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Product: Audio CD
Title: David Cassidy & the Partridge Family: The Definitive Collection
Label: Arista
Artist: David Cassidy & The Partridge Family
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5

Arista's latest Definitive Collection for David Cassidy & the Partridge Family is a great set.With the exception of the fine album cut "Point Me in the Direction of Albuquerque", every song is a bonafide US and/or UK Billboard chart HIT.For example, the long lost "Breaking up Is Hard to Do"(US-28/UK-3), "Walking in the Rain"(UK-10), "Daydreamer"(UK-1),"If I Didn't Care"(UK-9), "Please,Please Me"(UK-16), and of course "I Think I Love You"(US-1/UK-18). This set will give you a great survey of the HITS of David Cassidy & the Partridge Family and then lead you to the fantastic original albums currently on CD and finally join the legion of fans in asking Arista for the complete David Cassidy/Partridge Family catalog on CD. ALso checkout Arista's other fine Definitve Collections including Tony Orlando & Dawn, Melissa Manchester, and the 5th Dimension

Product: Audio CD
Title: Live In New York City
Label: Sony
Artist: Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
Good Enough

It's not the set I'd hoped for, but I'll take it! Bruce played a bunch of stuff during the NYC stand that could have appeared on the disc, but we'll have to settle for "popular favorites" instead. Anyhow: "Land of Hopes and Dreams" is the high point of the album, it's incredibly uplifting, and it rocks, too! The guitar solos on "Youngstown" and "Murder Incorporated" should be used as teaching aids for anyone considering a future in a rock and roll band. "The River" is a countrified alternate to the studio version with a great falsetto at the end. "Tenth Avenue" is fun the first three listens, but (at sixteen minutes) you might find yourself skipping past it next week. "Lost In The Flood" reappears thirty years after its Dylanesque studio debut, this time with two tons of East Street Band behind it, and "If I Should Fall Behind" is a sweet conclusion to the set, with each of the band members taking a turn as vocalist. "Born To Run", "Prove It All Night", "Ramrod", "Badlands", and the others are great fun, and they really capture the energy of the performance, but we've heard them all so darn many times... oh well. Regardless, it's great listening (especially cranked up in the car), and there's some rock 'n roll history goin' on, too. Buy two, and keep one locked away for the grandkids.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Real Complete Passover
Label: World Wide Success
Artist: David & the High Spirit
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Not as complete as I expected, but good music just the same

This "real complete" Passover seder isn't exactly that -- some of the songs, such as "Dayenu" and "Chad Gadya," have just the chorus, and it only includes the introductory blessings and first paragraph of Birkat Hamazon. (Darn. I was kinda hoping to learn how to fit those verses with extra syllables into the "Dayenu" tune...) And it doesn't have the longer songs the end of the seder, such as "Adir Hu," substituting, instead, some Israeli songs of freedom. I must confess I was a bit disappointed in that aspect, because, in my opinion, something labeled "real complete" should be, well, complete. I suppose it would have taken two CDs to do the whole traditional seder with all the verses to all the old songs, and maybe someday, somebody will do exactly that. I'd sure buy one!
Meanwhile, I'll make do with this CD, which is inspirational as well as educational. It goes through the seder step by step, with arrangements of the music that are, indeed, fun to sing along with. The sound is a combination of traditional European and modern Israeli, with both male and female voices. The narration is accurate but not ponderous -- there's even a bit of humor, such as the intro to "Kadesh Ur'chatz", which points out that the Haggadah is the only book in the world where we sing the table of contents! This piece, by the way, has a joyous Middle Eastern sound that really gets you in the mood for a festive banquet. I also liked the tune for "Bechol dor V'dor," the famous line that translates: --"In every generation, a person should regard him(her)self as if (s)he personally came out of slavery in Egypt." I had never heard this tune before, so that's one for our family repetoire.
At our house, because we are Orthodox and do not play CDs on the Jewish holy days, we would not actually sing along with this at the real seder. However, it certainly helps to get us in the mood while we are cleaning house and making other preparations. One minor complaint is that the narrations are not recorded on separate tracks, so you can't program your CD player to skip them if you just want to the music. For adults this might get annoying after a while but, since children love repetition, it won't hurt for your kids to memorize the explanations along with the songs, and they'll also learn what comes when. By the time you get to the real seder, everyone should have it all down pat. (One last note: "Adonai" is used for the blessings here, rather than substituting "Adoshem" as in most concerts. However, since this is a CD intended to teach you how to do the seder, it is permissible to use "Adonai" to learn the blessings properly, as is done in a live classroom. For the songs, the CD does use the usual substitutions.)

Product: Audio CD
Title: One Heart
Label: Sony
Artist: Celine Dion
Rating: 1/5
Customer rating - 1 out of 5
I am not impressed at all !

Look out Brittney Spears! A new Queen of Pop is about the be crowned.
This album is awesome. Boy, I'm glad that those Chrysler commercials brainwashed me. No, seriously though, I wasn't planning to get her latest album because I assumed that it would be similiar to her last one, A Brand New Day. At the time, I was getting tired of her ballads and saga long songs. Not that I dislike hearing them, but it was her usual style and I thought she needed to mix it up a bit more. One Heart is more on the poppish side and I loved it.
Her previous attempts at pop songs were so-so, at least to my ears they were. On One Heart, the music isn't over done (Love those beats!), and Celine toned down her powerhouse voice to suit the realm of pop. The songs are definitely danceable, no violins or any other string instruments. But there are ballads, some of them encores.
I mentioned the Chrysler commercials, and they helped in advertising the new sound of Celine. I was blown away by the tracks that they used: "Drove All Night", "Love Is All We Need" and "One Heart". Personally, these tracks are the best on the Album.
"Drove All Night" is a sweeping display of her powerful voice and the energy of the music. "Love Is All We Need" is on the seductively mellow side."One Heart" has an upbeat melody that just makes me smile everytime I hear it.
Other tracks that I love are Coulda Woulda Shoulda, Reaveal and Forget Me Not. The rest are more or less ballads, normal Celine songs.
Some of you who love Celine Dion, may not like this new pop side of hers, but change is not always bad. I don't think she's selling out to the pop scene. She's just giving a little more life into the songs that she's singing. Who's to say that it wasn't HER choice to change because SHE wanted do something different.
If all you want are ballads, then this new ablum is not for you. Otherwise, run, don't walk, to the music store and grab One Heart.