With some of the best beats being produced today, and with perhaps THE best singer (new) in music, Venus Hum stands poised to become the breakout band of 2003.Big Beautiful Sky is an absolutely wonderful amalgam of electronic beats, luscious vocals, and heavenly lyrics.
Buy this album - you will not be disappointed.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Before the Storm
Label: Strictly Rhythm
Artist: Darude
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5

On, this album only got 1 1/2 stars. The reason was because it was too monotonous and formulaic. So what if it is? The songs come out to be really well composed.

The first track is Sandstorm, and I think alot of people heard this before. It's a good song, but it does get kind of old after a while. But that shouldn't hold you back from buying this CD.

I would consider "Burning" a song to energize you. The piano and the synths are very uplifting. The only part I didn't really like is when he starts chanting. I guess it had to be done to add a little bit of variety.

Also, maybe alot of people heard "Feel the Beat." It's similar to "Sandstorm," but it's still a great song to get you pumped for a basketball game or something. This song was featured in "Like Mike" for about 30 seconds. LOL

The fourth song "Out of Control" is a little bit different from the tracks above, since the drums are more prominent in this track. I'm not really into the robotic vocals, though. You should check out the vocal version "Out of Control (Back for More)."

Next, "Touch Me Feel Me" is a really great chillout song. It's my favorite song in this album. The most captivating part of this song, in my opinion, is the drums and the bass. Even though the other tracks of this song are more upbeat, it fits in really well in this album.

"Calm Before the Storm" isn't all that great to me. It sounds pretty "desert-y" to me, I guess it relates to "Sandstorm". To me, this song is "listenable" but it's not the highlight of the album even though it's the name of the album..or close to it.

The next three songs are the low points of the album. The seventh track "Let the Music Take Control" is the one I like the most out of the three. It's a decent song, but until you get into the middle, you hear annoying siren sounds.

Then, there's "Drums of New York." I never heard the whole song, but from what I heard, I couldn't have heard worse. I even tried scanning it to see if there was at least a good part. I think the synths are too "flatulant." LOL

The ninth track "The Flow" was somewhat better than "Drums of New York." Unfortunately, I didn't really like this song either. The rap was okay, and it did fit in with the song. Then you hear screechy synths in the rhythm of "Sandstorm."

The remixes of this album are actually really good. "Sandstorm (JS16 Mix)" is a little more clubby than the orignal. Then there's "Feel the Beat (JS16 Dark Mix)", which isn't bad, but I don't really like the bass/synth that sounds like you're sucking out of a straw. If you can handle listening to long songs, you'll like these remixes.

Overall, this album isn't so bad. If you like this album, you should also get Darude's other album, Rush. It's not a waste of your money, but you could always get it for a cheap price at Hastings =)

Product: Audio CD
Title: Over Land and Sea
Label: Albany Records
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Over Land and Sea is Top Notch

I was delighted by the musicianship and virtuosity of this ensemble. They have taken the medium of guitar to new heights. I highly recommend this CD for anyone who enjoys guitar music regardless of their background. It is a breath of fresh air.