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Product: Audio CD
Title: Songs for Drella
Label: Warner Brothers
Artist: Lou Reed & John Cale
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Worth thinking about

At the beginning of the CD liner notes is a page devoted to a description of "SONGS FOR DRELLA - A Fiction" which states that this "brief musical look at the life of Andy Warhol . . . is entirely fictitious." All fifteen of the songs are mentioned in a quick run-through of the plot, but some are merely quoted, and "A Nobody Like You" has the title "Nobody But You" on the other pages. Musically, this is a series of performances by two persons. I hesitate to name them because this CD deserves to be considered without comparison to their other work. I think it is more like church music than rock 'n' roll: two people often play together for simple musical interludes in the services that I have been to, and these songs seem to be offered in a similar spirit, though institutionally this music was "co-commissioned by The Brooklyn Academy of Music and The Arts At St. Ann's." There are two pictures of a performance in the CD liner notes, so it looks like those institutions received what they were paying for.
Me too: I had a lot of difficulty understanding Andy Warhol as a person with an exalted position in American society until I listened to this CD often enough to get a sense of the innumerable steps ("I drew 550 different shoes today It almost made me faint") that he went through before "He'd probably say you think too much That's cause there work that you don't want to do." The songs on this CD are not trying to be big hits. The perplexity of making statements like "And he doesn't know who he is, standing, staring at this log" reaches too far out for truly popular success, but it scratches the surface of the primal mystery about these things.
I have a big problem with the modern, thinking that most knowledge is about things that are far more primitive than life as we know it. This is particularly true of the guitar solo in "Nobody But You." The first time I tried to figure out what it was, I thought it was all one note. Maybe I am missing the experience of seeing someone's foot on a wah-wah pedal or playing with a tremolo bar and tone settings on an electric guitar, or holding the guitar in front of an amplified speaker to produce feedback while the guitarist played that one note, which produces enhanced overtones that standard musical notation does not record. This really ties into the events of 1968 for me: Andy Warhol got shot, but I was only drafted. The feeling: "Inside I've got some shattered bone for nobody but you" seems as absurd as the politics of 1968, when a new Nixon and the nobody Spiro Agnew were elected because everybody believed South Vietnam would get a better deal from the Republicans and neither of them had promised to send me to Cambodia, so the U.S. was as safe as it had ever been from anything that I might say. I like the song "Nobody But You" for its great bouncing bass line, but in spite of the line "Sundays I pray a lot," you can't sing this song in church because it ends with the kind of idea that only becomes a fictitious hero: "all my life -- It's been nobodies like you."

Product: Audio CD
Title: Lunar Eclipse
Label: Rounder / Pgd
Artist: David Bryan
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
Great Instrumental

I have diverse tastes when it comes to music. I am glad that I added this to my collection. If you like Jim Brickman you will enjoy this. It's sort of like "kicked-up" Brickman. Nice rendition of Bon Jovi song "In These Arms".

Product: Audio CD
Title: Design of a Decade 1986/1996
Label: A&M Records
Artist: Janet Jackson
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5

Janet Jackson is without a doubt- along with brother Michael,Prince,and Madonna one of the best pop stars ever.Sweet yet fiesty,beautiful,and inventive,Janet has more than made her mark in the history of pop music and pop culture-forever.And the thing is that she's STILL doing it.Well,I must add.
This 1995 greatest hits collection is an excellent collection of all Janet's "Control" and "Rhythm Nation"-era classics.Produced by the majestic Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis,the music is
hip and funky yet is sophiscated and Janet never comes off trashy or contrived."Control"'s "Nasty","What Have You Done For Me Lately","The Pleasure Principal","Control","R.N."'s"Black Cat","Escapade","Alright"...all the jams are here.
Since this is a greatest hits collection for A&M Records,thereare no singles from Janet's 1993 Virgin debut,"janet."-except for "That's The Way Love Goes",which is genoursly included.Also included are two new tracks,"Runaway" and the elegant "Twenty Foreplay".
Altough I like all sixteen tracks among my personal favorites are "When I Think Of You"(with it's neo-Motown bassline and well-timed instrumental breaks),"Miss You Much"(your feet get tired from dancing so hard to this song), the convincing "Love Will Never Do(Without You)",and the beautiful "Come Back To Me".All great tracks.All major Janet fanatics and pop aficandos shown own this one.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Return To Snowy River, Part II - The Legend Continues: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Label: Varese Records
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Very Melodic Score from Bruce Rowland

Bruce Rowland outdid himself with his follow-up score: Return To Snowy River, Part II. It is more mature, richer and greatly in touch with the events on the screen. This music demonstrates scoring for feeling rather than for effect as much of his original score reflected. This is a very good soundtrack and I recommend it.