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Product: Audio CD
Title: On the 6
Label: Sony
Artist: Jennifer Lopez
Rating: 3/5
Customer rating - 3 out of 5
Only a few good songs

I like "If you had my love" and listened to a little of this disc at Borders -- it seemed pretty good. But when I got it home and listened to the songs all the way through, a lot of them were really repetitious and boring. I think she's a good singer but I only liked about 2 other songs besides "If". Too bad! I can't stand the hokey "talk-singing" routine (pseudo-sexy murmuring in Spanish) that she does near the end of one otherwise good song.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Gaia
Label: Hip-O Records
Artist: Olivia Newton-John
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
This album derserves more than 5 stars!

I can't understand people who like Olivia's music and also this album and nevertheless rated "Gaia" only with 3 or 4 stars.
I also can't understand that someone calls himself/herself a "music fan" and than rated the album with only 1 star and called it a "disaster".
"Gaia" is the best and most personal album Olivia Newton-John has ever released. It is a shame that it did not get the recognition it would deserve.
8 years after its original release in Australia, Europe and Japan the American music industry may have woke up from a deep sleep and finally put this album to the music market.
If they do not promote it - and I fear they won't do - the success will be only little although this is a fantastic album with never out of time topics.
I do not have to describe every song of that album because fortunately some other reviewers did it before and I can't do it better.
You may buy "Gaia" and you won't regret it!

Product: Audio CD
Title: Give Up
Label: Sub Pop
Artist: The Postal Service
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Postal Service Knows Music

First off, I would like to acknowledge that this is an album for everyone. My brother, sister, and I have never had the same taste in music, yet we all enjoy this CD. Also, my friends and my friends' parents like The Postal Service, too. The unique melodies are upbeat and happy in a sense. Personally the songs relate a lot to me and the minute I hear the music my mood becomes more positive. Their clever lyrics relate to almost anyone. My favorites would have to include: The District Sleeps Alone Tonight Sleeping In Such Great Heights Nothing Better

Product: Audio CD
Title: Gris Gris
Label: Collector's Choice
Artist: Dr John
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5

I have also reviewed Babylon, the companion cd to Gris-Gris, and have done a bit of editorializing. This cd deserves only the mention of the musics, Dr. John's "high concept" reaches musical fruition with a swirling array of avant-guard funk, down & Dirty swampy grooves,and Afro-Caraiba poli-ritmos ,performed on mostly organic/acustic instrumentation( outside of the obligatory electric guitar, & electric piano/organ)..... the 2 long "narcotic" tracks, Gris-gris" & "I walk...Splinters" lure you into a trance-like world, where the 2 "danses" evoke a Hoodoo whirling dervish....."WORLD musics " before the frase was coined! And the strictly New Orleans "Mama Roux" is a second line strut! No "blues -influenced" stuff here, Africa comes home on the drum, and not the "blue-note". Rough, ragged & poorly produced, the emotion of the musics shines through like the healing rays of a new day's sun! Dr. John's finest hour- he WAS inna right place at the right time, and gris-gris is the legacy!