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Product: Audio CD
Title: Metamorphosis
Label: Buena Vista
Artist: Hilary Duff
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
Don't listen to stupid 1-star reviews....

I, too, bought this album out of curiousity and I think it is a terrible album. If i could give it zero stars, I would. You can totally tell that it's not her voice on the CD and it sucks that she gets so much financial backing into selling her album when there are way better Disney channel stars (Raven or Christy Carlson Romano). By better I mean better at singing AND acting. If any of you guys have seen Lizzie Mcguire, she sucks at acting too. The only type of person she can act out is a superficial airhead, because that is what she really is. This album sucks and you are an idiot if you spend money on it.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Dreamgirls in Concert (2001 Concert Cast)
Label: Nonesuch
Artist: Audra McDonald, Brian Stokes Mitchell
Rating: 1/5
Customer rating - 1 out of 5
Im looking for something

This cast is bland. The acting is Horrible. The songs/music are boring not like the OBC where you get chills. The actors act like they are bored also. Like they do this show everyday on Broadway.I thought this would have more of a motown sound,Sounds like pop.Seth R said he didn't want to make a reunion cast but I think it would have been better.If all of the leads are alive and well then Why Not?
Also why does Lillias White do a "WHOA" in the middle of "And Im Telling You" she didn't sing that song like I thought she could. Everyone on here is giving this 5 stars but I dont know what they're listening to.

Product: Audio CD
Title: In This Skin [Collector's Edition]
Label: Sony
Artist: Jessica Simpson
Rating: 2/5
Customer rating - 2 out of 5
A bit too much

On every track of this album, when she sings, it sounds all breathy like she's in the middle of a bowel movement, or just ran a marathon and stepped into the studio to record. I believe she would be great with some serious voice coaching...

Product: Audio CD
Title: Einstein on the Beach
Label: Nonesuch
Artist: Robert Wilson, Michael Riesman
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
One, Two, Three . . .

Einstein on the Beach is hardcore Philip Glass with its frenzied (and repetitive) pace, nonsensical poems, and exhaustive length. While this opera helped propel his fame, I would not recommend diving into it if you are looking for an introduction to what Philip Glass writes. Personally, I discovered and grew to love this music through the compilation CD, Songs from the Trilogy. It is cheaper than any recording of these three operas and lets you hear the best of what they have to offer. Of the three, I think Einstein on the Beach is the most difficult to appreciate and even after purchasing, it sat on my shelf. Yet, over time, I begin to hear more than the "One, two, three" and violins sawing away: there's a delicate sound beneath it all. Akhnaten and Satyagraha have this quality as well, but it's easier to hear at first listening. So if you're a casual Philip Glass listener, be prepared to not like Einstein at first because it is so much different than his more recent releases.
For die-hard Glass fans, this recording is the longer (and cheaper) of the two available. If you enjoy his Music in Twelve Parts and other earlier works, this opera is a real treat. Since Einstein is such a monumental piece in the Glass library, it's a must buy. But if you're looking for something less hardcore, try Songs from the Trilogy. I gave five stars because when compared to other music, it's still awe-inspiring, but when compared to other Philip Glass music, especially the other two operas, it rates three stars.