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Product: Audio CD
Title: March [Bonus Tracks]
Label: RCA
Artist: Michael Penn
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
Five stars for "March," three for the package.

If you haven't heard it, "March" is very possibly one of the best American pop records ever made. I have listened to it at least once a week since it came out twelve years ago. It's catchy as hell, smart without being fey, and the production and arrangements are really unique.
So what happened? It was released at the wrong time. In 1989, popular music was an unsightly mess. When "Free for All" came out in 1992, it was too little too late. Grunge had arrived, and nobody wanted to hear literate and pensive songwriter.
Still, "March" was on the charts for a time, mostly on the heels of a great video for "No Myth" (a song Paul McCartney would kill to write, I'm sure) and through word-of-mouth. There's not a bad song in the bunch. "No Myth" is upbeat and catchy and somehow larger than life, yet it's got a sarcastic streak a mile wide. Ballads like "Invisible" and "Battle Room" go beyond sad into tragic, and "Evenfall" closes out the album with real style. This was one of the great records of the '90's.
On the strength of "March" alone, you should own this, especially since it and "Free for All," the follow-up have both been out of print forever. "Free for All" isn't quite the album that "March" was, but it's still quite good. The only real dud is "By the Book," and although nothing on here is quite as instantly memorable as the first record, it's quite good. Whereas "March" plumbed some pretty unpleasant depths with a brave and deceptively happy face, "Free for All" just stays down there. It's dark, and at times morbid and depressing, but it's so well done that it never gets boring. My only gripe is with the packaging. For space considerations, "Now We're Even" (the closing track from Free for All) has been axed. Both albums should have been reissued separately at midprice with their original cover art instead of this. The remaster is okay if barely noticable, but in spots the sound is a little claustrophobic.
Still, both records are classics, and it's nice to see them back in print.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Best of the Pointer Sisters
Label: RCA
Artist: The Pointer Sisters
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Classic R&B !!!!!!

This is a nice collection of their music I really did enjoy their music and they are truly nice songs these girls can sing and they had talent they could sing and dance. They had beauty, style, and grace and they did very well and I really did enjoy their music this cd contains some of myfavorite songs: dare me, slow hand, fire, the neutron dance, and other great songs if you liked the pointer sisters then therefore I truly recommend that you buy this cd it is must have for your classic R&B cd collection...

Product: Audio CD
Title: Sleeping on the Edge of the World
Label: Spotted Peccary
Artist: David Helpling
Rating: 2/5
Customer rating - 2 out of 5
Not such a great recording--mostly

this gem from david helpling will be one of my all time favourites i have been a big fan of vangelis depeche mode the cure nine inch nails but david helpling has given us this extraordinary album which will easily leave an impact in the hearts of people who love dark music. i look forward to his next album now very soon

Product: Audio CD
Title: Michael Rabin 1936-1972
Label: Angel Records
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
A Priceless Collection!

I am a violinist studying at the Boston Conservatory, and Michael Rabin has been my role model since I was thirteen. His recording of "Banjo and Fiddle" by William Kroll really turned me on to practicing for the first time. No other violinists display Michael Rabin's ability to draw a listener into his performance, and very few communicate the same joy as he does.

His interpretations of the smaller encore pieces by Scriabin, Wienawski, Chopin, and others are unique, personal, and (expectedly) beautiful. The Concerto in f# by Henri Wienawski suits him to perfection, and the recording found in this collection is without peer. (I say this with no malice directed at Itzhak Perlman or Gil Shaham.) And I have never heard another recording of the Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso by Saint-Saens which was so wonderfully evocative, so magical.

This 6-CD set really needs to be re-issued, if not for the sake of enjoyment by music lovers everywhere, then for the preservation of his legacy, which should forever be accessible to his great posterity of violinists.