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Product: Audio CD
Title: Everything Must Go (CD & DVD)
Label: Warner Brothers
Artist: Steely Dan
Rating: 3/5
Customer rating - 3 out of 5
Welcome Back From Your 3 Year Hiatus ... I guess

Steely Dan is my favorite band and they have proven themselves very much alive once again with this new album. The album is an overall feel-good mix of tunes set to a smooth blues/jazz background. What this album lacks are the emotionally charged and memorable solos that were so definitive of the Steely Dan of old. This album was also recorded live with all band components present so the "perfect" and polished sound of multi-layerd mixing are also obviously absent. Also, the chord changes in most of the songs lack emotional buildup so solos might be very difficult to conjure even in a live "impromptu" setting. The previous album: Two Against Nature was much more thorough and entertaining. I really believe that Steely Dan should regroup as many of the session artists from the classic era as they can and create a new masterpice within the next six years. This album is decent ... but I wouldn't name a tour to it ... As for the additional disc ... The DVD is highly entertaining and the characters who enter the cab keep you in suspense ... this adds a nice punch to the album and kept it from getting two stars instead of three ... This is all a nice novelty for the avid Steely Dan Fan; For the causual listner: I'd wait for the next ...

Product: Audio CD
Title: Every Picture Tells a Story
Label: Mercury / Universal
Artist: Rod Stewart
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
He was timeless for a time

In retrospect, Rod Stewart's early career appears to have been a miracle. His later career was a huge disappointment, not because his music was so terrible (it wasn't, really), but because fans like me couldn't believe that an artist who seemed to have developed a seamless blend of folk, rock, soul and country that at once sounded highly traditional and completely innovative would turn his back on his muse. But the muse is in full control on this album, as she was on "Gasoline Alley" "The Rod Stewart Album" and "Never a Dull Moment."
Listening to this album in totality after many years (I confess I heard it not as a stand alone, but as part of the highly enjoyable "Complete Mercury Years" set, which is worth getting if you're ready to go the whole hog, and intelligently programs the albums rather than trying to re-sort the songs), what stands out to me is that the hit songs were somewhat arbitrarily chosen. "Maggie May" and "Mandolin Wind" are great songs, with the characteristic viewpoint of Rod's self-penned songs in those days, the betrayed innocent looking back on the bittersweet episodes of his past. He was a troubador for those emotions. But he probably could've gotten just as big a hit out of his gorgeous version of Bob Dylan's "Tomorrow is a Long Time," or his fierce, slide guitar anchored cover of Elvis' "That's All Right," (which has a strange but lovely coda of "Amazing Grace"). It's that consistent.
My favorite era of pop music was the late 60s and early 70s, when it seems to me rock music was at its most creative and yet its most deeply-rooted to the American culture. Whether it was Rod Stewart or The Band, or early Little Feat, or that period of the Rolling Stones and the Kinks, or Eric Clapton, or George Harrison, or Van Morrison, or Taj Mahal, or Fairport Convention, or even Dylan himself with albums like John Wesley Harding or Nashville Skyline, the music of this time had a strength, confidence, beauty, and vision that it has never achieved so consistently since. This was more than music--it was literature. It was not about teenage rebellion. It was not solely about sexual frustration or idealized love. It was about life. And for a few years, "life" dominated the charts!

Product: Audio CD
Title: Reprise [2003]
Label: Decca
Rating: 1/5
Customer rating - 1 out of 5
An album with little value

This is a shame. I don't understand why a amateur singer with little voice can be signed up to release an album which contains music that is totally beyond his abilities.
Watson's weak voice, which gives lie to the fact that he is a classical singer or a tenor, fails to do any justice to the music. Besides, his performances are boring and colorless, without any sense of life in them.
In my opinion, these performances completely misrepresents the music, and give a reductionist and distorted view of the music. In fact, much sublime music is dumbed down by such a cavalier and unprofessional approach.
One can only view such a kind of ill-considered and inartistic venture with scorn.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Debut
Label: Elektra
Artist: Björk
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
A grand Debut!

Remember back in 1993. The music buisness was changing. Everything was in and nothing was out and a lot of artist from all ove the world could have the oppurtunity to make it big in the US and Uk. No boundaries were made and alternative was in.
Well this album was just released at the right time in the right place. The record label said that the album would do well if it sells about 30,000 copies worldwide. Instead it wen't to sell over 3 milion copies worldwide and giving Bj?rk huge sucess.
All the songs here are good and Bj?rk's voice and energy just gives it a great wibe. her lyrics and her control and the originality is indeed what makes this album such brilliant piece of music ever produced.
The album was voted the best album of 1993 in NME magazine while NIRVANA, PEARL JAM and JANET had to stay in the cold. This album was also voted as one of the best albums of 1993 in Q magazine.and it was voted of the top 1000 albums of all time #77. with over 250,000 people participating.
If you don't have this album buy it know. It is indeed worth it.