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Product: Audio CD
Title: Untilted
Label: Warp Records
Artist: Autechre
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
Their latest chapter in harmonized discourse.

I love what Autechre does. Their (if you want to call it "music") is a sound like nothing else. I find a sense of comfort in the lunacy that is Autechre. At work, it represents an interesting background for the wrecklessness of that which is my job. It motivates me to stay busy, and yet, it drives my boss crazy. That alone, makes it wonderful to have.

Autechre has been compared to be equal to Aphex Twin, but Aphex Twin does various other things, so it's hard to predict if the next Aphex Twin album will be any good. (His "Selected Ambient Works: Volume Two" is one of the most boring double albums I have ever heard).

I first learned of Autechre from a track called "Kalpol Intro" from the "Pi" soundtrack. That track is also the first track on Autechre's first album "Incunabula". So this is where collecting "Autechre" began for me.

Autechre is very unique. Some call it "mathematical music". I didn't really know what that meant until I started to study what I heard. What sounds like alot of dissonant passages is actually a collage of developing patterns. You may not recognize any patterns right away, but they are there.

Remember those "Magic Eye" picture books that you use to look at a few years ago? You would stare at a page of varying color patterns, and if you allowed your eyes to just haze over and moderately and lazily cross, suddenly an "image" would jump out at you. The music of Autechre kind of does the same thing, but with SOUND. You don't really pick up the pattern until you let yourself "gel" to it.

Autechre can create some beautiful sounds, but then again, they can make some pretty intense, disturbing noise. Try "Blifil" or the totally insane "Gantz Graf" (from previous CD's from Autechre). These tracks are great if you're the kind of person who would enjoy listening to 52 pound chunks of inanimate metal bouncing around inside of a vertical spin occillating clothes dryer. Or the sound of other stiff, rusty, metal things being bent-up, crunched, and crushed, by larger metal machines. That kind of noise takes some getting use to. And then there are a few tracks from Autechre that really allows my more warped sense of disturbing pleasure to drift. Imagine drilling a 1 1/2" hole through the back of your head, then push a rusty metal hook up through your left nostral, all the way up and out through the hole in the back of your head... then turn on some Autechre, and with the hook, snag some "000" (triple ott) steel wool with the protruding hook, pull it through your skull slowly and then gently pull it out of your left nostral. Once you start to feel the sinus block, as you taste the blood, and the strands of frayed brain tissue, and other moist skull content coming through your face and then splattering onto the floor (your eyes will be watering too), you will then know that you've just had an awesome Autechre experience! I figure that it takes a little warped fantacizing, but that's what it takes to fully benefit from Autechre. You see, this is just another one of the many sensations I enjoy imagining while listening to Autechre. It's like masturbating your brain!

I believe I have everything that Autechre has created. I even have a few hours of "Gescom" (on vinyl) which is said to be more of Autechre under a different name.

If you can find it, look for the "Pi" soundtrack. Other IDM artists are on this album too, including, Gus Gus, Aphex Twin, Banco de Gaia, Orbital, Spacetime Continuum, Massive Attack, and others. It's an excellent mix of tracks in the genre like that which is Autechre.

Who needs drugs? Autechre is a great alternative. Autechre AND drugs combined could make you suicidal. I wouldn't recommend it.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Best: 1991-2004
Label: Warner Brothers
Artist: Seal
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Buy it for the second disc!

This review is about Disc 2:
I previously owned 1 CD of Seal's and a few CD singles here and there. I happended to hear the prerelease accoustic version of "Crazy" played on the radio and decided I *had* to have it so I ran out and bought it the day it was released. I'm so glad I did. This is a MUST HAVE for any fan of Seal's. From start to finish every song is perfection except that I found the accoustic version of "Don't Cry" to be a bit slow and swingy. It doesn't take anything away from the CD though. Seal is in solid voice throughout and the songs are intensive, reflective, emotional and very well put together. I play it over and over.

As for Disc 2:
I enjoyed this one as well. This disc contains the full versions of his songs, no radio edits as far as I can see. I had the chance to discover some other brilliant songs of his that I'm not as familiar with or have never heard before which was great. If you are not as familiar with all of Seal's work then this is a great way to be introduced to more without having to buy every CD he's got. If you own every single CD Seal has ever made then Disc 1 won't add anything new to your life apart from having a concentrated collection of some of his best to take with you when you travel or to stick in the CD player when guests are over.


Product: Audio CD
Title: Enigma 3: Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!
Label: Virgin Records
Artist: Enigma
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Enigma is still growing

Enigma, a music group is not an aordinary group like backstreet boys or others, It has some thing really very strong which handles ur heart from the very deep. You listen without the intention but with the concentration. Enjoy!

Product: Audio CD
Title: Superman: The Movie - Original Sound Track
Label: Warner Brothers
Artist: John Williams, John Williams
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5

John Williams is without doubt the finest film scorer ever. His work on "Superman" easily rivals that of the "Star Wars" trilogy; in fact, it may well be better. Tears invariably find their way into my eyes when I listen to this magnificent orchestral voice tell a story so eloquently and beautifully. Just listen to "The Planet Krypton" as it paints a picture of a far advanced civilization, and the captivating spiraling-upward of "The Fortress of Solitude" as Kal-el learns about his glorious heritage. "Love Theme From Superman" could've been just "Love Theme," in any context at all; it is that definitive. Williams' knack for a consistent sense of forward motion and turn of musical phrase is an absolute joy to behold; it really is akin to something like Mozart. The Margot Kidder spoken part on the "Flying Sequence" with its accompanying loungey rhythm section is definitely a bit heavy on the cheese, but it's worth it for the sake of the generous slabs of pure brilliance on either side of it. Most people have undoubtedly seen this movie at some point, but I couldn't recommend more highly that one should rediscover the soundtrack. Anyone who loves music should have it.